How To Camo Dip A Scope [Easy & Smooth Way]

Hydro dipping has been the trend for years now. Whether it’s a toy or a rifle even, people love to hydro-dip everything. And if you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to camo dip a scope, you won’t find many.

There are many guides on how to hydro dip a rifle, but people prefer to wrap their scope with skin instead. After all, it’s easier and less likely to mess up. Let’s take an easy route and learn how to camo dip a scope as a beginner.

Step 1: Clean Your Scope

The first step is cleaning. That’s right, you will need to clean your scope entirely before you start the painting process. Without cleaning it properly and removing all the oil from it, the color won’t stick.

While cleaning, be careful not to scratch the original paint off totally or hurt the lens. So, don’t be hasty while using it.

Step 2: Prime The Scope

The next step is to prime the scope. If you have any previous experience of spray painting, then you know the importance of priming. You shouldn’t skimp past this step.

Step 3: Base Coat

Apply the base coat. Once you are done choosing the camo pattern that you want to go with, you will apply the base coat. The base color chosen will determine the look of your finished product.

Step 4: Films to Print

If you are using films to print a pattern and use that as a camo, you will need to take out your printed sticker now and place it on top of the scope. While doing it make sure to use 89 to 100 degree water. This will make sure there is no air gap between the scope and the pattern sticker.

Step 5: Hydrate The Film

To make sure the PVA and liner hydrate and dissolve in the water, hydrate the film on top of the scope for around a whole minute. The water temperature will affect how the film stays on the scope or dissolves in a way where your entire process is messed up.

Step 6: Start Dipping

Once you are done processing the film and spraying the activator, it’s time to take the next step in the process and start dipping.

Dip the scope at a 30-40 degree angle. This angle is based on the product being decorated and the surface you need to cover in the process.

Step 7: Rinse Off The Residue of the Film

After you are done dipping the scope, you will now need to rinse off the residue of film left from the process.

Do this process with a light spray and controllable force of water. If you are doing it directly from the faucet, you risk that water might get inside the scope.

Step 8: Let it Dry

The final step in the process is to let it dry and wait for a while. Don’t be too hasty to just install the scope and let it rip.


See, that wasn’t that hard. If you are not using any sticker in the process, then you will need to spray the paint in the water and dip the scope directly till your desired camo is printed on the scope.

Hope the guide was easy to follow and now you understand why you shouldn’t be afraid of a bit of water. Jokes aside, thanks for watching and I will see you on the next one. Till then take care and have fun.

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