Taking Pictures Through A Spotting Scope: Explained!

The method of taking pictures through a spotting scope is called digiscoping. While hunters may not benefit from this feature but birders highly appreciate this. You can take pictures through your spotting scope without losing image quality.

Taking Pictures Through A Spotting Scope

Now that we know what digiscoping is let’s learn about the basic stuff that you are going to need for digiscoping.

  • First of all, of course, you need a spotting scope. Some scope supports digiscoping and has some focusing features for that reason alone.
  • You are going to need a phone mount a universal phone mount is preferred.
  • You are going to need a tripod to mount your spotting scope.

Camera Adapters For Spotting Scope

Most spotting scope supports camera mounts. All you need to do is buy the mount and attach it to the eyepiece. But there are many kinds of adapters available for digiscoping. To name a few:

  • Adapter rings.
  • Universal phone mounts.
  • Specific mounts for specific iPhone models.
  • DSLR adapters.

and many more.

Your mounting adapter will come with a guide about how you should set it up. Once you set up the mounting bracket on the eyepiece you should then attach your phone or camera.

If you attach your phone your phone’s back camera should be on the eyepiece. Your phone will see through the eyepiece.

Taking The Pictures

Here it’s a little bit tricky to take the picture through a camera. Because most cameras come with a built-in focus mechanism. You have to make sure your camera focuses on the thing your scope is focused on.

Once you established the harmony you should go for the click. But if you are taking a picture through your phone only spotting scopes focus should matter.


Digiscoping is not as hard as you imagined. It’s an expensive hobby yes but you can take good pictures through a spotting scope without becoming a pro.

You just need to learn the basics like we mentioned and go for it. But like we said it’s an expensive hobby. But if you have a passion for photography and enjoy wildlife photography or terrain shooting you should go for it. It’s worth it.

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