Aimpoint Comp M2 VS Pro [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Aimpoint sights have been a joy to watch and use. They have been evolving like Pokémon over the years. Aimpoint is keen on making your experience better and better. When Aimpoint releases a new sight, the immediate concern arrives. How good is it? Is it better than Aimpoint Pro? In that search, we are here comparing another sight with the Aimpoint Pro.

That’s right, we are here to find out which one is better, Aimpoint Comp M2 vs Aimpoint Pro. Battle of the Pros. Let’s see the last one to fall.


SpecsAimpoint Comp M2Aimpoint Pro
Weight200 Grams330 Grams
Battery3v lithiumDL1/3N
AdjustmentsWindage, Elevation, BrightnessWindage, elevation, brightness

Key Differences

  • Aimpoint M2 is a discontinued Product. Pro isn’t.
  • Aimpoint Pro is slightly bigger in size.
  • Aimpoint Pro is heavier by a little bit.
  • Aimpoint Pro has a better battery life than M2.

Head To Head


Aimpoint Comp M2: Aluminum used on this sight is top-notch. So is the glass used here. Aimpoint put a lot of thought in material selection. The reticle is bright and vivid. You can see it in the night as well. Thanks to having NVD settings. While it won’t give you the sight of a nocturnal animal, you will have enough sight to work your way out.

The lenses are fully multi-coated. They are scratch and fog-proof. Something all lenses should have. Fogging is an annoying issue to deal with.
Aimpoint Pro: The glasses here are neither XD, ED, or even HD. They are still some of the best quality glasses you will ever see on a sight. They will keep your eyes hooked to the lens. It’s bright, clear, and motion blur-free.

The lenses are also fully multi-coated. Making them scratch, water, and fogproof. The reticle here is glass etched and it gets extremely bright. Battery life is insanely good here as well.


Aimpoint Comp M2: While buying a new sight, one of our main concerns is durability. Will the sight last for a while? Or do I have to replace it within a year or less than that? A durable sight with a good warranty is enough to answer those questions of yours.

Comp M2 is such a sight. Before getting discontinued, Aimpoint used to provide a long warranty with this sight. The sight is made out of aluminum with a slight matte finish. It looks gorgeous.

The housing is also water and fogproof. You could submerge the sight and take it out like nothing happened. Lens covers will protect the lenses from getting scratched while not using them as well.

Aimpoint Pro: Aimpoint Pro has been the best in this Pro lineup of sights from Aimpoint. Aimpoint is really proud of how the build quality and lenses turned out to be. If you were in the position of aimpoint, you would be proud too. High-grade aluminum with an anodized finish that looks classy and sleek at the same time. What’s not to like?

The entire construction is also water and fogproof. You could throw it underwater and take it out like nothing happened. We don’t endorse practicing that, but you can if you want.


Aimpoint Comp M2: This is not a new sight. When it came out, it was considered one of the best available sights in the market. Aimpoint worked its way around it and made Comp M4. M2 is a great sight. There is no denying that fact.

The performance on-field and in a controlled environment, both is something to long for. It’s just simply good. The sight won’t let you down with misreads and adjustment issues. Adjustment knobs are crisp and clean. You can feel and hear when you change the setting. In short, excellent performer.

Aimpoint Pro: You don’t become the best at anything if you don’t live up to your words. Just Aimpoint saying it’s one of their best sights to date wouldn’t mean much if it fails to perform decently. Thankfully, Aimpoint doesn’t need to eat their words.

It’s one of the best-performing sight available on the market right now. For a 1x sight without any magnifier, the range of this sight is insane. If you are someone who loves to practice on the 100-yard range, you will love the sight. They are great for security firm workers as well.


Aimpoint Comp M2: Surprisingly it’s a bigger sigh than Pro. Even without the lens covers, it’s a pretty big sight. You will certainly notice the presence of this sight on top of your gun. Props to Aimpoint for making this big of a sight such light.

Aimpoint Pro: When it comes to overall length and width, it’s a much smaller sight. The overall length of the Pro is 4.7”. That’s not overly exaggerated compared to other sights in the market. The width however is 1.9”. It’s in the middle of the chart. It’s not too fat and not too skinny either. Sits in the middle and sits just right.


Aimpoint Comp M2: The weight of Aimpoint Comp M2 is 200 grams. A perfect weight scale for a sight this small. It doesn’t feel heavy. The weight distribution of M2 is also nice. You can feel how well this sits on the gun. It won’t sway the weight towards the front or the back. Something we all can appreciate.

Aimpoint Pro: Weighing slightly heavier than Comp M2, Aimpoint Pro is still considered fairly lightweight. The weight of the Pro is 330 grams. Well, it’s not the lightest sight on the market. But it’s not the heaviest either.


By now you already know Comp M2 has been long discontinued. Yet, we have these questions asked very often. Felt like clearing the doubt between Comp M2 vs Aimpoint Pro. It’s a good time as any.

The winner is Aimpoint Pro. You can buy that brand new. For M2, you will need to search the second-hand market and forums for hours before you can land a real seller.

That hassle is not recommended. Go for the Aimpoint Pro and you won’t regret a single bit.

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