Best 308 Muzzle Brake: Brakes Are As Important As Breaks

Muzzle brakes are an important part of a rifle. They are also one of the most common upgrades that you can do to your gun. Muzzle brake is a device that minimizes the recoil and makes it easier for you to control and it also stops the propellant gas from spreading.

The .308 Winchester is a smokeless powder rimless caliber. People use .308 for various things. One of the most common uses of a .308 cartridge is short-action and big-game hunting. It is also used for various range practices and sharpshooting competitions.

Naturally, the .308 comes with a good amount of recoil. If we can mitigate that, we definitely should. So, let’s find out some of the best muzzle brakes for 308 and why you should get one.

1. Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake

Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake

The first 7.62mm/.308 muzzle brake that I want to recommend to you is from Precision Armament. The Hypertap muzzle brake is available in two different colors. One is silver and the other one is matte black.

The material for Hypertap was stainless steel. The material is heat-treated. Making it extremely durable and also rust-free at the same time. The weight of the entire muzzle brake 308 is 2.9 oz. It’s extremely lightweight and durable at the same time as well.

Precision Armament claims the muzzle brake is capable of mitigating up to 94% of recoil. While it may not be a 100% accurate claim, you will find visual recoil changes and feel the change while shooting as well.

Will it increase the flash of the gun?

No, it will not increase the flash of your gun. And Precision Armament claims there is 0 flash increase guaranteed.

Will this muzzle brake last me while hunting?

Yes, it will. The brake is made for hunters and other sharpshooters. It will not break on you anytime soon.

Do I need any tools to install it?

Yes, you will. You will need a spanner wrench. And Precision Armament includes a spanner wrench in the package. You don’t need to look for other tools.

2. Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator

Precision Armament M4-72 Severe-Duty Compensator

While we can argue that muzzle brakes and compensators are different for ages, this one’s here to unite both fandom. THe M4-72 Severe-Duty compensator is a two-in-one. This is a combo of muzzle brake and recoil compensator.

Like other Precision Armament muzzle brakes, this one is also made out of stainless steel. The steel is durable and lightweight as well. This exact model of compensator comes in different variants that are made for different calibers as well. In terms of durability, it’s insanely good. Longevity shouldn’t be an issue for you or anyone.

The weight of the 308 compensator is around 2.6 oz. That’s extremely light and easy to maneuver as well. You won’t feel like you have been using a muzzle brake on your barrel as well.

Is this available in different colors?

Yes, it is. It’s available in a stainless silver finish and also a matte black finish. Both of them are the same thing.

Does this come with a washer?

No, it doesn’t. You will need to buy Accu-washers separately for this. And you definitely should buy a pair of washers. They are quite mandatory.

Will it increase my accuracy?

As the muzzle brake/compensator is only 2.6 oz and it provides around 75% recoil reduction, your accuracy will definitely improve. You will be able to shoot faster with less downtime with the help of one of these.

3. Surefire – Procomp 762 Muzzle Brake

Surefire SFR Procomp 762 Muzzle Brake

When it comes to making some of the best muzzle brakes for 308, SUREFIRE will always come in the top 3 without a doubt. The brand has been working with hunters and shooters alike for years now and they make some great compensators and brakes for all sorts of activities.

This one is made out of a high-precision steel bar. As the steel bar is highly heat resistant, you can use this on an automatic rifle without any issue. The heat generated from the chamber and barrel won’t be able to put a dent in the material of this muzzle brake.

Procomp will also reduce the recoil of your gun quite a lot. While it will not hide the entirety of the flash or suppress the sound, the muzzle brake isn’t excessively loud either. The sound coming through it is quite negligible.

Where is this muzzle brake made?

The muzzle brake is made in the USA. You will get great build quality and after-sales service.

Does SureFire include a suppressor adapter with the gun?

No, they don’t. They sell SOCOM 3-Prong 7.62mm Flash Hider Suppressor Adapter separately.

Do I need to drill my gun to install this?

As long as your gun has 5/8×24 threadings, your gun will support this without any modification.

4. Bang – Ar 308 Miculek 30 Caliber Compensator

Bang - Ar 308 Miculek 30 Caliber Compensator

I have to hand it to Bang for the branding. When it comes to finding the best bang for the buck, Bang will be there. Ha-ha! Jokes aside, the AR 308 Miculek compensator is made for AR 308 shooters.

The material for the compensator is 4140 steel. The steel has a manganese-phosphate finish on it as well. When it comes to being durable, this is unbeatable. Without a doubt one of the most durable 308 compensators on the market.

The weight of the muzzle brake is 104 grams. If you are in the market for a lightweight and compact muzzle brake for your .308, then you can go for this without a doubt. Besides durability, the muzzle brake is also good at recovering while shooting fast. The steady reduced recoil of your gun will make it feel lighter and you can shoot more often.

Where is this muzzle brake made?

The muzzle brake is made in the USA.

Will this muzzle brake work with .207 Winchester?

If the gun’s barrel threading is 5/8″x24, then it will support the gun without any issue. But you might want to choose .207 Winchester muzzle brakes instead.

Will this reduce the recoil of my gun?

As I stated above, it will. It will reduce the recoil of your gun by a lot. To the point, recovering after every shot will be easier. Thus reducing the recoil and increasing your accuracy gradually.

5. AR 308 A2 Birdcage Flash Hider

AR 308 A2 Birdcage Flash Hider

The final one that I want to recommend is from AeroPrecision. This A2 Birdcage flash hider is a great muzzle brake as well. AeroPrecision is known for making scope mounts and other accessories for guns as well. Their flash hider is no exception. From great material choice to high-quality finish.

The flash hider is made out of heat-treated stainless steel. Instead of aluminum, heat-treated steel is a preferred choice by most manufacturers. The durability is insanely good and the color finish is good as well.

The weight of the flash hider is around 2 oz. The length of the total flash hider is 1.75”. Making it both light and compact. If you are a hunter, you will love the compactness and lightweight build of it.

Is flash hider and muzzle brake the same thing?

No, they are not the same thing. While both of them reduce the recoil a bit, a flash hider won’t reduce the recoil as much as a muzzle brake. But if you are a hunter and want to conceal your presence, then a flash hider or suppressor might be the right thing for you.

Should I buy this instead of a muzzle brake?

That will depend ultimately on what you want. If you want a muzzle brake more than a flash hider, then you can go for other ones from the list. But if you want a .308 flash hider, this is one of the best you can get.

Where is this flash hider made?

The flash hider is made in the USA. AeroPrecision is an American brand and they make great in-house stuff.

How To Choose The Best Muzzle Brake For 308?

Now that you know some of the best 308 compensators and muzzle brakes available on the market, how do you choose the right one for you? Let me provide you with some more insight on how to choose the best 308 muzzle brake.

What Do You Want?

As you can see, I have included flash hiders and compensators on the list as well. As well as one of them being a 2-in-1. So, make sure to find out what you want. Do you want a flash hider? Do you want a muzzle brake? Or do you want a compensator? If you know what you want, finding the right product is just an afterthought.

Build Quality

Build quality is one of the most important parts of a muzzle brake. As this will sit on the end of the barrel, it will go through severe levels of torture and heat each day. If the durability is not up to the mark, then you will have a hard time convincing yourself that your money wasn’t wasted. So, make sure to get a muzzle brake that has good material and longevity.


The length of the muzzle brake is very important as well. A muzzle brake shouldn’t be as long as a suppressor. As this will not suppress the noise of your gun by any means. So, make sure to have a compact muzzle brake.


I hope this guide was easy enough for you to digest. The .308 is a great caliber for hunting and precision shooting. If we can improve that experience even by a little, why shouldn’t we? Reducing recoil will improve your gun’s accuracy and will make it easier for you to shoot rapidly as well.

Hopefully, you found the best .308 muzzle brake for you. With that said, thanks for sticking to the end. I will be back with more guides for you soon. Till then, take care and have fun.

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