Best Rifle Scope For 1000 Yards – Top 11 in 2021 [Guide & Top Picks]

Every scope can’t reach the 1000 yards mark. That’s a fact, you can get that checked from anywhere. What can you do when you want to shoot at 1000 yards or beyond? We need to buy a riflescope that can shoot over 1000 yards. Fair warning, they can be quite expensive. You are looking for the best rifle scope for 1000 yards. You must be ready to pay a good amount of money for that. 


Don’t worry like always I will include budget options for you guys too. Without further ado, let’s jump straight into it—

Best Rifle Scope For 1000 Yards

1. Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20x56mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 2.8 - 20x
Objective Lens 56 mm
Eye Relief 3.74"
Exit Pupil 9.8 – 2.8 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 47 – 6 ft
Length 13.8"
Weight (without inner rail) 29.3 oz

The first scope of today is from none other than Zeiss. Zeiss has over 100 years of history behind them. If someone has perfected the art of making riflescope. Zeiss should be the first one to be addressed.


Coming at $3700, this is the dream scope of many hunters. The thing is, Victory V8 doesn’t even have an FFP reticle. Yet it’s one of the few riflescopes that can provide accurate results over 1200 yards. 


Victory V8 was the first scope from Zeiss to focus more on performance. They even call it a performance-oriented design. The new main tube’s diameter is only 36mm. It’s quite different than any other Zeiss riflescopes. 


It’s almost impossible to get another riflescope with the same brightness as Victory V8. Zeiss ensures a huge 92% light transmission. Alongside the Schott HT glass, this scope becomes a monster at hunting. 


If it wasn’t given already, all of the lenses are fully multi-coated with various coatings. You won’t see any glares or scratches on this one that’s for sure. 


As for magnification, you get an enormous zoom range. The maximum magnification of this scope is 20x. There are other scopes with higher magnification than this. But there aren’t any other scope with better optics than this.


The build quality is beyond excellent. It’s as good as one can get. The scope is fog, water, and shockproof. This was made for snipers. If you have a sniper rifle that can shoot over 1000 yards and want the very best for your rifle. This is what you have been looking so long for. 

2. Steiner T5Xi 5-25x56mm Tactical Rifle Scope

Magnification 5 - 25x
Objective Lens 56 mm
Eye Relief 3.5 to 4.3"
Exit Pupil 11.2 - 2.3 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 21.5 - 4.3 ft
Tube Diameter 34mm
Reticle SCR - Illuminated

It’s been a while since we featured a high-end scope from Steiner. In case you forgot, we already reviewed Steiner T5Xi almost a year ago. As for a short overview. This scope is almost 5 years old now. In 2020 Steiner T5Xi is a solid buy. The resell value of this product is insane. 


As for the price, the price didn’t drop much either. It’s still a $2000+ scope. Features a 5-25x variable magnification with a 56mm objective lens. Inside of the scope entire housing is nitrogen purged. To make it moisture and fogproof.


The housing of the scope is made out of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. As for lenses, they are HD clear and bright lenses. Every lens involved in the scope is fully multi-coated. 


Steiner T5Xi can render stunners. All images seen through the scope is high quality and color accurate. The color accuracy is scary sometimes. Even at max magnification (which we will use often for 1000+ yards), there was no distortion. Not a single bit. 


It’s an incredible achievement. The only cons of this scope were quality control issues. But that is long gone. With the incredibly low profile turret and insane optical performance. Even in 2020-2021, Steiner T5Xi can be recommended as a 1000 yards riflescope. 

3. Nightforce 5.5-22x56mm NXS Riflescope

Magnification 5.5 - 22x
Objective Lens 56 mm
Eye Relief 3.9"
Exit Pupil 10.2 - 2.5 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 17.5 - 4.7 ft
Length 15.2"
Weight 32.0 oz

Even though the scopes name is Nigthforce, this is not a night vision scope. Nightforce NXS 5.5-22×56 MOAR reticle is a champion of long-range battle. A lot of cheaper scope claims to have more than 20x zoom but fails to perform in the range test. While NXS will nail it beyond 1000 yards. 


The MOAR reticle is the perfect choice for this scope. It includes all the necessary information and bullet drop compensation. 


With the help of turrets, you can change the windage and elevation without any issue. I would have loved to see an FFP reticle on this scope. Sadly the reticle is only available in the second focal plane.


I am not hating on SFP, even the most expensive scope on today’s list is in SFP. It’s just the MOAR is a godly reticle for this scope. As for lenses, the lenses are fully multi-coated. As the scope was made for powerful guns. The build quality is excellent. Using durable material Nightforce made sure NXS is shockproof. 


Like most other riflescopes, the insides of the NXS is nitrogen purged. Nitrogen purging eliminates any chance of moisture going inside the scope and fog it from the inside. 


There aren’t any O-ring seals, but NXS is 100% waterproof. You can use it in the rain. The pricing of this scope could have been a bit lower. But it is what it is. 

4. Nightforce 12-42x56mm BR Benchrest Scope

Magnification 12 - 42x
Objective Lens 56 mm
Eye Relief 3.0"
Exit Pupil 4.0 - 1.4 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 6.7 - 2.3 ft
Length 17.0"
Weight 36.0 oz

Nightforce Benchrest is the first one to feature over 40x of magnification. That’s right Benchrest has a 42x magnification. The base magnification 12x is higher than most of the cheap riflescopes. 


The objective lens of this scope is 56mm. For a scope with 42x magnification. I was hoping to get a larger objective lens. The 56mm objective lens performed excellently. The field of view was wide, the range accuracy was mind-blowing. Most importantly color accuracy was of the roof. 


Out of the box the turrets are calibrated in true .125 M.O.A. (1/8 click). When you sight in the scope for the first time. The value will reset to zero automatically. 


The objective of the scope is adjustable. The parallax is also 25 yards to infinity. It makes the scope an excellent choice for big game and long-range hunting. The build quality is excellent. It’s durable enough to handle anything you throw at it.


If you own a long-range firearm already, this can be an excellent option for your gun. The fully multi-coated optics transmits an extraordinary amount of lights. Making the experience even better. As for the reticle, it uses an NP-R2 Reticle. The reticle is illuminated and you can adjust the brightness with the help of a turret. 


As for the magnification, I was surprised at how small the distortion was. For a riflescope that can magnify up to 42x, I was expecting it to have more distortion. I know it’s expensive, but riflescopes are smaller tubes without a prism. That’s why achieving something like this deserves more recognition. 

5. Burris Xtreme Tactical XTR II 8-40x50mm Scope

Magnification 8 - 40x
Objective Lens 50 mm
Eye Relief 3.50 – 4.25"
Exit Pupil 6.25 – 1.25 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 13.2 – 2.8 ft
Length 16.68"
Weight 31.40 oz

XTR II is the second scope to hit the 40x mark. XTR II features a non-illuminated reticle. If you were thinking of getting this for low-light hunting, forget about it. If you are looking for the best rifle scope for 1000 yards or more. Keep reading, this will intrigue you.


Burris does not make scopes with this high magnification. Xtreme XTR II is the only scope from Burris to touch the 40x mark. They took a huge gamble while making this one. Have to admit it paid off big time. 


I hope they will make long-range scopes more. The body tube is made out of high-quality aluminum. The inside of the tube is filled with nitrogen to eliminate fogging. Thanks to that, you can stalk your prey for hours on a cold winter morning. 


Burris used HD lenses for this scope. It’s a shame they didn’t include an illuminated reticle. 

The optic performance is godly. Burris nailed their first attempt at a 1000 yards scope. Have to hand it to them.


No matter how big of a gun you use, it will take on that challenge like a champ. The best thing about this scope is, it’s not even expensive. Priced around $1300 is quite affordable for a scope of this caliber. 

6. Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44mm Side Focus Scope

Magnification 3 - 15x
Objective Lens 44 mm
Eye Relief 3.82 - 3.7"
Tube Diameter 30 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 38.3 - 7.7 ft
Length 13.53"
Weight 19.2 oz

It’s surprising a 15x scope can shoot over 1000 yards right? Well, it doesn’t quite shoot up to 1000 yards. It’s somewhere near there. Almost, I might say. Then why did I include this? It’s an excellent scope under $1000 that deserves your attention. If you are looking for a balanced scope, then this can be on the top of your list. 


Leupold never cheaps out on build or lens quality. VX-5HD is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The build is sturdy and durable. It can take a good amount of hits. Making it a good choice for high caliber snipers. 


VX-5 also uses HD lenses. The equivalent of ED glasses. Fully multi-coated HD glasses perform on par with ED glasses. The light transmission is good and the color accuracy is on point. 


To take the visual experience one step further, Leupold also includes their top of the line Twilight light management system. It’s a technology that takes a piece of glass and turns it into a magical piece of glass. 


Okay maybe not magical, but it enhances the visual capability of that glass by a lot. Thanks to that the scope performs excellently in low-light. 


VX-5HD is fully waterproof like the rest of the scopes. The inside of the scope is nitrogen purged. Making it fogproof. For the money, this is an incredible value scope. It is also capable of doing long-range hunting. 

7. Burris Veracity 5-25x50mm Hunting Rifle Scope

Magnification 5 - 25x
Objective Lens 50 mm
Eye Relief 3.5 - 4.25"
Exit Pupil 10 - 2 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 21 - 4.3 ft
Length 16.4"
Weight 28.2 oz

The crazy thing about this scope is the sheer number of reticles. You have 8 reticles to choose from. Depending on the reticle you choose and which focal plane you choose, the performance of this scope will highly vary. 


It’s not due to the structure by any means. If you don’t know how to read bullet compensation and go for the rear focal plane version, then you will have a tough time landing the long-range shots. 


While if you take the FFP version of the reticle, you can easily nail shots even at long-range. All of the reticles come with MOA adjustments. The adjustment knobs are quite sturdy. You can’t accidentally change them. That’s why I love capped turrets. 


The body of the scope is made out of aluminum. It’s high-quality aluminum that’s for sure. As the build quality looked nothing but premium. The lenses are fully multi-coated. Due to that, the performance of this scope is quite good. 


As the scope’s max magnification is 25x, it’s easy to nail targets over 1000 yards with ease. All you have to do is pair this beauty with a powerful sniper. You are good to go. 

8. Nikon Black FX1000 6-24x50mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 6 - 24x
Objective Lens 50 mm
Eye Relief Unknown
Tube Diameter 30 mm
Matte Finish Yes
Length 15.2"
Weight 24.5 oz

Nikon Black FX1000 was one of the first long-range scope. This black beauty is one amazing looking scope. The black finish on top of an aircraft-grade aluminum body is just fabulous. We have the 6-24×50 illuminated version. You can adjust the brightness level with a turret. But there is a problem with it. The brightness is relatively low compared to other scopes. 


Besides this, I only found good things about the scope. The incredible lens from Nikon. Nikon has a century worth of experience in lens making. If somebody would get a lens done right (beside Zeiss) it should be Nikon. 


The lenses are fully multi-coated. They transmit a good amount of light for the scope to work with. The turrets of this scope are quite good. I mentioned it in my full review. They won’t move easily from accidents. It also features a zero stop feature. Making zeroing the scope easier.


As for performance, this thing is capable of wrecking targets at 600 yards. While can hit the 1000 yards mark with bullet drop compensation. To be able to read the bullet compensation better.


This scope comes in two reticles version. One is FX-MRAD and the other one is FX-MOA. At first glance, both of them look the same. But spend some time with it, you will notice the difference in no time. 

9. Vortex Viper HS-T 6-24x50mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 6 - 24x
Objective Lens 50 mm
Eye Relief 4.0"
Tube Diameter 30 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 17.8 - 5.1 ft
Length 15.5"
Weight 22.6 oz

Vortex Viper is not a new scope by any means. HS-T stands for hunting, shooter, and tactical. This is a multiple configuration scope is a long-range riflescope. 


The max magnification of this scope is 24x. In theory, the 24x scope can magnify over 800 yards. I try hard, we can push it to 1000 yards or beyond. Which was the point of this review. 


There is nothing new to tell about the Vortex Viper series. I have reviewed so many of their products and featured them so much. But I have to say the HS-T version is a bit different than the regular viper series.


Not only this is a long-range scope. But is also a tactical scope. We know tactical scope needs to have a fast and close-range focus. Both of which are present in this scope. The focusing experience on this scope was top-notch. So was the visual performance. Alongside the aluminum body, the optics are fully multi-coated. 


The lenses are O-ring sealed. That makes the scope 100% waterproof. Vortex uses argon purging instead of nitrogen. Argon purging makes the scope fogproof. Argon purging is superior to nitrogen purging in some ways. 


This scope costs less than $700. All of these with an excellent warranty from Vortex, for less than $700. That’s a steal in my book. It was almost impossible to find a good long-range scope in this range. I’m glad this is not the case anymore. 

10. Vortex Diamondback 6-24x50mm Tactical Scope

Magnification 6 - 24x
Objective Lens 50 mm
Eye Relief 3.9"
Tube Diameter 30 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 18.0 - 4.5 ft
Length 14.5"
Weight 24.6 oz

I promise this is the last Vortex scope for today. You guys know I can’t get enough of them. Because their value for money is just insane. This is the Tactical version of the Vortex Diamondback riflescope. This scope also comes in the first focal plane reticle.


The build quality is as expected from Vortex. Aluminum build with a black color finish. No sturdy finish. The scope doesn’t need a sturdy finish to make it more durable. It’s enough durable as it is. 


As for the optics, Vortex uses HD lenses. The lenses are fully multi-coated. Inside of the scope is O-ring sealed. Surprisingly instead of using Vortex’s traditional argon purging. Vortex went for nitrogen purging this time. But hey both works as an anti-fog coating. The scope is completely waterproof. You can use the scope in any weather you want. 


The maximum magnification of this scope is 16x. 16x is not enough for 1000+ yards shooting. It’s barely enough to reach the 1000 yards mark. That’s the key, it can land a 1000 yards shot. 


You can choose from EBR-2C (MOA) or EBR-2C (MRAD). There aren’t any major differences between the two. Except for the reading method. My suggestion is to choose the MOA. As it’s the most common and you probably have used MOA scopes before. 

11. Mueller Target 8-32x44mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 8 - 32x
Objective Lens 44 mm
Eye Relief 3.2"
Exit Pupil 5.5 - 1.37 mm
Linear FOV @100 yds 9.3 - 2.5 ft
Length 16.25"
Weight 26 oz

Mueller Target 8-32×44 mm beat a lot of scopes in terms of magnification. We know when it comes to cheaper scope, magnification can be a misleading thing. Not in this case. If it was we wouldn’t be talking about it here. Mueller Target 8-32×44 is one of the cheapest rifle scopes for 1000 yards shooting. 


The body is made out of aluminum. But it’s not fancy aircraft-grade. Just aluminum with a color coating and another color accent belts. The turrets on this one require a tool to work with. You will find that inside the box. 


One of the main selling points of this scope is the Side Focus parallax setting. Not a lot of scope offers free parallax adjustment on the cheaper end. Thankfully Mueller didn’t skip on the fully multi-coating. It’s still there and makes the scope pop better.


The color is quite accurate, I have noticed a bit of contrast dip here and there. But at 32x magnification, the color accuracy and range were spots on. Though there was a bit of distortion at the top right corner of the scope. But that much is expected. 


If you want the best rifle scope for 1000 yards shooting, but don’t want to break the bank. This is one you should purchase.

Best Rifle Scope For 1000 Yards: Conclusion

This was longer than my usual reviews. It’s because I couldn’t help but provide more information for you guys. If you are reading this far, just so you know I appreciate you. If you are here to complain about something, or simply want to ask more questions about a product from the list. Don’t forget to ask them down below. 


It was a good journey, but all journey must come to an end. Good luck with your further endeavor. If you end buying something from the list, let me know. Don’t forget to come back for more reviews.

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