Ravin R29 Reviews: Best Of Ravin Crossbows!


Ravin R29 is the equivalent of a raid boss in the crossbow world. It is one of the most compact and powerful crossbows ever made. It’s the successor of the highly appreciated Ravin R20, R29 offers even better performance and results. 

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. Yes, this is better than Ravin R26, you can read our Ravin R26 vs R29 to find out more information. Yes, it’s expensive. It’s not a $1000 crossbow and never will be. Now that we have those out of the way, let’s start our Ravin R29 reviews.



Ravin r29 Review: Features & Benefits

Speed 430 FPS
Kinetic Energy 164
Power Stroke 12.5”
Draw Weight 12 lbs
Axle to Axle 10.5 - 6"
Length 29”
Weight 6.75 lbs

What Makes Ravin r29 Best!

What makes a crossbow unique from the other is its build quality. If you want to have the most durable crossbow then you need to sacrifice the lightweight value. But if the crossbow uses a durable material that is also lightweight.

Then you get the best of both worlds. That’s exactly what Ravin went for. Instead of Carbon Fiber, Ravin uses cast polymer to make their stocks. This makes the crossbow more grippy without giving up on durability. 

When it comes to the build quality, I can say the 2300$ price tag is completely justified. Though like you, I also wished that this year Ravin would use carbon fiber. But hey, if they can make a crossbow as durable as carbon fiber, without using carbon fiber then why not?

Difference Between Ravin r20 vs r29

This year, alongside the aesthetic department the crossbow had a new makeover. The total size is reduced from 34.5″ to 29″. That’s an incredible gain for compact crossbow lovers.

Making this one of the best if not the best compact crossbow on the market. As the size decreased, the weight of the crossbow decreased by a lot. Coming at 6.75 lbs, Ravin R29 is almost .500 lbs lighter than previous years R20. 

How Fast Is The Ravin R29?

Speed is a term where Ravin doesn’t want to compromise. This year the flagship Ravin R29 can shoots at 430FPS. With just 12 lbs of draw weight, this bow is capable of generating 164 lbs of kinetic energy. 

A crossbow that can be loaded by a kid (don’t let your kid use it though) can fire a bolt at 430 FPS with 164 lbs kinetic energy! How incredible is that? When you cock the device, the width drops to a mere 6″. That’s less than a 10″ Ipad. Ravin nailed the home run with design and speed this year. 

HeliCoil Technology

Thanks to HeliCoil you won’t notice any sound or vibration from the crossbow. HeliCoil was developed by Ravin to improve the longevity of their crossbow cables. 

The HeliCoil technology coils keep the cable away from the top and bottom. Allowing the crossbow to rotate at an incredible 340° angle. Most crossbow can’t even work with full potential if you slightly tilt them. While Ravin just chilling at almost 360°. 

Frictionless Flight System

Another excellent technique to keep the firing string healthy for a long time. If the string does not rub with the body, then there won’t be any sound or vibration. Every time the string touches the body it loses a bit of its life. 

Ravin made sure that this does not happen. Thanks to that Ravin R29 bowstring can last almost 2x longer than regular crossbows. 

Trac-Trigger System

Every time you trigger the bow, the trigger system slides forward towards the rail. And it clasps directly to the precise center of the string. Allowing for straight-line nock travel. 

This mechanism allows the Ravin R29 to be more precise and accurate over any crossbow on the market. You can go on and hit two bolts on the same bullseye from a 100 yards mark. Yeah, Ravin wasn’t joking about that. 

Versa-Draw™ Cocking System

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, if the draw weight and mechanism are not good enough, I don’t feel good suggesting you guys that. If a $2300 crossbow were to have a 180lbs of draw weight and rope cocker. No one would even consider buying that.

That’s why Ravin uses the Versa-Draw cocking system. It needs HeliCoil and Trac-Trigger to work together. This ultra-compact fully integrated cocking mechanism is built into the sleek stock design is advanced, to say the least. To my knowledge, no other crossbows besides Ravin provide this.

Sure, you can get many crossbows with a built-in cocker. But how many can you get to work with the trigger and cams together?

It’s an ambidextrous design. Allowing you to safely cock and de-cock the device without much force. 12lbs is not a large force by any means. Thanks to the fully integrated cocking mechanism, Ravin R29 delivers unmatched downrange accuracy and speed.

Crossbow Scope

Ravin uses a 100 yards 4×32 illuminated crossbow scopes. It provides excellent vision and clarity. The reticle is out of the box calibrated with the crossbow. You need to calibrate your accords. 

But I can say, it does perform like a $150 or so scope. If that’s not your jam, I can understand. But I am glad Ravin didn’t opt for a cheap crossbow scope that is not even worthy of your grace.

Is The Ravin R29 Worth The Money

Yes. I can easily declare this as one of the best crossbows on the market without any hesitation. If you have the budget to spend, you can’t go wrong with this choice. Just be prepared to pay a hefty amount for an excellent work of art.

Throughout my Ravin R29 review, I could only think of this as a work of art. Art does come with a hefty price tag. 

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