Tenpoint Turbo M1 Review: What’s So Special About This Crossbow!

What do you want in a crossbow? Accuracy? Power? Speed? All of them? I know the answer will be all of them. Can you find all of them in one crossbow? A crossbow that won’t cost you a fortune? Most of the time the answer will be no. It’s not easy to find a crossbow that has all of them. 

Sure, you can buy an expensive crossbow and that will have all of them. But a lot of beginners won’t feel good about spending that much on their first crossbow. That’s why budget crossbows exist. 

TenPoint Turbo M1 is also a budget crossbow. What’s so special about this crossbow? You don’t have to search further to find that out. By the end of this review, you will have all the answers you want. 

Tenpoint Turbo M1: Outlooks

TenPoint Turbo M1

Specifications | Speed: 380 FPS; Trigger Pull: 3.5 Pounds; Power Stroke: 14 Inches; Draw Weight: 190 LBS; Sight: ProView 3-reticle; Length: 32.5 Inches; Weight: 6.4 LBS.

Build Quality

One of the most concerning things about budget crossbows is the build quality. Here at TargetChaser, we often face crossbows that are built like a toy. Even a teenager might break that if they put enough pressure. It’s TenPoint we are talking about. Of course, you won’t face anything like that. 

The build quality here is just fabulous. Starting with the VX-5 inverted cams. They are made from CNC-machined aluminum. They allow the crossbow to rotate freely and generate a tremendous amount of force. All of this while still being compact. The cocked with of the Turbo M1 is only 9″. That’s smaller than most forward-draw compound crossbows. Props to TenPoint for pulling this off. 

The riser and the flight rail of the crossbow are also made from CNC-machined aluminum. Refined aluminum makes the track nearly frictionless. You need to wax the rail often to keep the smooth transition running. 

The weight of the Turbo M1 is only 6.4 lbs. Considering other competitors in the same price range, Turbo M1 is lightweight. You can carry this anywhere with ease. 


Earlier we were talking about how this crossbow has everything. While that is true. Let me make one thing clear. By no means this is the most powerful crossbow on the market. This crossbow is fairly powerful for what you are paying and easily outperforms more expensive crossbows.

Thanks to the incredibly built cam system, Turbo M1 is capable of generating 122 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. To put it simply, that’s more than enough for any big-game hunting. You can hunt to your heart’s content.


Speed is something TenPoint never lacks. If they are claiming the crossbow can hit 400 FPS. Rest assured, the crossbow can hit 400 FPS. 

Here the Turbo M1 falls behind a lot of TenPoint crossbows (more expensive ones mind you). The maximum speed of this crossbow is 380 FPS. That’s still higher than a lot of cheap crossbows on the market. You can achieve that feat with the included arrows as well. If you want to try heavier arrows, you can do that too. While they will be highly accurate, they may not reach the claimed speed. 

Draw Weight

Draw weights are most of the time what holds back a beginner from purchasing it. There is a saying, “With great power, comes great responsibilities”. With great power and speed comes great draw weight. Huh! Goes in perfectly with the quote. 

Anyway, back to the topic. The draw weight of this crossbow is only 180 lbs. The crossbow comes with an ACUDRAW 50 SLED rope cocker. It can cut the draw weight by 50%. By spending some more money, you can get the ACUDRAW Pro silent cocker. The draw weight with the cocker will only be a mere 9 lbs. Money worth spending in my book. 


Turbo M1 uses the famous T5 trigger made by TenPoint. TenPoint uses the same trigger for their most expensive crossbows. It’s safe to assume you are getting quality. 

The T5 trigger is designed for hunting. With the auto-engaging safety feature, you can safely keep your finger on the trigger. The trigger also comes with anti-dry fire safety. 


  • Good build quality.
  • Lightweight & Compact.
  • T5 trigger.
  • 380 FPS.
  • Highly accurate.
  • ACUDRAW pro cocking aid is available.
  • The included scope is good.


  • The ACUDRAW pro option is expensive.
  • There is no shoulder sling available either.

Tenpoint Turbo M1 Review Summary

TenPoint Turbo M1 is a great crossbow. It’s a budget crossbow that will fill all of your needs. It will give you the thrill of a more expensive crossbow. While still being fairly powerful itself. 

If you are looking for a crossbow under $1000 that can do everything. Turbo M1 is the one to look for. That concludes the TenPoint Turbo M1 review. I think I managed to answer all of your questions regarding the crossbow. If you still think I didn’t, let me know. 

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