Ravin R26 vs R29: Which Is The Best Comparison of The Beast

The amount of hype about Ravin crossbow is unbelievable. No other crossbow has ever generated this much hype. Why wouldn’t their product be hyped? They are providing some of the best crossbows on the market.

Ravin’s revolutionary technology has been praised over and over again. They have received many prestigious awards and a loyal following base.

But today we are not here to sing glory of Ravin. We are here to talk about Ravin r26 vs r29. We know Ravin R10 and R20 won the Best Crossbow of the Year 2019 editor’s choice award. But Ravin R26 and R29 were fairly popular compared to their siblings.

Ravin R26 & R29: Outlooks

Ravin R26 vs R29: Specs

TopicRavin r26Ravin r29
Speed400 FPS430 FPS
Kinetic Energy142 FP-KE165 FP-KE
Power Stroke9.5 Inches12.5 Inches
Draw Effort12 LBS12 LBS
Axle To Axle5.75 / 9.25 Inches6 / 10.5 Inches
Length26 Inches29 Inches
Weight6.5 LBS6.75 LBS

Difference In Size And Weight

Both crossbows are made for maneuverability. They are compact and can be carried to virtually anywhere.

The Ravin R26 is 5.75 inches when cocked and 9.25 inches when uncocked. On the other hand, Ravin R29 is 6 inches cocked and 10.5 Inches uncocked.

The main question is, does this small amount of difference matter?

-When it comes to hunting, if you are hunting from a ground blind then you won’t have any issue regarding limbs flaring out.

No one smacking any windows today. This eliminates the potential of hurting your blind and breaking the bow.

If you carry them on a sling, on your stand both crossbows will always stay behind you. This means you won’t be dragging them through any branches and bushes. Dragging through harsh branches can damage the wire of your crossbow.

Some tall customers have complained about the R26 being too short. It’s annoying for them to shoulder the crossbow and fire it.

For those who want a bigger crossbow, you should go for the R29.

The weight of the Ravin R26 is 6.5 lbs. One of the lightest and most compact crossbows on the market. Surprisingly the weight of Ravin R29 is not that higher compared to the smaller R26. The weight of the R29 is 6.75 lbs. This crossbow is also lightweight.

Difference In Speed And Power

The speed difference between the Ravin R26 and R29 isn’t that big. The Ravin R26 can fire at 400 FPS whereas the Ravin R29 can fire at 430 FPS. Both are powerful and highly accurate.

The Ravin R26 can pull 142 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. On the other hand, the Ravin R29 can pull 165 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy.

The draw weight is the same for both crossbows. This speaks volumes of how well Ravin made their crossbows. Even though the draw weight is the same the power output varies. On paper it’s quite hard to make you guys understand but trust me we did the necessary field test.

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Difference In Accuracy

You already probably know this by now, Ravin crossbows are known to be one of the most accurate crossbows on the market. That’s why hunters and shooters alike keep Ravin as their priority.

You can find many videos of these crossbows in action. But let me give you a hint. Both crossbows are similar. They have their difference in power and speed department. But during our 70-yard target shooting practice. The bolts were neck to neck. They have outdone themselves. Not only their claims are true, but it’s also surprising that even with such a price gap the smaller Ravin R26 held its ground against the bigger Ravin R29 just fine.

In terms of compact and weight, both go neck to neck.

Ravin R26 vs R29 Summary

The difference in price between the two is still a lot. That’s why if you are looking for a lightweight and compact crossbow in the medium price range. Then, in my opinion, Ravin R26 is enough for you.

But if you are a speed lover like me and aren’t willing to compromise in terms of power then Ravin R29 is for you. Both are great crossbows. Any hunter and archer going to love them.

I hope that you got your answer from this comparison and made your decision. Don’t forget to check the current prices of both.

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