Athlon Talos BTR 4-14X44 Review: Illuminated FFP Rifle Scope

The Talos BTR is no exception it is made out of good materials and has some nice features to it, Well, Athlon is a US-based sports optic-making company that is well known in both hunters and competition shooters for making good scopes. So, this is Athlon Talos BTR 4-14×44 review & you’re welcome-

Athlon Talos BTR 4-14X44: Outlooks

Athlon Talos BTR 4-14x44

Specifications | Magnification: 4 – 14x; Objective Lens: 44 mm; Eye Relief: 3.15 – 3.23 Inches; Exit Pupil: 11.2 – 3.3 mm; Linear FOV @100 yds: 27.2 – 7.9 ft; Length: 13.1 Inches; Weight: 23.6 Oz.

Build Quality

Athlon Talos BTR is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The same kind of materials are also used to produce high-end rifle scopes.

I had no complaints about the build quality. The body seemed quite well-built and sturdy. The scope is also shockproof we are pretty sure it can take some solid recoil hits.

  • The aircraft-grade aluminum with black matter finish looks gorgeous. We are pretty sure it won’t scratch off easily.

Lens Quality

The Talos BTR has a 44mm objective lens which is fully multi-coated. The whole scope is fully multi-coated actually. This means you won’t be facing any kind of glaring issue or having issues regarding low light transmission.

  • The lens is made of glass not tempered glass or plastic with a glass-like coating.
  • The experience of looking through the scope was nice and acceptable.
  • The lenses were placed in solidly we are pretty sure the lens won’t fall off. We didn’t find any complaint regarding lenses coming off either.


This is one of the main selling points of the Athlon Talos BTR scope. The Talos BTR has an FPP (Front Focal Plane) reticle. This means your reticle will zoom in closer when you zoom in on the scope to get closer to the target.

  • The reticle of this scope is called APLR2 FFP IR MIL. It is a MIL-based reticle with direct-dial elevation and windage turrets.
  • The reticle is scratched in the glass thanks to that after your shot recoil won’t mess up the reticle.

In our testing, we found the brightness is well bright to use in relatively low light conditions. That doesn’t mean it’s a nighttime usable scope. No, you can’t use it in the nighttime time but you can in relatively low light without massive issues.
The reticle is also illuminated with a brightness setting.

Zoom & Turrets

The turret knobs on this scope are quite sturdy. The turrets are hiding under a cap that does not come off from recoil pressure when you shoot. While you might face a little bit of an issue zeroing the scope that’s nothing major in our opinion.

  • It has  4-14X zoom and the objective lens is 44mm.
  • The zooming on Talos BTR was also pretty good. 
  • There was distortion at the outer edge of the scope but nothing major. 
  • The transition was quite smooth and appropriate.

To mention some additional perks of the scope is that it is nitrogen purged which means no moisture inside the scope so no corrosion. 

  • The scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and also shockproof.
  • The Talos BTR also comes in SFP but we don’t recommend that one. You should get FFP over SFP any day.


  • Affordable.
  • Good build quality.
  • Good lens quality.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Some exposed turrets.
  • The field of view is relatively on the lower side.
  • Zeroing the scope is a little hard.

Athlon Talos BTR 4-14X44 Review Summary

The Talos BTR is an excellent scope considering the price point. Not a lot of people at this price have an FFP-illuminated scratched-in glass reticle with windage and elevations.

Our experience with the scope was pretty good with those requirements. You can see that on Amazon a lot of positive reviews there too. Be sure to tune in for more reviews and have a nice one.

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