Eotech 552 vs 558 [Which is The Right Optic For You!]

EOTech is already known for producing sights with a strong objective lens. As they are the manufacturer of both EOTech 552 and 558, there are quite a few similar characteristics.

This certainly makes it tough to make the final call when it comes to choosing between one of them. But sweat not! This article EOTech 552 vs 558 will make your decision easier.

Keep on scrolling down to know the differences between the two!

Eotech 552/ 558 – Outlooks

Eotech 552/ 558 – Specs

SpecsEoTech 552EoTech 558
Dot Size1 MOA1 MOA
Ring Size65 MOA65 MOA
Weight11.1 oz13.8 oz
Battery Life2,200 hours and 2,500 hours2,200 hours and 2,500 hours
Mounting1” weaver1” weaver and quick detach leaver
Side Button OperationPresentAbsent

5 Key Differences

  • EOTech 552 has a ring size of 65 MOA whereas EOTech 558 has a 68 MOA ring.
  • The weight of 552 is about 11.1 oz. and EOTech 558 weighs about 13.8 oz.
  • EOTech 552 model provides you with a night vision feature which is absent in the 558 models.
  • 552 has the dimensions of 14.2×6.4×5.6 cm and on the other hand, 558 is 14.2×7.4×5.6cm in dimensions.
  • EOTECH 558 comes with a side button operation system which is also absent in the 552 model.

Differences between EOTECH 552 and 558

Battery Life

EOTech 552: On the lithium battery, this device will be able to provide you with 2500 hours of continuous service, and if on the alkaline battery if the device is on nominal setting 12 then you will be able to use it for 2200 hours.

EOTech 558: Moving on to the 558 which also has the same battery life ranging from 2200-2500 hours. The battery life of these devices is the most disappointing feature. They both have really low battery life when compared to the other products of their levels.

Both the sights have a pair of AA batteries with the same battery life of 2500 hours.

Dot Size

Eotech 552: The Eotech 552 proves to be a versatile sight since it can be used for short and medium-range shooting. It features a 1 MOA red dot size which results in 1-inch area coverage over the target at a distance of 100 yards. Plus, it provides a 65 MOA ring ideal for use in close-range, fast-moving targets.

Eotech 558: Likewise, the Eotech 558 features a 1 MOA red dot covering a 1-inch area over the target at a distance of 100 yards but with a wider ring of 68 MOA, ideal for medium and short-range target shooting.

With a larger ring of 68 MOA, the Eotech 558 outperforms the Eotech 552 to be the best in its class.

Weight and Size

EOTech 552: This one weighs about 11.05 oz having the dimensions of 5.6x2x2.5 inches. These features ensure that your tool is small in size.

EOTech 558: This one is comparatively heavier than the previous one. Standing at the weight of 13.8 oz. This product has dimensions of 5.6×2.2×2.9 inches and it makes this larger than EOTECH 552. This in turn might cause the device to be bulkier to handle.

When it comes to the overall shape, EOTech 552 is smaller in size and easy to carry and handle all the time. This keeps EOTech 552 a step forward.


EOTech 552: Starting with the 552 models, this one has 1 MOA red dot. Using this, you will be able to cover up a target to about the range of 100 yards. Not only that, the 65 MOA ring will allow you to place your target on close-range objects.

EOTech 558: Next, the 558 also provides 1 MOA red-colored dot. This allows you to precisely shoot short-range targets. Alongside this, the 68 MOA size of the ring also makes targeting quicker prey easier.

The ring of the EOTech 558 is wider than that of 552. This makes 558 a better dot sight than 552 in this case.


EOTech 552: Firstly, the 552 ensures strength and durability. How? Well, the device is made up of materials that allow it to endure rough environments. It is resistant to coiling even after multiple rounds of recoiling. The list doesn’t stop there, as the product is also waterproof even when fully immersed in water. The nitrogen-fused quality of the device makes it fogproof.

EOTech 558: Like the previous one, this one is also made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It is resistant to recoiling. You can immerse it in water without having the fear of dysfunction. If that’s not enough then the fogproof characteristics will surely satisfy you.

The construction of the lens has a great impact on durability. A good sight should be able to endure harsh conditions for a long period. Both have identical characteristics when it comes to durability.

Night Visions

Sights are also essential at night time. A good sight will always come in handy in any type of situation. In this case, EOTech has ensured that both EOTECH 552 and EOTECH 558 are equipped with night vision capacity.

Brightness Settings

EOTech 552: Providing 20-day brightness settings this tool is great for accurate precisions during the daytime. However, it can also assist you at night time. It has 10 brightness settings that are usable with Night Mode, This will make sure that your target is efficient 24/7.

EOTech 558: Similar to 552 models, this one also has 20 brightness adjustment settings that you can use during the day. For the night it gives you access to the 10 additional options.

Brightness settings are somehow related to the battery life. Sights usually have a wide range of brightness settings to accommodate the lighting of the surroundings. Both have the same brightness features. These will help you hunt even during the night.


Eotech 552: The Eotech 552 is compatible with both 1″ Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 rails but doesn’t have a quick detach rail mounted.

Eotech 558: On the other side, the Eotech 558 has a quick detach rail mount of 1″ Weaver and MIL-STD 1913.

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Eotech 552/ 558 – Videos


As you might have noticed, there are not many differences between the two models. However, we need to choose the best one between EOTech 558 vs EOTech 552.

The fact the 558 model has a wider circle radius which will allow you to hunt faster targets, gives it an upper hand. Despite the few differences, EOTech 558 is more worthy of the two!

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