Aimpoint Pro vs Comp M3 [Which Optic is Perfect For You]

In Aimpoint Pro Vs Comp M3, we are going to figure out the differences between them. This will help you to make a quick decision about which one you should go for.

Aimpoint is known for making the most reliable and durable red dot sights. It manufactures different types of sights with cool features and amazing performance- Aimpoint Pro and Aimpoint Comp M3 are two of them.

Let’s run through the bunch of information on these two amazing sights.

Aimpoint Pro/ Comp M3 – Outlooks

Aimpoint Pro/ Comp M3 – Specs

SpecsAimpoint ProAimpoint CompM3
Dot Size2 MOA2/4 MOA
Weight7.8oz or 220 g7.8oz or 220 g
BatteryType 2L76 or DL1/3NType 2L76 or DL1/3N
Battery Life30,000 hours50,000 hours
Power Intensity4/6 NVD/Daylight settings4/6 NVD/Daylight settings
Lens Cover TypeBuilt-inFully Multicoated
Night VisionYesYes

4 Key Contrasts

To talk about the contrasts, most of the features and specs are almost the same. Then what keeps one sight different from others? Let’s figure them out before diving into the depth

Here is a quick view of the contrasts:

  1. The first feature that comes into our eyes is the reticle option. Aimpoint Pro comes with a 2 MOA red dot size allowing fast target acquisition whereas the Comp M3 comes with 2 red dot sizes of 2 MOA and 4 MOA.
  2. The next amazing feature that keeps Aimpoint Comp M3 one step forward is Battery Life! The Battery of Aimpoint Pro can last for 30,000 hours or over 3 years of constant use. But with the same battery, Comp M3 offers 50,000 hours or over 5 years of constant use.
  3. The lens cover type of Aimpoint Pro is a Built-in cover and comparably the Comp M3 comes in a Fully Multicolored cover type.
  4. When it comes to the mounting solution the Aimpoint Pro has a Standard Spacer & QRP2 Mount, whereas the Aimpoint Comp M3 does not include any mounting solution at all.

Direct Encounter: Aimpoint Comp M3 vs Pro

Let’s dive into in-depth head-to-head comparison between Comp M3 and Pro! It will surely kick your confusion out of your pocket for choosing the best one.

Battery Life

CompM3: The most amazing feature of this Comp M3 is its ACET technology that keeps this sight one step forward. This feature extends the battery life. A 3V battery can run this sight for 50,000 hours in constant use. At NVD settings, the battery effortlessly can run the sight almost 500,000 hours.

Aimpoint PRO: In contrast, Aimpoint PRO can last for 30,000 hours only with the same battery- a 3V battery type. Battery life is affected by battery quality and cold temperatures. The Aimpoint PRO does not have a standby mode, motion-activated, or motion-activated features. It only relies on low energy consumption design.

Having the same battery type, the CompM3 offers longer battery support with ACET technology.

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CompM3: In comparison, the CompM3 does not come with any mountain solution.

Aimpoint Pro: Aimpoint PRO includes a QRP2 rail grabber mount that can be used on Picatinny rails. Once the mount is mounted, simply turn the knob three times until it clicks. The torque-limiting twist features of this mount ensure that the rail is not damaged and maintains its optimal pressure.

Mount height is intended for use in conjunction with the AR platform. Therefore, it will be quite high for most rifles. This can be fixed with a third-party mount.

The height of the ⅓ co-witnesses above the rail was determined by judgment and error by the “people of knowledge”. It is available in a 30mm size. A built-in storage bogie is available for the extra battery.

The centerline of the LT150 optic is placed 1.7 inches above the rail.

Aimpoint Pro outstands here for its mounting solution, as CompM3 does not have one.


Aimpoint PRO: The optic can hold zero to any type of round, including shotguns, springer airguns, and.600 NE. This Aimpoint is airgun-rated. It is designed to withstand springer airguns’ unique 2-directional recoil.

The red dot is waterproof for up to 150 feet and can withstand temperatures of -49 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s waterproof so you can wash it.

It is also resistant to chemicals, vibration, and humidity. This red dot is reliable and durable but will be less durable than higher-end Aimpoints.

CompM3: The M3’s aluminum housing is strong and durable. This accessory can withstand a lot of abuse and will withstand the most severe of conditions. It’s no surprise that the U.S. Armed Forces has been using Aimpoint products for so long.

An outer rubber cover is available in black or dark earth for the Aimpoint CompM3. This cover helps preserve, protect, and camouflage your sight.

The difference between Aimpoint Pro and CompM3 is clear here as Aimpoint Pro is waterproof and resistant to chemicals, vibration, and humidity, on the other side CompM3 has an aluminum housing and Rubber cover.

Dot Size

Aimpoint Pro: The red dot was designed to be always on and ready. It’s also great for home defense situations where I don’t know if I would panic. To protect your family and home, just grab the gun and run. It comes in 2 MOA red dot sizes.

CompM3: The 4 MOA dot is best if you are looking for home defense or something similar. This is the best option for close-quarter battle (CQB). This allows you to quickly and easily acquire targets when you pick up your gun. It also comes with a 2 MOA dot size.

In comparison, the CompM3 again outperformed the Aimpoint Pro having two dot sizes of 2 MOA/ 4 MOA


Aimpoint Pro: Aimpoint provides a 2-year warranty for competition or professional use and a 10-year guarantee for normal use. Only the original owner is eligible for the warranty. I consider the warranty to be very acceptable.

CompM3: CompM3 also provides 2- 2-year warranty for competition or professional use and a 10-year guarantee for normal use.

Talking about warranty, we can see that both Aimpoint Pro and CompM3 provide the same services.

Aimpoint Pro/ Comp M3- Videos


The Aimpoint is a great deal. It is admirable for its ability to withstand external abuse. It can be used in severe weather conditions without any hesitation. Its durability is comparable to the Aimpoint Micro T-2 from what I have seen and costs only 60%.

A battery life of 30,000 hours is an amazing benefit. You can be sure that the Aimpoint Pro will never fail you in any emergency.

An Aimpoint is the best choice if you care about your rifle and sighting system.

The Comp M3 is well-made, rugged, and capable of doing what you want. Having two red dot sizes you’ll be able to see both eyes, which is an advantage in field awareness.

There is one minor problem with this model. It has night vision settings that are invisible to the naked eye. It is only a minor issue that there are four to five visible settings.

Another model has 7-10 settings, which is more than I would need. This might be the perfect excuse to purchase an NV device.

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