Truglo TFX Pro VS Trijicon HD XR [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Red dot sights are essentials to hit the bullseye with a pistol. They also help you to aim better at night. That’s another plus point for them. If you want to improve your aim game in close range and don’t like missing shots, a red dot is quite essential for you.

To improve your aim and get the best red dot for your gun, we have two competitors here. Truglo TFX Pro VS Trijicon HD XR is a sight to behold (no pun intended). Let’s find out which one should you choose and why.

Truglo TFX Pro & Trijicon HD XR: Outlooks

Trijicon HD XR & Truglo TFX Pro: Specs Table

SpecsTrijicon HD XRTruglo TFX Pro
Mounting TypeNot IncludedNot Included
Front Sight SizeWXH= 0.122×0.283 inchesWXH= 0.150×0.200 inches
Back Sight SizeWXH= 0.169×0.321 inchesWXH= 0.067×0.180 inches
Weight1 Pounds27.22 Grams
BatteryNot RequiredNot Required

Truglo TFX Pro VS Trijicon HD XR: Key Differences

  • Dot Color. The dot color on TFX Pro is green while HD XR provides dots in more than one color. Of course, the color will depend on the user and which color doesn’t hurt his eyes.
  • Material. While TFX Pro has a body made out of CNC steel, the HD XR on the other hand uses a silicone rubber cover to protect the aluminum cylinders. A mix of two materials.
  • Gun Support. HD XR supports more guns than TFX Pro. Both of them support a lot of guns, but Trijicon takes the cake in this one.
  • Size. HD XR is smaller than TFX Pro.
  • Tritium lamps. HD XR uses tritium lamps to spread the light evenly. While TFX Pro uses tritium bars to instantly illuminate the sight.

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Head To Head: Truglo TFX Pro and Trijicon HD XR


Truglo TFX Pro: This sight uses a patented device where the front sight is longer than usual. It sits in the right spot to give you an enhanced vision of the bullseye. You can use it without the backpiece, but the backpiece compliments the design. They together work well. The U shape back sight allows you to focus on the object in front of you, instead of swaying your eyes sideways.

Trijicon HD XR: This sight has a swollen front sight that sits a bit higher than traditional long front sights. You can use this sight as only one piece. Nothing fundamentally wrong with that. But the back piece sits well with the sight. It helps you to notice your target faster. You don’t need to force your eye to look at the dot. It will automatically focus your eyes on the dot, thanks to the evenly lighted tritium.

Design is something that I often leave up to the user to design. These sights have nothing in common in terms of design. While the XR is bulkier, the TFX is longer. They have nothing alike or common in them. Keep in mind, that both of the mentioned variant here is the Glock. They both support Glocks.


TFX Pro: Constructed from CNC Steel. The steel used here is rust-proof and quite durable. It’s pretty lightweight as well. People might mistake steel for rusty old metal that gives a nightmare to everyone.

Nothing of that sort thankfully. It’s good enough to last more than the 12-year warranty Truglo provides with this sight. Steel was a good choice for this sight in my opinion. It doesn’t glare that much with the orange circle either.

HD XR: Made out of two or more materials combined. The tritium lights and chamber stays inside an aluminum cylinder. That keeps the tritium safe from scratches and environmental damage. Aluminum doesn’t get rusty ever either.

Outside of that aluminum cylinder, the sight is coated with a heavy rubber coating. That makes any impact on the sight soft and cushions the fall damage as well.

Overall, both are pretty good in design and quality. But for materials, I will give Truglo a bit of the edge. As for durability, both are pretty solid but I think Trijicon might last you longer. Implying you don’t cut into that rubber.


Truglo TFX Pro: This sight is so versatile! You will be amazed by how quickly it transits from non-illuminated to fully illuminated. It’s a smooth and flawless process where you won’t even feel it or see it happening. Kind of insane when you think about it.

It’s also one of the best night sights you can buy for your Glocks. It sits perfectly without any gap between the rails.

Trijicon HD XR: The HD XR series is known for its fabulous nighttime performance and flawless bullseye-hitting capabilities. It is very accurate with only the front sight or both sight combined. Of course, both of them together will enhance your vision game and make you hit the target better.

Both of them are highly accurate and efficient at their job. As none of them requires batteries to operate, they provide a fluent service 24/7.


TFX Pro: The housing is constructed from CNC stainless steel and it’s quite durable. To back up its durability claim Truglo will also provide you guys with 12 years of limited lifetime warranty. This sight is so well constructed, I believe it will easily last for over 12 years.

HD XR: The durability on this sight is insanely good. There is rubber coating around the aluminum cylinder of the sight. A different choice of material, but they work in harmony and balance. The aluminum cylinder can protect this sight from almost anything you throw at it. Granted, it stays within the melting point of aluminum.

To use in any environment, I will vouch for HD XR over TFX.


Truglo TFX Pro: It’s a bit longer than the HD XR. The front height of the sight is 0.200”. While the width is 0.150”. That’s a standard long sight for pistols. It won’t take too much front space to hinder your reload time or animation.

Speaking of the back, the back-sight height is 0.180” without the base. And the width is 0.067”. It’s pretty small. It gets the job done pretty well.

Trijicon HD XR: The front overall height of XR is 0.283”. It sits quite high and is noticeable from afar. The width however is not too much either, it’s 0.122”. It’s quite small in width. When we measure the backside, the height comes to 0.321” and the width is 0.169”.

As you can see, both of them are quite different than each other when it comes to size and appearance. Trijicon XR is the bigger baddy here. Don’t discredit the Tfx pro, however. It has a shorter front sight but it’s longer than HD XR.


TFX Pro: While this sight looks like it weighs more, the weight of this one is 0.01 lbs. Which is surprisingly the same weight as the Trijicon XR! Yeah, it’s kind of hard to believe but we have two sights that weigh almost the same.

HD XR: Weighing at 1.6oz, this sight is lighter than most heavy art papers out there. It won’t put extra stain or weight on your gun if you were thinking that.

As you can see, both of them are tied around the same weight. You can’t just go on and say this one is lighter so, this one will be better. Hard to believe, I know.

Truglo TFX Pro & Trijicon HD XR: Videos


Both Truglo and Trijicon sights here were a worthy contender to fight for their spot in your gun. They make these sights in different colors and for different types of pistols. You will have a hard time choosing between the two.

It wasn’t easy to choose between HD XR VS TFX Pro. There are lots of similarities between the two that make this a hard-fought battle.

The price range of these two is quite similar. But price doesn’t always mean quality. In this case, HD XR supports more guns and it’s a better sight all around. TFX Pro has some lacking that Truglo could easily overcome in a revision. Until then, I will say the winner here is Trijicon HD XR.

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