Best Mount For Vortex Viper PST 1 4×24 – Reviews w/FAQs

If you are looking for a solid medium-range riflescope, you cannot go wrong with anything from Vortex. Specially, their Viper PST lineup has been great service to the community for years now. But it has one problem. It doesn’t come with any mounting rings.

This is something we can take care of with ease. All you need is to buy a pair of 30mm mounting rings and mount this on your gun. But how do you know which one is the best mount for Vortex Viper PST 1 4×24? Well, that’s what I’m here to answer. Let’s start.

Best Vortex Viper PST Scope Mounts – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Vortex Precision Cantilever 30mm Scope Mount

Vortex makes scope and they make mounting accessories as well. This is a part of their precision series. This one comes with Vortex’s take on quick detach mount. Meaning, you can remove the mounting system from your gun without any tools.

The choice of material here is aluminum. Vortex went with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. The same type of aluminum that they use in the Viper itself. It’s a durable and lightweight material perfect for a mounting system like this.

The weight of this one is 8.9 ounces only. For a scope mounting system that comes with base and rings built-in it, the weight is rather light. The tube height of this mounting system is 1.45 inches. Not too high and not too low either. A perfect height in my opinion.

Where is this made in?

This is made in the USA.

What’s the offset on this one?

The offset is 2 inches.

Does this require lapping?

No, with a quality mounting system like this, you don’t need any kinds of lapping.

2. American Defense AD-RECON 30 STD Scope Mount

AD mounting system are known for being pricey and they are known for being good as well. The price of them is nearly 2 or 3x more than a standard 30mm pair of rings. But with AD, you are expecting quality craftmanship and great after sales service.

AD-Recon 30 comes with a QD mechanism that is patented to American Defense. It’s a lot better than standard QD locks and is faster at the process as well. The choice of material of this one is aluminum. A lightweight and durable material for mounts.

It can hold on to zero for thousands of shots as well. Besides using this for Viper, you can use this one other 30mm scopes as well. It depends on what kind of scope you want to pair with. Even more expensive scopes like Zeiss will be fine for this.

Where is this made in?

It’s made in the USA.

Will this fit on standard rail?

Yes, it’s made to fit on standard picatinny rail.

Does it come with necessary screws?

Yes, it does come with all the needed accessories.

3. Warne MFG QD XSKEL 30MM Black Scope Mount

Warne needs no new introduction. I have been featuring their products for a while on the site now. All of the mentioned accessories from Warne has been nothing but good. They are known for their quality craftmanship and how well they provide customer service.

This QD scope mount from Warne is made out of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s a lightweight material that is quite resistant against corrosion. On top of that, there is a hard anodized finish on the entire thing. That makes the color impossible to fade away. And it makes the exterior a bit more robust and durable against scratches.

There are no gapes between the gun rain and the scope mount. That’s why, there won’t be any issues with keeping the zero of the scope after countless shoots. You are going to use this with Viper PST 1-4×24. It’s a scope that is mostly paired with powerful calibers. Rest assured, this mount will hold its ground like a champ.

Where is this made in?

It’s made in the USA. Like every other Warne products.

Will this support a 50mm scope?

Yes, it will definitely support a scope with 50mm objective lens. As long as the scope diameter is 30mm.

What’s the distance between each ring?

The distance between one ring to another is 3 inches.

4. Vortex Optics Precision Matched Riflescope Ring

Are you looking for a simple pair of mounting rings that is available in plenty of different configuration and height? This is the one you have been looking for. This pair of mounting rings from Vortex comes in 3 different heights and it comes for different sized riflescopes as well.

If you want to buy this for a 1” scope or 34m scope, you can do that as well. But the one you need for Viper is 30mm. Vortex used aluminum to construct this mount. It’s durable, lightweight, and compact. It will easily sit on top of your gun rail and stay there.

Hard anodized coating makes it look premium and keeps it fresh from scratches. On top of that, this is also corrosion proof. You can use this in winter or rainy weather if you want to. Sadly, there is no QD function present on this tool. You will need to tighten this with a screw driver.

Is it hard to install?

No, it’s fairly straightforward to install this mount on your gun.

Does Vortex provide warranty?

Yes, they provide lifetime warranty.

What kind of aluminum did they use?

They used 7075 USA certified billets.

5. Aero Precision Ultralight 30MM Scope Mount

The last mounting device on today’s list is from Aero Precision. Aero Precision is a relatively lesser-known brand to the mass. Yes, it’s still quite well-known among tact shooters and airsoft gunners, it’s not that famous among hunters.

The Ultralight 30mm scope mount is made out of durable aluminum. It’s lightweight and extremely durable. 6061 T6 extruded aluminum was the perfect choice for this mount. The mounting rings are pushed forward.

It has 2” offset that makes it more comfortable and better eye relief. If you are having trouble keeping up with regular positioned scopes, try one offset mounting system. It might change your experience for the better.

Where is this made in?

It’s made in the USA.

Is this available in 1” variant?

Yes, the mounting system is available for 1” scopes.

Does this work on airsoft guns?

It most definitely does.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

Up there I have showed you 5 of the best 30mm mount you could ever buy. That doesn’t mean you should buy every single one of them. You just need one system for your Viper. Finding the right one among them will depend on you mostly.

You need to find out how much you are willing to spend and what you want from the scope mount system. Do you want offset? Do you want lower height? Do you want a pair of rings instead of system? Ask yourself those questions.


And we have reached to the end of the road. I hope you found this useful and now know which one is the best scope mount for Vortex Viper PST 1 4-24. Whether you want a system or ring, I tried to cover all of your needs. With that said, this is the end and I will be back with more soon. Make sure to tune in for that later. Till then, take care.

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