How To Increase Eye Relief On A Scope?

Eye relief is an important part of a shooting adventure. Depending on that, you will miss all of your shots or hit them on the bullseye every time. The scope’s eye relief is an important factor in terms of focusing on the target and having the right amount of field of view.

While there is no straightforward way of increasing the eye relief on a scope, you can do some tinkering while installing the scope to adjust the eye relief.

What Is Eye Relief?

The eye relief is the distance between your eye and the eyepiece. It needs to be perfect to get the full image from the scope. If you move too much backward or forward, you will have less field of view and an overall jarred shooting experience.

Measuring Eye Relief

If you are using an extremely cheap riflescope, chances are the eye relief the manufacturer is claiming won’t work with you. In those cases, you will need to measure the eye relief on your own.

If you are always using affordable optics with inaccurate eye relief information, it’s easy to develop a habit of more eye relief is always better. But in reality, that’s pretty far from the truth.

If you want a real-life experience of it and find the perfect eye relief for you, you will need a pair of helping hands. You will need to find the eye relief that is giving you the best picture and accuracy, then have someone measure the distance from your eyes to the eyepiece with a measuring tape.

While it may not be 100% accurate, it’s 95% accurate. +- a few millimeters but that’s accounted for. As a new shooter, it’s understandable to hunch in towards the scope.

How To Adjust The Scope Eye Relief?

It’s not possible to adjust the eye relief on a scope, unfortunately. It’s best to get either a long or short eye relief scope based on your shooting. If you are shooting heavier recoil guns, then you might want to take a longer eye-relief scope. But if you are using short-range weapons mostly, then it’s better to use short-relief scopes.

So, if you were looking for a way of increasing the eye relief, you can’t. The only thing you can do, however, is buy a scope with longer eye relief. That’s the only way you can increase eye relief on a scope.


It’s kind of a bummer that you can’t do anything about it. But some things are like this. They are as good as it is or you can get something better for your eyes. So, you either take a longer eye relief scope or you don’t. There are no other alternatives, unfortunately.

Thanks for reading as usual. Hope you had fun at least. Cause I don’t think you learned what you wanted to learn. My apologies for that. But I do hope you return to find new things to learn. Till then, take care and have fun.

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