EOTECH XPS2 vs EXPS2 [Which One is Right Optic For You?]

EOTECH has always been popular for its over-the-top red dot sights and the XPS2 and EXPS2 models are no different. These holographic sights are made with top-quality materials and feature some of the best facilities you will find in other powerful optical sights.

Both XPS2 and EXPS2 sights have mostly similar features other than some minor differences. However, we have to keep in mind that these minor features can affect someone’s shooting experience in a broader sense.

Since everyone has their personal style and shooting methods, these kinds of small changes can make a major difference when you are looking for something extra. This is why, we have compared EOTECH’s two most popular sights in terms of different specifications to give you the verdict on which one will suit you better. So, let’s begin!

EOTECH XPS2/ EXPS2 – Outlooks


SpecsEotech XPS2Eotech EXPS2
Dot Size68 MOA ring and 1 MOA Dot68 MOA ring and 1 MOA Dot
Battery Life1000 hours1000 hours
Brightness Settings2020
Water Resistant Level10 ft10 ft
Mount1” Weaver1” Weaver & QD Lever
Dimension3.8” x 2.1” x 2.5”3.8” x 2.3” x 2.9”

5 Contrast on EOTECH XPS2 vs EXPS2

Along with all the similarities in some specific parts, both XPS2 and EXPS2 have some variations as well which make them quite distinct from each other. Then, let us see what those contrasts are.

  • Although they have similar ring and dot sizes, these two models give different reticle options to choose from.
  • The mounting styles of EXPS2 vs XPS2 are similar but they come with different sets of mounts.
  • The weight and height of these two holographic sights are different.
  • XPS2 does not offer side buttons like EXPS2 that control the brightness settings.
  • Both models offer two different co-witness styles.

In Depth View

We have talked about both similarities and dissimilarities of XPS2 and EXPS2. Now, it’s time for us to see how these features make them distinct from each other and find out the better sights between them.


When it comes to reticles, both XPS2 and EXPS2 offer 68 MOA rings and 1 MOA dot which are good for close to mid-range targeting. But their major difference is where you will find various reticle options for each model.

XPS2: You are getting 4 different reticles to choose from, including -0, -2 and -1. There are also two other options for moderately less strong weapons such as FN and Sage guns.

EXPS2: You are getting two reticle options of -0 and -2. These two will work on any kind of weapon for ballistic drop.

Therefore, depending on the reticle versatility, XPS2 gives better options to suit all types of firearms.


Another difference you will find in these two models is the mount sets they come with. They are versatile and leave enough space for magnifiers and iron sights.

XPS2: This model supports any 1-inch Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails and mounts on these types of rails pretty easily.

EXPS2: The EXPS2 sight also supports the Picatinny and Weaver mounting style. At the same time, this model includes a Quick Detach Lever that makes mounting the holographic sight easier, making enough space to support G33 Magnifiers.

In the case of the mounting system, EXPS2 gives a better option for adjusting with additional optics.

Weight & Size

We can see a major contrast when it comes to the dimensions and weight of the two models. Although they might seem like very small differences, they can have a solid effect on some guns.

XPS2: This series of Eotech weighs only 9.0 ounces making it a portable sight for smaller guns. It is also 2.5 inches tall and 2.1 inches wide. The length is the same as the EXPS2 model.

EXPS2: The holographic sight has a weight of 11.2 ounces which is a bit heavier than XPS2. Its height is 2.9 inches which is .4 inches taller than the XPS2 sights. Although this might seem very little, the height of this sight works well with rifles like the AR 15 which has 2.6 tall iron sights.

As a result, for heavier rifles EXPS2 sight works better. However, if you are looking for a lightweight sight for handguns XPS2 will fit perfectly.

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Switch Control

Now, let’s look at the control system for powering up the holographic sights.

XPS2: The XPS2 sight has ambidextrous switches for turning on the sight. These switches work great for left-handed shooters. However, the switches can get in the way of using magnifiers and might be difficult for quick adjustments.

EXPS2: This model of Eotech comes with side-mounted operating switches to control the brightness settings and power adjustments of the sight. These pair up well with any external magnifier. However, since the switches can be controlled from the left side, it will be difficult for left-handed shooters to adapt.

Excluding the left side situation for both the models, EXPS2 gives easy controls, adjusting well with the magnifier.


In terms of co-witness, is an essential part of any sight since it will give you the benefit of using the both-eyes-open technique for shooting. This feature is important for peripheral visibility and accurate aiming. Now, both the sights can co-witness with existing iron sights but their position is different from each other.

XPS2: This sight offers absolute co-witness with the weapon you are using. Although having a co-witness with the iron sight gives better aiming points, sometimes an absolute co-witness can give blurry pictures. So it works well with only adjustable iron sights.

EXPS2: The EXPS2 model creates a lower ⅓ co-witness with the iron sights. This feature will help you use both the iron sights and this holographic sight without worrying about adjustability, working great with fixed sights.

Hence, the EXPS2 holographic sight will give you better visibility with the ⅓ co-witness facility.



In terms of reticle power, durability, and power control both Eotech XPS2 and EXPS2 holographic sights make an excellent deal for the shooters. You will find many similar features of these sights which might confuse you to choose the best one between the two.

This is why, we have compared the two models and found the best features both seem to offer. The contrast between the sights finally brought out the result of the EXPS2 vs XPS2 battle.

After analyzing all the aspects, it is very clear that the EXPS2 holographic sight by Eotech will give you a better mounting system, switch control, and co-witness. So, it is safe to say that EXPS2 will give you more options to suit your preferences.

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