Excalibur Crossbow Scopes Reviews: Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope

Excalibur Tact-Zone illuminated 2.5-6×32. This is from the brand name Excalibur. It’s not the great Excalibur held by King Arthur. Don’t be disappointed this Excalibur is not any less than the great Excalibur. 

I mean it helps you to hunt better with your crossbow. Without a scope, crossbow hunting is a real pain. To ease your pain today we bring you Excalibur crossbow scopes reviews.

Excalibur 2.5-6X32: Outlooks

Excalibur 2.5-6x32

Specifications | Magnification: 2.5 – 6x; Objective Lens: 32 mm; Reticle: Tact-Zone; Reticle Construction: Etched; Linear FOV @100 yds: 45 – 20 ft; Length: 13 Inches; Weight: 1.1 Pounds.

Dimensions Of The Scope

You may notice there is no specifications chart on this one. You can say we are trying a different approach to our articles. Well, whatever floats our boat right? Corny jokes aside the scope is 13″ long in length.

The total weight of the crossbow scope is less than a pound. You won’t even notice that you have a crossbow scope on top of your crossbow.

The tube diameter is your standard 30mm tube. The objective lens of this scope is 32mm. Sadly there is no mounting ring included with the scope. So, make sure to buy a pair of 30mm mounting rings. 

Optics Quality

A commonly asked question regarding any scope is how it holds in the optics department. I mean body quality is good and all but does the lens hold that good body quality? 

To answer your question shortly yes it does. The Excalibur Tact-zone is a cheap crossbow scope but not cheaply made. 

The scope comes with fully multi-coated optics. Reminding you again fully multi-coated optics provide the best possible clarity you can hope to get from any scope. 

For the price, the optics quality of Excalibur Tact-zone is comparable with the top-end scopes. The internal is nitrogen purged

So, even if the scope soaks in rain the water won’t go inside. Nitrogen purging prevents the scope from fogging internally. 

To sum up it in simple words, you are getting more than you are paying for. The scope will satisfy you and make you feel like your money was well spent.


The reticle on the Excalibur is a Tact-Zone reticle. It’s glass etched reticle. There are etched marks in the reticle. Those marks represent a distance. 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards respectively. 

People have a love-and-hate relationship with the tact-zone reticle. We can’t speak for the masses but we can speak for ourselves and we think this reticle is good. 

Yes, the learning curve seemed like a pain.

I would prefer a straightforward reticle with a red dot crosshair. But once you get the hang of it, it’s not half bad. 

If glass etched reticle wasn’t enough to convince you, the Excalibur Tact-Zone also has an illuminated reticle. Best of both worlds. We can’t exaggerate enough how much we appreciate an illuminated reticle.

It makes the long session so much easier and enjoyable. You don’t have to squeeze your eyes hard to notice the crosshair on the target.

The illuminated reticle gets bright enough that you can see even the smallest target on the crosshair. And the marking helps.

Once you sighted in your crossbow those marks will work like a charm.


It’s hard to find variable magnification in crossbow scopes. But the Excalibur Tact-Zone comes with a variable magnification. We know that fixed magnification helps mid-range shooters.

But variable magnification helps you to track and locate targets from far away. The Tact-Zone has 2.5 to 6x magnification. It is plenty for your short-range to medium-range shooting.  

When you magnify to max magnification available you won’t notice any kind of major distortion. That is partially because the scope isn’t high magnification enough to show distortion. For a 6x scope, the scope performs plenty of well without any problems. 


When you are on the market to buy a scope for your crossbow there are many things that you consider before purchase. One thing is can the scope match the speed of my crossbow?

Well if your crossbow speed is around 215 to 410 fps then the answer is yes. 410 FPS is a lot. It doesn’t seem a lot on paper to new users but trust me it’s a lot.

It’s hard to find a proper crossbow that can shoot at 410fps under 500$. So, it’s a safe bet that no matter what crossbow you have the Excalibur Tact-Zone will hold its own just fine.


  • Excellent optics.
  • Illuminated reticle.
  • Glass etched reticle.
  • Free lens covers are included.
  • Nitrogen purged.
  • It can be used on high FPS crossbows.
  • Water-resistant, shockproof, and fogproof.


  • Eye relief is fixed.
  • The included lens cape breaks with a little force.

Excalibur 2.5-6×32 Review Summary

To end our Excalibur crossbow scopes reviews we want to say is the Excalibur Tact-Zone is an excellent choice for your crossbow. The price and the performance are really good on this one. 

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