Best 7 Pin Bow Sight – Top 5 in 2023 [Guide & Top Picks]

Bow sights are underrated and underappreciated. A lot of new archers think bow sights are not necessary. Just like every other scope and sight, bow sight is a necessary component for hunting and target shooting. Granted reading pin bow sights can be a hard task. That doesn’t mean you should ignore their existence.

7 pin bow sights are getting more and more popular. A good 7-pin bow sight can set you back for a lot of money. Finding the best 7-pin bow sight for your bow will be difficult. That’s where we make our superhero landing. Don’t worry, all you have to do is, sit down relax, and enjoy the read. All I ask is a bit of your time.

What To Look For While Buying A 7-Pin Bow Sights?

Axis Control. Some bow sights only allow you to have control over 2nd axis. For some reason, it’s not possible to control the 3rd axis on all sights. If 3rd axis is mandatory for you, then you need to find the sight that offers that control. Again, if it’s not mandatory for you, then you don’t need to think too hard about it.

Calibration. Calibrating 7 pins isn’t easy. If you need to set up each pin separately, you will end up spending an entire day or more behind sighting in the sight. To counter that problem, a lot of sight has a neat feature. You only need to sight in 2 pins and the rest will calibrate automatically. A neat feature to have.

Durability. Most bow sights are made from machined aluminum. They are strong and can withstand drops quite easily. But if the pins aren’t secured well in the frame, then a drop from hand can mess up the calibration and pin position. If the water balance level is changed, you are better off claiming a warranty.

Best 7 Pin Bow Sight: Our Top List!

1. Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Bow Sight


Model: AS827R10; Pins: 7; Pin Size: .19; Material: Aluminum; Weight: 10.4 Oz.

The first sight on our sight is Trophy Ridge React Pro 7. Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 is one of the most advanced 7-pin bow sights on the market. The amount of adjustments available on this sight is quite high.

React Pro 7 features both the 2nd-axis and 3rd-axis control.

While calibrating you only need to calibrate 2 pins. The rest will calibrate automatically. If you calibrate it correctly, React Pro 7 will be one of the most accurate pin sights you ever used.

Hunting does not end when the sun starts going down. The outer circle of the sight glows bright green. It’s not enough to help you hunt at night. But it is enough to help you illuminate the pins and see the pins even in the dark.

Like a regular scope, React Pro 7 comes with windage and elevation adjustment knobs. You need to use them to get the best out of the sight.

It’s a tournament and hunt-ready sight. One of the most advanced pin sight on the market. React Pro came out over 7 years ago. Still ruling the market like a champion.

2. Axcel Armortech 7 Pins .010 HD Sight


Brand: Axcel Archery Sights; Pins: 7; Pin Size: .19; Sport Type: Hunting; Weight: 0.15p.

The next sight on our list is from Axcel. Armortech is constructed from Armor fiber technology. This sight is available for 3, 5, and 7-pin setups.

The one we recommend and featured on this list is of course the 7-pin one. The pin helps read the distance between you and hit the bullseye better. Like the previous sight, this also has a 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment.

The windage and elevation adjustments are a click system. Not like a riflescope turret. You can easily adjust them as you need. Though, I would have loved to see two pin adjustments. That feature is just way too cool.

The build quality of this sight is durable. Even if you drop it accidentally a few times. There aren’t any ring lights around the sight. There aren’t any LEDs involved in this sight either. The dovetail rail bracket is easily adjustable and removable. You can jump from bow to bow with ease.

Even if you see the target from a slight angle True Center Vision will centralize the target automatically. The pricing of this scope is also good.

3. IQ Pro 7 Pin Compound Bow Sight


Sight Level: 2nd Axis; Pins: 7; Pin Size: .19; Retina Lock Technology: Yes; Hand: Left.

IQ Pro 7 pin sight is the first left-hand sight on the list. In case you didn’t know, left-hand sight and right-hand sight have different mounting styles and frames. IQ Pro also features retina lock technology.

This sight is not expensive at all. It’s almost impossible to find good sights at this range, let alone a 7-pin bow sight. The only con of this sight is, it is only available for left-handed archers.

As for good things, it features micro-adjustable windage and elevation turrets. They are not full-size turrets. But rather looks like a turret.

If you need light then you can purchase the Rheostat sight light that IQ bow sights make. But you have to pay a decent amount of money for that. As they are fiber optic pins, there won’t be any kind of tearing or pin-related issues. For the price it’s coming at, it’s an excellent 7-pin bow sight.

IQ Bowsights IQ Pro 7 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight with Retina Lock Technology, Left Hand
  • MICRO ADJUST KNOBS - Precise windage and elevation adjustments. Locking knobs lock in settings tool-free

4. Trophy Ridge Fix Series 7 Pin Bow Sight


Model: AS827R10; Pins: 7; Pin Size: .19; Material: Aluminum; Hand: Right.

Another excellent bow sight from Trophy Ridge. This time the price is more affordable than the other. This sight comes in various pins. If you like a 5-pin sight over 7, be my guest and get that one. Trophy Ridge Fix is a right-handed bow sight.

The only key thing missing on this sight is the 3rd axis adjustment. Besides that it got everything. The windage and elevation settings are quite easy to adjust. The clicky sound has a nice tune to it.

You can’t modify the 2nd axis without using the included tools. That’s good because you won’t be able to accidentally move the 2nd axis.

The mounting plate has 4 different mounting positions. You don’t need to buy a 3rd party rheostat light. Trophy Ridge includes their own inside the scope.

The ring and pins are made out of fiber optics. That’s why you won’t see them getting damaged anytime soon. This sight is quite accurate. One of the most accurate budget pin sights out there.

5. Topint CNC 7 Pins .019 Bow Sight


Color: Black / Camo; Pins: 7; Pin Size: .19; Material: Aluminum; Hand: Both.

The final sight on today’s list is from Topoint. This sight comes in a 5 and 7-pin version. Both cost around the same. That’s cheaper than most of the 3 pin bow sights.

The chassis of this sight is created from CNC-machined aluminum. This guarantees good body quality. You can also select the sight in camo finish or black finish. You don’t need to buy a separate sight to use it as a left-handed archer.

One of the best things about this sight is the adjustable brightness control. You will also find windage and elevation adjustments present on the sight.

Frequently ASKED Question

Why 7 Pins Sight Instead Of 3 Or 5 Pins?

As the name suggests, the 7-pin sight has 7 total pins installed in it. Each pin can indicate a different distance. If you want a long-distance sight, then 2/3 pin sights won’t cut it for you. 7 pins sights are also quite easy to calibrate and fun to use. They don’t have a stiffer learning curve either.

Do 7 Pin Sights Cost Much?

They do cost more than 3/5 pin sights. But not that much. The price difference is negligible. If you want to go for a different pin sight to save money, I would say not worth it. You need to find out which distance you are going to use your bow at and go from there.

Does Illumination In The Pins Matter?

Under the bright sun, if the pin doesn’t have any kind of illumination or anti-glare coating to it, then you will face issues while aiming on the target. If the pin color doesn’t play well with the sun, you will have a hard time shooting as well. So, yeah, illumination in pin matters a lot. It will also play a big role in low-light hunting as well.

Are 7 Pins Bow Sights Heavier Than 5 Pins Bow Sight?

Surprisingly, the weight difference is almost non-existent. Two extra pins won’t increase the weight by 10 grams or something. It will increase the weight by slightly. The main weight inflation comes from extra components to make use of those extra pins.

Best 7 Pin Bow Sight: Conclusion

This was a short one, wasn’t it? It’s done. I know you guys were probably hoping to see more sights. But 7-pin bow sights are not that mainstream. On top of that finding, the best 7-pin bow sight among them is not an easy task. That’s why I took the liberty of solving this problem for you guys.

I hope I managed to pull it off. If you have any questions left that I missed to answer, don’t be shy. Ask away anything down below. I will see you guys at the next one.

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