Simmons ProTarget 3-12X40 Review: Parallax Adjustment Rifle Scope

We got a rifle scope for you guys to review from the brand called Simmons. No, it’s not from J.K Simmons (Haha). Simmons is an American-based rifle scope-making brand that has been making scopes for over 30 years.

Their scopes are quite well known for packing lots of features within budget. That’s why we got a scope from Simmons which is technically not a budget but still quite cheap.

Simmons Pro Target 3-12X40: Outlooks

Simmons ProTarget 3-12x40

Specifications | Magnification: 3 – 12x; Objective Lens: 40 mm; Eye Relief: 100 mm; Exit Pupil: 13 – 4.5 mm; Linear FOV @100 yds: 33 – 8.6 ft; Reticle: Truplex; Weight: 20 Oz.

Build Quality

No, it isn’t. They are made out of aluminum and are pretty durable. To our test extent, we are pretty sure for a rimfire scope the ProTarget Truplex 3-12×40 going to serve you pretty well in the long run.

Also as the scope is shockproof you don’t need to worry about recoil hits. The matte black finish looks classy like top-end scopes and doesn’t feel like it is built cheaply. The build is also sturdy so we are pretty sure ProTarget going to handle deserted conditions like a pro.

Lens Quality

What impressed us the most was probably the multicoated lenses. We kept our expectations lower because we thought probably the lens wouldn’t be that good. But it turned out to be more than decent.

The multicoating reduces the glaring issue and also assures the scope is fogproof. Long story short we didn’t find any major light glaring issue, no dusty lens issue or any major distortion.


Rest assured my friend, the zoom feels smooth and nice. As we mentioned there was close to zero distortion and the 40mm objective lens for a scope that has a max 12 power zoom is more than enough. 

You get plenty of viewable areas. Also, the scope has a side parallax adjustment. Which can be useful in target practice or hunting. To sum it up we are satisfied with the zooming experience.


Simmons ProTarget Truplex has a Truplex reticle. The Truplex reticle in our opinion is nothing special. The crosshair is pretty clean and easy to adjust to. 

As the scope is mainly aimed towards beginner hunters or long-range gunners the crosshair is clean so you can adjust yourself with the scope in no time.


The Simmons ProTarget Truplex has fingertip-adjustable turrets. Which can be both pros and cons at the same time. Let us explain –

  • The pro of fingertip adjustable turrets is that you can adjust and zero the scope quite easily without using other tools that usually you need to adjust the turrets of a scope.
  • The con is that the turret might move on its own and change the zero. Which can be problematic. But as the scope is shockproof we are pretty sure it won’t be the case.
  • But we felt like we should mention this just in case.
  • In short good turret experience is easy to zero, but concerning at the same time.


  • Quite affordable.
  • Good build quality.
  • Good lens clarity and quality.
  • Fingertip adjustable turrets.
  • It comes with a lens cover.


  • Reticle is not illuminated.
  • Some complaints are available that lateral adjustment and parallax adjustment are kind of bad.

Simmons Pro Target 3-12×40 Review Summary

Simmons ProTarget Truflex is by no means a perfect scope. But it definitely can be a good beginner scope for new hunters. You just buy mounting clips mount the scope set the zero and go target practicing.

I hope you enjoyed the review. This is TargetChaser signing out. see you guys later.

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