Halo XL450 Review: A Bow Hunting Laser Rangefinder

No, this is not the game Halo that you guys used to play in Xbox. This a laser rangefinder from the brand named Halo. Now that I am done with the corny joke let me start the Halo xl450 review already. 

Halo XL450: Outlooks

Halo XL450

Specifications | Magnification: 6x; Objective Lens: 24 mm; Range: 450 Yards; Accuracy: +/- 1 yard; Linear FOV @1000 yds: 367.5 ft; Length: 6.5 Inches; Weight: 272G.


One thing to make clear is that unless you are using your rangefinder under heavy rain or heavy snow, then you shouldn’t have any problem no matter what material the rangefinder uses. 

Lucky for you the Halo xl450 comes with a water-resistant body. The housing is made out of plastic but you can’t even call it plastic from the first look.

Unless you spend some intimate time with the rangefinder there is no way of calling it a less than 100$ rangefinder. 

It looks beautiful. The rangefinder is super lightweight. The weight of this rangefinder is only 7.2 ounces. It’s compact and easy to carry with you everywhere. 6x5x3-inch is the dimension of this rangefinder. 

All we want to say about the durability is don’t let the price value hinder your decision. Yes, it’s a cheat rangefinder but by no means it’s built cheaply.

Optics Quality

The overall performance of a rangefinder depends drastically on the quality of the optics. If the optics aren’t good they are not going to give you accurate feedback about the distance between the target.

For example, if you are looking for a long-range target and your rangefinder starts to distort and show false distance because it couldn’t read the accurate data. That would make you feel really bad. 

But when it comes to the Halo xl450 you don’t have to worry about that. The LCD optics facility makes sure that you get accurate data readings and a good view of the target even in low light. 

We are pretty sure you won’t be disappointed with the performance. We speak for ourselves & We were pretty satisfied with the rangefinder.

The range finder has a low light reading option.

Ease Of Use

Is the rangefinder easy to use? It’s a common question asked while buying a new rangefinder. Especially, when it’s a laser rangefinder.

  • To answer that question, yes, the rangefinder is fairly easy to use.
  • The lightweight and compactness only increase the pros of this rangefinder.


If you are buying a laser rangefinder chances are you want pinpoint accuracy that traditional rangefinder may lack to give. The included technology provides great accuracy with angle compensation.

With the help of 6x magnification, the rangefinder can give accurate distance data for quite a long range. It can do that with ease in any kind of weather condition.

It also helps you by giving the data to adjust the angle of the shot.

Slope Mode

The highly advanced slope compensation function has made Halo a fan-favorite brand long ago. The rangefinder can decline or incline slopes.

The slope mode adjusts according to that reading. If you are a golfer, doesn’t matter new or veteran you will find this slope mode useful.

Especially while golfing uphill or downhill.

Battery Life

The Halo XL450 uses a CR2 battery to power up. And luckily one battery is included in the box. You can start using the rangefinder right after unboxing.

It is specially made for giving a long usage session. You can golf for hours and hours without even worrying about battery life.

Halo claims that it can last you up to a year with only 1 battery. You don’t have to trust them if you don’t want to, CR2 batteries are cheap. You can always carry some extra with you. It never hurts to be a little cautious.


  • Long-range around 450 yards.
  • Great for hunters and golfers.
  • Lightweight, Water-resistant.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • It has slope-adjusting technology.
  • Class 3 A laser.
  • 6x magnification, Highly accurate.
  • Excellent battery life.


  • 450 range may not be enough for a lot of people.
  • Getting used to the rangefinder may take some time (especially for beginners).

Halo XL450 Review Summary

As you can see this is an excellent rangefinder with precise accuracy and slope technology. The best thing about this is it’s made for both hunters and golfers.

It’s even certified by USGA.

The excellent battery life and the compact design make it an unbeatable competitor. Especially when you compare the price Halo xl450 just comes out on top. That’s it for this one.

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