Aimpoint Comp M4 vs M5 [Who Will Win The Battle?]

Aimpoint has always kept its game up with optical sights that cover a wide range of features for a better shooting experience. The Comp M4 and M5 models are nothing less. Comp M4 has been working its way up to provide better service since 2007 whereas M5 is a recent addition to the group, launched in 2017.

Since the two optical sights are parts of one brand, it is common that they will have similar features. But that does not mean they are identical. Every model has their selling point which makes them different from other sights.

Similarly, despite the M5 red dot sight having basic facilities that you will find in M4 as well, some qualities make it distinct from the Comp M4 model. And today we are going to point out those contrasts and give the verdict about which model of Aimpoint Comp wins the battle.

But first, let’s look at the basic specifications of both M4 and M5 red dot to get an idea of what you will find in both of the models. Later, we will discuss the major differences and how these distinct features make one of them better than the other.

Aimpoint Comp M4/ M5 – Outlooks

Aimpoint Comp M4/ M5 – Specs

SpecsAimpoint CompM4Aimpoint CompM4
Reticle2 MOA2 MOA
Brightness Settings9 daylight + 7 night vision6 daylight + 4 night vision
Eye ReliefUnlimitedUnlimited
BatteryAA (80,000 hours)AAA (50,000 hours)
Weight9.4 oz5.2 oz
Water Submersion150 ft150 ft
Parallax FreeYesYes

Aimpoint Comp M4/ M5 – Differences

After you get a glimpse of all the specifications both Comp M4 and M5 offer, we will now list out their contrasting features and find out how they can affect your shooting experience.

  • The models offer different brightness settings and night vision adjustments.
  • They use different batteries and have separate runtimes with different battery life.
  • Both the models come with similar mounting styles but have compatibility with different magnifiers.
  • The Comp M5 model has a lightweight and strong housing material whereas the M4 sights is on the heavier side.

In Depth View

Now that we have listed all the important contrasting characteristics of both the Aimpoint Comp M4 and M5 red dot sight, it’s time for us to discuss how these qualities will help them win this battle.

Brightness Settings

One of the common and best points about both optics is that they are night-vision compatible. This means you can choose either of them and use it during both day and night time.

Comp M4: In Aimpoint Comp M4 you will get a total of 16 brightness settings and from them, 9 settings are compatible with daylight along with 7 night vision settings. These settings give you the freedom to use it in any light condition.

Comp M5: The Comp M5 on the other hand, has a total of 10 brightness settings where 9 settings are for daylight situations and 4 settings for night vision.

Therefore, in terms of brightness options, Comp M4 wins with 6 extra settings to cover any low light conditions.

Battery Life

While we are looking at the battery life we have to think about both runtime and battery lifetime the red dot sights offer.

Comp M4: This sight model comes with an AA battery that will last for over 8 years for continuous use. The runtime of this sight is 80,000 hours at a medium brightness setting.

Comp M5: In the case of the Comp M5 sight you will get a AAA battery in the package which will last over 5 years with continuous use. Also, it will give 50,000 hours of runtime at a medium setting.

So, in the battle battery life and runtime Comp M4 wins.

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Mounting Style

Although both models support standard Picatinny mounting rails to adjust with a wide range of firearms, their mounting styles are slightly different from each other.

Comp M4: The Comp M4 features a QRP2 mount which has twice the clamping force of the original QRP. The mounting knob is also wider and shorter to improve any aiming action. This mounting style works well with the Aimpoint 3x Magnifiers.

Comp M5: The Comp M5 model also has a similar mounting style but is more flexible to attach and features a military standard mounting system for better adjustment with all Aimpoint’s Micro series sights. As a result, this sight is compatible with both 3x Mag-1 and 6x Mag-1 magnifiers.

Based on the mounting system, the flexibility and adaptability of Comp M5 beat the M4 red dot sight.

Durability & Weight

Durability and weight difference can determine a lot of things regarding your shooting experience. That’s why you must take these things into account as well.

Comp M4: When it comes to the housing materials of M4 sights, they are made with aircraft-grade aluminum which keeps the sight lightweight and strong at the same time. This red dot sight is also submersible in water up to 150 feet and weighs 9.4 ounces.

Comp M5: The Comp M5 sight has similar housing materials as the M4 model. However, to maintain the military standard this sight is more rugged than the M4 sight and more sustainable to recoiling. Also, because it weighs less than the M4 model being only 5.2 ounces, it is easier to carry and works great with handguns.

Looking at the durability and weight of these models, it is clear that the M5 model is much stronger and portable than the M4 series.

Aimpoint Comp M4/ M5 – Videos


Finally, it’s time to give the verdict. Since both M4 and M5 sights are members of the Comp team by Aimpoint, it is natural that they are going to possess similar features. But that is not our concern. What we have gathered here are the contrasting qualities of both the models.

In terms of brightness settings, you can see that M4 sights offer more options and the model has better battery life than the M5 red dot sight. The other differences are not so big that you can’t adjust to them. Therefore, for us, the classic M4 red dot sight wins the battle beating the M5 sight in terms of performance.

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