Best Crossbow Under 1000 – Top 7 in 2023 [Guide & Top Picks]

Even some years ago we used to think crossbows were supposed to be super expensive and luxury items. That mindset changed as the budget crossbows became good and there were so many options available. Previously, we talked about crossbows in different budget ranges.

The next milestone in that budget range is the $1000 mark. It’s a well-rounded number. You have tons of options in this budget to choose from as well. But how are you supposed to choose the right one without any prior knowledge about them? That’s where I come in. Welcome to the best crossbows under $1000 review.

Now that we got the topic out of the way, let’s prepare the main dish. Without further ado let’s dig in.

What Is The Best Crossbow Under $1000?

Don’t worry, I know some of you don’t have the time or patience to read the entire review. For those here are the 3 best crossbows under $1000 you can buy right now.

1. Barnett Hyperghost 425 Crossbow Package

Barnett is not a new name in the industry. They were making crossbows long before a lot of you joined the crossbow scene & one of the few brands still making good budget crossbows. They are providing crossbows at almost all price ranges. Hyperghost is the fastest crossbow on the list today. That’s something to boast about.

2. Tenpoint Titan M1 Crossbow Package

Tenpoint is a reputable crossbow manufacturer. They are known for their rivalry against Ravin crossbows. We don’t have any Ravin crossbows under $1000 to compare. It’s almost free reign for Tenpoint. Titan M1 is a fast, powerful, durable, and compact crossbow. A perfect package for hunting.

3. Centerpoint CP400 Crossbow Package

Centerpoint CP400 is a well-rounded crossbow overall. It’s fast, cheap, durable, compact, lightweight, and powerful. A complete package for any hunters starting out crossbow hunting. It even includes the necessary accessories to get you started. Told you, a complete package.

1. Barnett Hyperghost 425 Crossbow Package

Barnett Hyperghost 425 Crossbow Package

Specifications | Speed: 425 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 152 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 16.333 Inches; Draw Weight: 206 LBS; Axle To Axle: 17.6 / 20.375 Inches; Length: 36.25 Inches; Weight: 7.7 LBS.

You know it won’t be the best crossbow review if we don’t feature at least one Barnett crossbow. They are the budget champions. No matter how small of a budget you have, Barnett probably has at least one crossbow for offer in that price range.

(+) Speed

Hyperghost can fire at 425 FPS with ease. Making this the fastest crossbow on the list so far. If speed is all you want, then this is perfect for you. You can participate in big-game hunting without any inconvenience.

(+) Power For Days

Hyperghost is one of the most powerful crossbows under $1000. That’s huge! Hyperghosts can generate up to 152ft-lbs of kinetic energy. That’s more than Ravin R10. A crossbow that costs over $1300. It’s quite amazing to think just how much we have come. If you have seen Ravin R10 before and never heard of the Hyperghost, prepare to be amazed.

(+) Good Scope

There has to be a drawback in a budget crossbow. Most of the time the victim of that cost-cutting is the scope of the bow. But not here. The included scope is an illuminated 1.5-5x32mm.

(-) Keep That In Mind

The arrows used to measure the speed and kinetic energy of this crossbow is different than the ones included. You need specific set of arrows to reach the claimed numbers. It’s a bit annoying issue. But it’s not false marketing per say.

2. Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400 Crossbow Package


Specifications | Speed: 400 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 124 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 14 Inches; Draw Weight: 280 LBS; Axle To Axle: 23.75 / 30.25 Inches; Length: 35.75 Inches; Weight: 6.2 LBS.

Excalibur is one of the best recurve crossbow makers right now. Their recurve crossbows are top-notch and last for a long time. Recurve crossbows are easier to operate and fix. That’s why a lot of hunters prefer them over compound bows.

(+) Speed

Matrix Bulldog can easily reach 400 FPS. That’s rare for a recurve crossbow. We are used to seeing less than 300 FPS on recurve crossbows it’s a surprise for sure, but welcomed one. You can easily participate in any kind of hunting you want. From deer to bears, it’s capable of silencing any size prey.

(+) Recurve

Recurve crossbows are usually slower and less powerful than compound crossbows. But they are super easy to use and repair. That’s why beginners love recurve crossbows. But recurve crossbow has a huge issue of having too much draw weight.

(+) A Ton Of Extras Included

It’s a complete crossbow package marketed towards newbie hunters. The accessories included will save you a ton of money and time. You can easily tune in to the crossbow using those accessories and start hunting right away.

(+) The Weight Balance Is Great

When you tilt the crossbow in one direction, you can feel the weight is balanced towards the center the gravity pull is not on the top or at the bottom. You can easily use a tripod to have more stable shots from the crossbow. It’s good to see more crossbows paying attention to the balancing point.

(-) Keep That In Mind

The draw weight of this crossbow is 280 lbs. It’s illegal in a lot of states. The draw weight is enough to scare away a lot of potential buyers. But it supports a cranking device. You can purchase that to lower the draw weight.

3. Tenpoint Turbo M1 Crossbow Package

Tenpoint Turbo M1 Crossbow Package

Specifications | Speed: 380 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 119 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 14 Inches; Draw Weight: 190 LBS; Axle To Axle: 9 / 14.25 Inches; Length: 32.5 Inches; Weight:6.4 LBS.

Tenpoint is basically a messiah for hunters in this range. They are known for their med and high-end crossbows. They compete against Ravin every day. It’s good to see more budget-friendly options from Tenpoint.

(+) Speed

The speed of this crossbow is 380 FPS. I know what you are thinking. Why doesn’t this crossbow have 400 FPS or more speed? What’s better, 380 FPS of consistency or 400 FPS that fluctuates a lot? You already know the answer to that. 380 FPS is more than enough for all sorts of hunting and big-game competition.

(+) Energy

Turbo M1 is capable of generating up to 122 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. It’s enough to lay down any big size deer. Making it compatible with big-game hunting competitions. For tactical shooting, you don’t even need this much power. Due to having so much energy and speed, you can use this crossbow as security gatekeep as well.

(+) Lightweight And Compact

The naked weight of the crossbow is 6.4 lbs. Pretty lightweight. Even with added accessories, the weight shouldn’t go past 9lbs. You can carry it around anywhere for hours.

The axle-to-axle width of the crossbow is only 9”. Making it one of the most compact crossbows in this price range. Tenpoint has a thirst for compact crossbows and it clearly shows in their crossbow lineup.

(+) Cranking Device Compatible

The crossbow comes with ACUdraw 50 sled rope cocking device by default. But you can add an extra 100$ and get the ACUdraw pro cranking device. One of the best cranking devices available in the market.

TENPOINT Turbo M1 Crossbow Package with Pro-View Scope, Three Pro Elite 400 Arrows, 3-Arrow Quiver and ACUdraw PRO or ACUdraw 50 SLED Cocking
  • Featuring a radically narrow, 9-inch wide bow assembly, the Turbo M1 sends arrows down-range with pin-point accuracy at lightning speeds up to 380 feet-per-second

(-) Keep That In Mind

Without the cranking device, the draw weight can be a nightmare for a lot of people. It’s not that heavy, but I can see newbies complain about it.

4. Centerpoint CP400 Crossbow Package

Centerpoint CP400 Crossbow Package

Specifications | Speed: 400 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 142 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 13 Inches; Draw Weight: 200 LBS; Axle To Axle: 6 / 10.5 Inches; Length: 31.75 Inches; Weight: 7.8 LBS.

I don’t know what CP stands for, but I do know this is one fine crossbow. The first crossbow from Centerpoint in our list today. Centerpoint shouldn’t need any special introduction as most of you already know about them by now.

(+) Speed

As the name boldly claims, CP400 is capable of reaching 400FPS with the stock arrows included in the kit. You don’t need any special category arrows to reach the claimed speed. Be aware, the speed may fluctuate due to the weather. If the wind is not in your favor, the crossbow might not reach the desired speed.

(+) Energy

I was honestly surprised when I found out just how powerful this crossbow is. Let’s be real here, it doesn’t look like a crossbow that can be quite powerful. That’s why we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Centerpoint CP400 is capable of generating 142ft-lbs of kinetic energy. Wow! Yeah, wasn’t expecting that.

(+) Highly Accurate And Beginner Friendly

Accuracy is off the chart with this one. In a controlled environment, CP400 shouldn’t miss a single bullseye. Keep in mind, that we are talking about a controlled environment. It’s quite easy to use and comes with a ton of accessories. Making it an ideal choice for hunters who are just starting out the journey.

(-) Keep That In Mind

Noise suppression of this crossbow isn’t good enough. It’s not loud but it’s not silent either. The included string is quite bad and makes severe ping noises. You should replace the wire down the line and get some noise suppression kit while you are at it.

5. Barnett HyperTac 420 Crossbow Package


Specifications | Speed: 420 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 149 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 15.5 Inches; Draw Weight: 210 LBS; Axle To Axle: 9.5 Inches; Length: 35.9 Inches; Weight: 7.9 LBS.

Barnett HyperTac 420 is a compact forward draw crossbow. From finish to performance, it’s an excellent crossbow.

(+) Speed

HyperTac is capable of reaching 420FPS without any issues. Speed doesn’t fluctuate a lot either. That’s a good sign. Fluctuation can make you miss shots at random times.

(+) Energy

Barnett HyperTac 420 is capable of generating up to 149ft-lbs of kinetic energy. Almost on par with the Hyperghost. It’s no surprise that a Barnett crossbow reaches this feat with ease.

(+) Size

HyperTac is one of the most compact crossbows available for under $1000. Compact crossbows are usually lightweight and easier to carry. They can fit inside almost all crossbow cases.

(+) TriggerTech

TriggerTech is a trigger mechanism developed and made by Barnett Crossbows. This technology helps you to pull the trigger with zero creep and a low trigger pull. It also prevents the trigger from random jamming issues.

(-) Keep That In Mind

The included arrows are not rated for the 420 FPS. You will need to buy the specific set of arrows from Barnett to reach that speed. That’s annoying, to say the least. You might even accuse them of false marketing. But the crossbow is capable of reaching 420 FPS. So, can’t really call them out on that.

6. Tenpoint Titan M1 Crossbow Package

Tenpoint Titan M1 Crossbow Package

Specifications | Speed: 370 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 113 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 14 Inches; Draw Weight: 180 LBS; Axle To Axle: 9 / 14 Inches; Length: 32.5 Inches; Weight: 6.4 LBS.

The other Tenpoint we had was Turbo M1 and this is the Titan M1. Are there any other differences between the two except the name? Let’s find out.

(+) Speed

It’s a bit slower than the Turbo M1, yet it can reach 370 FPS with ease. 370 FPS is nothing to be taken lightly. It’s fast enough for everyday hunting. You can partake in the competition as well. I don’t think any competition going to say no to you with this crossbow on your hand.

(+) Power

It’s not the most powerful crossbow by any means. But it gathers enough power to get the job done. Titan M1 can generate up to 115 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. It’s not the highest, but it gets the job done. It won’t let you fail competitions either. The power is enough to hunt deer and similar-sized animals. Of course, it will depend a lot on your skill. But it’s more than enough power.

(+) Pro View 3 Scope

Scope is the first victim of cost-cutting. But Tenpoint decided to not cut corners on the scope. The Pro View 3 scope is an excellent crossbow scope. The lenses of the scope are fully multi-coated with several layers of coatings. It will protect the scope from scratches and make it bright as well.

(+) Acudraw Pro Cranking Device Compatible

It’s compatible with ACUdraw Pro but won’t come with one by default. You need to purchase the cranking device as an add-on. The included rope cocking device will lower the draw weight by 50%. If you want to lower it even further, then you have to purchase the cranking device.

(-) Keep That In Mind

The scope is not silent at all. There isn’t much noise-suppressing kit installed on the crossbow. Without them, the crossbow gets fairly loud. If you hunt a lot during the dusk, I suggest you take a crossbow sound-dampening kit and install it on the bow.

7. Wicked Ridge M370 Crossbow Package

Wicked Ridge M370 Crossbow Package

Specifications | Speed: 370 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 113 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 13.8 Inches; Draw Weight: 206 LBS; Axle To Axle: 9.5 / 14 Inches; Length: 35 Inches; Weight: 5.8 LBS.

Wicked Ridge is a sub-brand of Tenpoint Crossbows. They make budget-oriented crossbows while Tenpoint focuses on the high-end. Wicked Ridge is known for their name game. Besides excellent names, the crossbows made by them are excellent as well.

(+) Speed

Firing at 370 FPS, it’s quite slower than the crossbow we were just talking about. Don’t let the number fool you. 370 FPS is plenty fast enough for everyday hunting. It’s legal and completely fine to partake in big-game hunting. 370 FPS is fast.

(+) Power

Wicked Ridge M370 is capable of generating up to 118 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. Pretty good number for a beginner-friendly crossbow. Yes, it’s good enough for most hunting competitions.

(+) Build Quality

Expecting good build quality in this price range is obvious. But expecting this crossbow to have better build quality than most other sub $1000 crossbow was surprising. It looks bold and is bold. The finish is quite good on this one and there weren’t any anodization issues. Rail is perfectly fine but needs a bit of waxing every now and then.

(+) Acudraw Pro Compatibility

As Wicked Ridge is a part of Tenpoint crossbows, they are allowed to make their crossbow compatible with the ACUdraw cranking device. ACUdraw alone can be the major deal-maker for a lot of us. It will make the draw weight of the bow almost disappear.

(+) Lightweight And Compact

It’s not a reverse draw crossbow. Yet the axle-to-axle width is only 9.5 inches. Really small and easy to carry. Weighing at 5.8 lbs without any accessories, this is probably the lightest crossbow you will ever hold in your hand. Last, I saw a crossbow this light was from Excalibur and that was a recurve crossbow.

Wicked Ridge M-370 Crossbow with Acudraw, Multi Line Scope Package
  • ACUDRAW COCKING DEVICE - Built-in cocking device draws your crossbow accurately with only 5-pounds of effort

(-) Keep That In Mind

Another crossbow that is suffering from bad stock noise suppressing. Manufacturers should focus more on this department. Noisy crossbows are annoying and they can cause problems while hunting. Specially, during the late evening, even the slightest noise will warn the targets.

What To Look For When Buying A Crossbow Under $1000?

You need to consider a lot of facts before purchasing something major. A crossbow in this budget range is no exception. Here are some things that will help you decide the best crossbow for you.

Speed: As we increase the budget gap, the crossbows will become faster. For example, if you can spare $3000, then you can buy one of the fastest crossbows in the world. The Ravin R500. But we are not talking about that big of a sum here. That’s why, keep your expectations in check but don’t compromise for a crossbow that is not fast enough for your tasks.

Power: It’s the scale that determines how much kinetic energy each shot will hold. Most modern crossbows can easily generate over 100ft-lbs of kinetic energy. A powerful crossbow will always help you to secure the target better.

Noise: Crossbows aren’t loud by nature. But they can be loud depending on the situation. A lot of crossbows come with 0 noise dampening installed on the crossbow. If your desired crossbow has no suppressors installed, then try to buy them from the vendor or a third-party seller. Suppressors will save you big time in night-time hunting.

Weight: Crossbows aren’t too heavy for you to carry. But often with added accessories, they can weigh more than 10 lbs. It’s still not too heavy. But carrying 10 lbs on your back for an entire day might not be as easy as you are thinking. Can’t forget about the supplies you will also carry on your back.

Warranty: Warranty can come in clutch plenty of times. Specially, with compound crossbows. They are hard to fix, that’s why you always need to send them to the vendor for fixing. Make sure that the crossbow you are buying has a decent warranty.

Accuracy: Most crossbows in this price range will have pretty good accuracy. But it’s still a good habit to check the accuracy of that crossbow. Don’t worry, all the crossbows mentioned in this review are highly accurate. You will find tons of video proofs to back that claim as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bow vs Crossbow

It’s an argument that can be fought in various ways. The subjective way is simple, your pride might not allow you to use an automatic crossbow over the primitive bow. That’s our way of hunting. But if you throw that aside and speak realistically, a bow has no chance against a crossbow. A crossbow is basically a bow but more powerful and efficient. Why wouldn’t you want more efficiency and power in your crossbow? It doesn’t make any sense, right?

That’s why the answer to this argument is simple but not really. I am gonna side with crossbows as I love them. But you might side with bows which is perfectly fine by me.

Is $1000 Crossbow Worth It?

Yes, they are absolutely worth it. You are getting what you are paying for. A well-built crossbow with a good warranty and good performance. The more you increase the budget, the better crossbow you will get. But it won’t make any sense for a beginner to blow 3k on a crossbow. That’s why budget crossbows exist. To give you an option to enjoy a high-end crossbow for a fraction of the price.

Why Recurve Crossbow?

Recurve crossbows are easier to use and repair. Granted, they are not as powerful as a compound bow. But they serve a purpose. The only thing holding back a recurve crossbow is the ridiculous draw weight. But companies are making cranking devices for their recurve crossbow. That will help a lot of people.

How Far Will A $1000 Crossbow Shoot?

That depends on the crossbow model you are choosing. Some crossbows will shoot further than others. Crossbows aren’t meant to shoot far. So, it doesn’t make sense to measure how far a crossbow can shoot. Due to the nature of the arrow, the longer they will travel the slower they will get. If you are firing from too far away, the arrow won’t even penetrate the flesh of the target.

Best Crossbow Under 1000: Conclusion

That took longer than expected. But like always, it was filled with too much information. Information that will help you decide the best crossbow under a $1000 budget. If you own a crossbow already and upgrading to a new one, congratulations on your new crossbow. I hope you enjoy it and use it happily.

If you still require assistance with a product, don’t be shy I don’t bite unless you want me to. Joke aside, I hope I was able to help you decide on your next crossbow. Till next time.

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