What Does A Sight Allow A Hunter To Do?

We all know sights are supposed to improve our aim and help us land shots better. Thus making us a better shooter overall and improving our game experience. Besides improving accuracy and aim, what does a sight allow a hunter to do?

Is it only limited to one kind of hunting? Or you can do more than just hunting with a sight? Pretty straightforward questions but answers aren’t that easy. Let’s learn a bit more about sights and what benefits they hold.

What Is A Sight?

Before you begin to know what a sight does, you will need to know what a sight is. In short, it’s a device that improves your aim by aligning the barrel and your line of sight.

Pretty simple right? But in reality, it’s not that simple. A sight will come with adjustments that can allow you to align these two better. Tune the sight to perform the best on your gun for you.

How Many Types Of Sights Are There?

There are quite a few sights available nowadays. But not all of them are used for hunting. Here are a few types of them that are used in hunting as well.

  • Open Sight: the first one is the open sight aka red dot sight. The type of sight that has no enclosure and uses a single light passable lens with illuminated or non-illuminated reticle.
  • Peep sight: this type of sight is mostly popular with bow hunters. Peep sight is a peephole that allows you to align your vision with the barrel without any magnification or lens.
  • Telescopic sight aka scope: this type of sight is the most popular among hunters. They are capable of magnifying your vision. Making the target appear closer. They also tend to have lots of adjustments and ways of reading bullet travel distances.

What Does A Sight Do To A Hunter Then?

As you guessed already, it helps you hunt better. If you are hunting for animals over 30 yards, you can’t do that with a peep sight or an open sight. Their accuracy will drop and you will waste a ton of ammo in the process.

If you are using a scope for hunting then, you can minimize the bullets you are using and make sure you are hitting your targets.

A lot of modern scopes have reticles that are capable of solving bullet drop equations and help you calculate the distance between you and the target. With proper windage and elevation adjustment, you can make sure to hit your target from nearly a mile away.

Do I Need A Scope For Hunting?

Yes, you do. Even duck hunters and iguana hunters use riflescopes nowadays. They are cheap and extremely accurate. As they support a lot of guns out of the box, it’s quite easy to tune the scope to your shooting style.

If you want to get better at game hunting and want to participate in big game hunting, then you will need a riflescope. There is no workaround for it. Life isn’t a Hollywood movie where you can count the distance by dropping grass.


And that’s about it. Sure, a sight can do many more things other than hunting. But for hunting, there is no alternative to a good sight. So, don’t cheap out and get a good hunting scope before you regret it.

With that said, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading as always. Hope to see you on the next one soon. Till then, take care and have fun.

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