How To Use A Deer Cart: Explained!

Deer hunting is one of the most enjoyable things you can do until you have to collect the deer and drag it back home. In that process, the skin of the deer catches a lot of dirt and loses its value. If the deer is still bleeding, then you can lose the value of the meat as well. How do you solve this problem then?

Well, my friend, there is one universal solution to any heavy problem. Carry it instead of dragging it. Before you retaliate at me, I am not suggesting you carry it on your shoulder. I am well aware of how heavy a deer can be. Who says you need to carry it on your shoulder? That’s what deer carts are for.

Deer carts are heavy-duty carrying carts that can carry almost any deer you ever hunt. How do you choose the best carts for deer hunting? Click here to find that out. Now that you have a deer cart at your disposal, let’s learn how to use the deer cart.

What Is A Deer Cart

A deer cart is a regular cart but much more robust and durable. It’s made for bad terrain. The wheels are usually bigger than regular carts and have better engravings on them. They are also suited for carrying a heavy load. You can easily compare these with industrial-grade carts.

Why Should You Buy A Deer Cart?

Why shouldn’t you? Do you enjoy dragging the deer to your car? That way you are losing value on the skin and the meat. The meat might get beaten in some places by rock bumps.

You can’t carry the deer on your shoulder either. I mean, you probably can. But you shouldn’t. It will put a strain on your shoulders. That’s why it’s always a good idea to bring a cart with you on the hunt.

Choose The Right Cart

There are tons of deer carts out there. Often we see carts that are made for gardening, industrial purposes, or garbage disposal. You don’t need any of those carts. Deer carts often come as small and compact. Don’t let the appearance fool you.

They are super powerful and efficient. Most of the deer carts are foldable and quite small. So small and lightweight, that you can carry them on your back without hurting you. That’s why finding the right cart for your hunting style is super important.

How To Use A Deer Cart Effectively

We all know the basics, but the deer on the cart start pushing. What we don’t know is, you can make the process far more efficient and effective. While hunting we venture deep inside the jungle quite often. Carrying the cart is considered extra weight. What if the cart was lightweight and small, to begin with? Then you can carry it on your back for days without struggling physically.

If you don’t own a lightweight and foldable cart, then keep the cart in the middle of your hunting ground and the car. This way you don’t have to go back to the car to fetch the deer cart. You just need to go halfway, bring the cart, drag it back to the deer, pick the deer up and go. Sounds tedious, right? That’s why I suggested foldable carts.

Make The Most Out Of The Cart

Some deer cart comes with hangers and extra storage. If you buy one of those, don’t fold them. Instead, use them as your companion. Keep all the heavy objects on the cart and push them around. When you reach the camped tree, keep the cart on the bottom and drag all the belongings inside your camp.

How To Place The Deer On The Cart

Deer carts don’t have that big of a plate or storage space to work with. You are limited to what you have. That’s why you have to outsmart the cart. Instead of putting the deer sideways, as you do in a gardening cart.

You need to put the deer straight. Keep the head towards the front of the cart. This way, you can distribute and even weigh throughout the cart. The rest is up to your strength.


A lot of us don’t care about deer carts. Most think they are useless and a waste of money. That’s not true at all. You could easily use a deer cart for much more than carrying a deer. When you are going to the hunting zone, you can carry all of your belongings on the cart. That reduces plenty of weight and pain in your shoulder.

After a day of sweaty hunting, you can carry your result on the cart and return home happy. If you were to carry or drag the deer, then you would end up with strain and pain on your body. Work smartly, not blindly.

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