Burris Signature HD 5-25X50 Review: A Tale Of Long Range Rifle Scope

Everyone has their signature, right? But do you have the Signature? No, I am not talking about the sign that you put in your legal documents. 

I am talking about the riflescope from Burris. Burris Signature is a lineup of riflescopes. Under this banner, there are a total of six scopes available. Today I am going to review the Burris Signature HD 5-25×50. It’s a long-range riflescope that you can mount on your AR or sniper. Can this Signature leave a signature behind? Let’s find out with this Burris Signature HD 5-25×50 review before I start putting more puns. 

Burris Signature HD 5-25X50: Outlooks

Burris Signature HD 5-25X50

Specifications | Magnification: 5 – 25x; Objective Lens: 50 mm; Eye Relief: 3.3 – 3.6 Inches; Exit Pupil: 8 – 2.2 mm; Linear FOV @100 yds: 22.5 – 4.5 ft; Length: 14.3 Inches; Weight: 24 Oz.

Build Quality

The build quality of this scope is top-notch. All of the scopes in this list are made from aircraft-grade aluminum. One of the strongest and most used materials for riflescopes. This scope is made for long-range shooting. It went under several trials to withstand the recoil from higher caliber guns.

No matter what gun you throw at it, it will take it like a champ. You were thinking that I would say don’t throw a gun at it, didn’t you? I mean don’t throw, you may scratch the surface (highly doubt) but you won’t be able to put a dent in it. 

The housing is waterproof. There aren’t any O-ring sealings involved. But the lenses are placed firmly and there isn’t any leak available. You won’t be able to accidentally drop and displace the reticle. Don’t worry about that.

Optics Quality

The quality of glass can easily change the course of a riflescope. If you are not using lead-free glass, then chances are your glass surface will scratch faster than any other scopes on the market.

Burris uses HD glasses in Signature HD. See, even the name says that. If you don’t know what HD glass is, let me brief you for a bit. HD glasses are a special category of glass. Much like ED glass, they are good for low-light and brighter images. 

If you only compare the low-light performance, ED glass has an HD glass beat. But if you only account for the daytime performance, I would say HD glass is by far the better choice. You can guess by that briefing, that Signature HD performs like a beast. The image clarity and color contrast are in a different league. 

All of the lenses in this scope are fully multi-coated. Fully multi-coating means, the lens went through multiple layers of chemical coatings. These coatings improve the durability of the scope. It also eliminates the glare/reflection problem from the lens.

If there are no glares, that means the light can pass through easily. This 50mm objective lens transmits a lot of light. Making it an excellent option for low-light hunting.

The inside of the housing is nitrogen-filled. Nitrogen filling/purging makes a scope fogproof. It eliminates any chance of moisture going in and spreading. That’s why you can use this scope on a winter day.


As it’s a long-range scope. The magnification is higher than most of its competitors. The magnification of this scope is 5-25x. The base magnification is a bit too much for tactical use. Honestly, this scope is heaven for hunters. With a 22.5-4.5ft wide field of view. You will have an excellent time hunting. 

As for distortion, there wasn’t any. I think this set of lenses and glass could easily handle even 35x or more magnification. At 25x magnification, if you play your cards right, you can easily nail a 900-1000 yards shot. That range is not a matter to be taken lightly. Not all scopes can achieve that incredible feat.

If you are looking for one of the best long-range riflescopes. Rest assured, Burris Signature HD is one of the best options for you.


Earlier in the review, I mentioned Signature HD having different versions. Those versions are available in 3 different reticles. The one I have here features the 6.5 Creedmoor reticle. It looks similar to a Christmas tree-style reticle. 

If you are new here you probably don’t know, I am a fanboy of Christmas tree-style reticles. So, the choice for me was obvious. You on the other hand might have different preferences. For you, one of the other reticles can be better. Or take this one. All of them are equally good. 

I have said it before, the reticle choice is subjective. It’s a matter of preference. A well-trained shooter can calculate bullet drop compensation with the simplest of reticles. A newbie on the other hand will struggle to find accurate data from a Christmas tree reticle. 

But I will try my best to force you to buy the 6.5 Creedmoor reticle. As stated above why love them so much? The reticle is illuminated. With the help of the turret, you can adjust the level of the brightness. There are a total of 6 brightness levels available for you to adjust.


A good turret can light up your mood. The clicky sound it makes and the feeling of adjusting scope is not comparable with anything. Burris Signature HD 5-25×50 has low-profile turrets. They are smaller than regular turrets. The turrets are capped. You can adjust the windage and elevation. You can change 65 MOA per click.

Most long-range riflescopes tend to have long and large turrets. Making it an inconvenience while carrying. These low-profile turrets won’t bump into random bushes and rocks. The new zero stop feature will stop the elevation turret at your zero distance. Making it super easy to zero the scope.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Excellent optics quality.
  • High magnification.
  • Illuminated reticle.
  • Available in 3 reticles.
  • Fog, water, and shockproof.
  • A big objective lens with a wide field of view.


  • Expensive.
  • Second focal plane reticle.

Burris Signature HD 5-25X50 Review Summary

If only the scope had a first focal plane reticle, I swear to god, I would come to your house and make you buy this. But it’s not. That’s why I can suggest this scope if you don’t have any problems with second focal plane reticles.

I understand if you don’t like Burris’s decision. But I think they did well. It’s not often you find a scope that can take a major hit and shoot at 1000 yards under $1000. 

In my book, this is one of the best value riflescopes. The range is insane, the magnification is high, and pretty much everything about this scope is good. 

I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions left, don’t forget to ask them down below. Till we meet again, keep chasing, and be safe. 

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