Centerpoint Specialist XL 370 Review: Best Crossbow For Money

The crossbow we have today is a special one. Specialist XL 370 is a crossbow from CenterPoint. Hey, I had to do it or I couldn’t sleep at night. Anyway, this crossbow is not something that you should take as a joke. Like Centerpoint Sniper 370! This Specialist XL also has 370 FPS speed. Knowing CenterPoint’s track record, having a high expectation from the Specialist XL is normal. Let’s find out how special is the Specialist in today’s CenterPoint Specialist XL370 review. I promise that was the last pun, for now.

Centerpoint Specialist XL370: Outlooks

Centerpoint Specialist XL370

Specifications | Speed: 370 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 110 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 13.5 Inches; Draw Weight: 185 LBS; Axle To Axle: 18/ 21.5 Inches; Length: 35 – 39.25 Inches; Weight: 7.9 LBS.

Build Quality

The cam system of Specialist XL is constructed from CNC-machined aluminum. One of the best materials to use on a crossbow. This crossbow also features the quad limb design. This design is more flexible than others. 

The weight of the CenterPoint Specialist is 7.9 lbs. Just a bit shy of the 8lbs mark. It’s not the lightest crossbow that’s for sure. Considering how well this crossbow is made, 7.9 lbs is not that much. 


For design aesthetics, CenterPoint went for a camo finish. In my opinion, camo finishes are always subjective. There isn’t a best. It’s up to you, whether you like it or not will depend completely on you. The deck of the crossbow is black. The stock and limb have that camo finish. It blends well with matte black. I quite liked it.

Speed And Accuracy

These are two of the most important parts of a crossbow. Crossbows aren’t the fastest thing in the world. We will take whatever we can get. But if you are looking for a crossbow for hunting, you will need to take one with dead-on accuracy and high arrow travel speed.

The maximum speed CenterPoint Specialist XL can reach is 370 FPS. That’s quite special for a crossbow at this price range. Okay, I promise no more puns from now on. The accuracy of this crossbow is also quite precise. When it comes to 40-50 yards shots, it can easily nail the target in every hit.


The included scope is a standard 4×32 illuminated crossbow scope. Out of the box it is calibrated for 50 yards max. You can recalibrate it for a higher range. With 110 ft-lbs kinetic energy, you can push it for over 60-70 yards. 

The reticle gets quite bright and the lenses are coated. There is no official confirmation about the coatings of the scope. But I am sure they are at least fully coated. There wasn’t any noticeable glare among the scope at all. 


A crossbow is not silent always. A powerful crossbow can get pretty loud. Loud enough for your prey to be alerted. Specialist XL comes with noise-suppressing strings. The friction between the rail and the string is quite minimal. That’s why you won’t hear an audible string noise while shooting. Noise dampeners also reduce the vibration of the crossbow. 


For safety, the Specialist features an anti-dry fire mechanism. It is there to prevent accidentally misfiring the crossbow. Thanks to this, you can easily move around with a loaded crossbow and always be ready to fire. 

Other Notable Features

An adjustable buttstock is always welcome. The adjustment is not that big. But it’s big enough to make a difference. It can make your crossbow hunting a lot more comfortable if done right. A large foot stirrup will help you cock a crossbow easily. It requires far less strength to cock the crossbow. 

The draw weight of this crossbow is quite high. Coming at 187lbs is not an easy mark for beginners or physically incapable people. But you can cut that weight to almost 50% by using a rope cocker. 

You will get one inside the box for free. You don’t need to install a third-party crossbow loader on the frame. Practice a bit with the rope cocker and you can load this crossbow in mere seconds. 


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Good stirrup.
  • Adjustable buttstock.
  • CNC machined aluminum CAM.
  • 370 FPS with precise accuracy.
  • Quad limbs.
  • Included 4×32 illuminated reticle crossbow scope.


  • 7.9lbs weight.
  • The stock material is not the best.
  • Draw weight without rope cocker is high.

Centerpoint Specialist XL370 Review Summary

CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 is an excellent crossbow for the money. For a compound crossbow, Specialist XL is quite compact and easy to carry. As it features an anti-dry fire safety mechanism. You can carry a loaded crossbow on your back. The included scope is also good. The precise accuracy makes it an excellent choice for hunting. 

With that, I hope you found all the necessary information you were looking for. If you still want to ask something, don’t forget we don’t lock our comment section. We will be back with another review soon. Thanks for staying with us. 

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