Nikon Monarch 5 vs Vortex Diamondback: Comparison Of The Beasts!

Nikon Monarch 5 Vs Vortex Diamondback. Two interesting products up for comparison. It’s a question that is largely asked and searched. They are both priced similarly and pack a lot of similar features. Which one you should buy? We will try to answer that question.

Nikon vs Vortex

Nikon is a well-known brand in the lens-making industry. They are considered one of the best DSLR-making companies out there. And you can imagine how much effort they put behind their lens for the DSLRs.

It’s not easy to maintain that much fame and give quality products. But Nikon has been doing that for decades. So, if you are wondering about Nikon lenses all we can say is they are one of the best.

Vortex is also known for its cheap scopes with a world-class lens and build quality. They provided scopes for rifles less than 300$ several times. And a fun fact about those is they outperform some 500$ scopes.

So, we can safely say Vortex also has a good amount of experience in this field. Also, Vortex highly speaks about their diamondback series.

Nikon Monarch 5 vs Vortex Diamondback

When you are buying a new binocular this is one of the key factors to consider. If the optical performance is not good the viewing experience through the binocular won’t be good.

Field Of View (FOV)

If you want a bigger FOV (Field of View) Vortex Diamondback takes the victory there.

Low Light Performance

If you want a better lowlight performance you should choose the Vortex diamondback 8×42 instead of diamondback 10×42. The 8×42 features a larger exit pupil than the 10×42 making it a better low-light performer.

But if you want to use them during the day then you should take any of the 10x models because of the extra zoom. Extra magnification never hurts (it does hurt in terms of FOP).

Image Clarity

If we are talking about image clarity both of them go toe to toe here. Both of them feature excellent fully multi-coated lenses that give excellent image clarity.

Even if you are an eyeglass user you will be satisfied with the eye relief both of them provide.

Close Focus

If you love to take close focus photos the diamondback takes the victory here. The close focus range and speed are better than the Monarch 5 in Diamondback.

While the optical performance is quite similar Nikon does pull an edge by providing ED (extra-low dispersion) glasses in their lens. Extra-low dispersion glasses provide brighter and enhanced images.

Both of their lens quality is excellent don’t get me wrong, but if ED glasses are something that intrigues you then you must go for the Monarch 5.


All of them fall under the price category of 300$. Where there are models that are less than 200$. At the time of making this comparison monarch 5 8×42 is around 250$ and the Diamondback 8×42 is 160$.

If your budget is tight you know what to choose. But keep in mind both of them bang for the money.


Vortex comes with a lifetime warranty whereas Nikon has 20 years+ warranty. Vortex gets the attention here.

Body Construction

Doesn’t matter if your binocular has the best lens in the world if the housing where your lens supports staying is bad. If the housing is bad they can’t protect the lens from any kind of damage. Especially fall damage.

Vortex comes with a lifetime warranty whereas Nikon has 20 years+ warranty.

The Vortex diamondback is lightweight, sleek, and has a short hinge design. The body of this binocular is made out of aluminum and has a rubber armor coating around it.

The body of the Nikon Monarch series is made out of polycarbonate fiberglass. The construction mechanism gives it a sturdy build while being lightweight. The reinforcement with fiberglass makes the body quality almost as durable as aluminum.


No matter which one you choose you can’t go wrong. Both of them are beast under 300$. If you are lacking budget you got the diamondback series.

If you have the budget and want an ED glass binocular you got the Nikon Monarch 5. Both of them are worth your money.

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