Best Rifle Scope Under 1000 – Top 15 in 2023 [REVEALED]

When we search for the best rifle scope, we all have a specific budget on our minds. Even though every one of us would love to have a $3000 scope. But sadly that’s not a possibility for everyone.

I am not here to guilt-trip you. Frankly speaking, not every one of us needs a $3000 scope, to begin with –

On today’s best rifle scope under $1000, I will try to provide you the best value for your money. ENJOY.

Best Rifle Scope Under 1000

1. Atn X Sight 4K Pro Day/Night Smart Rifle Scope

Magnification 3-14x/5-20x
System Resolution 600 lp/mm
Sensor Resolution 3864×2218
Eye Relief 3.5 Inches
Battery Life 18+hrs
Linear FOV @100yds 460 ft (9°)/240 ft (5°)
IR Illuminator IR850


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Many of you may ask why not the Thor HD. Because X-sight 4k pro is just better.  There are tons of reasons to buy this scope. This is a smart scope, you can connect this with your smartphone through the Android or IOS app.

It has an ultra HD sensor that is capable of shooting and portraying 4k quality images and videos. Crazy! Isn’t it?

You can shoot and stream that footage on the mobile. While it streams you can record the file on the SD card that you put inside the scope. If that’s not enough you can record your screen on your smartphone too. Though that’s not the scope related I gave you a free tip anyway.

You can use this for over 18hour without worrying about changing the battery. You can always carry an extra battery pack. They are not that heavy.

One of my favorite features in any ATN night vision scope is the RAV. RAV stands for recoil-activated video. When you pull the trigger, the recoil activates the recording feature. The camera records before and after the shoot. You can later analyze the shot and see where you went wrong. (This is why I put it on the top of the list of best rifle scopes under 1000 dollars. It costs less than 600 dollars though).

FOR THE MONEY, you can’t beat this scope even with a regular scope. Surprisingly, The only downside is, a night vision scope is never 100% waterproof. There is electricity involved. So I recommend not testing it in the rain.

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2. Vortex Viper HS-T SFP Rifle Scope

Magnification 6-24x
Objective Lens 50mm
Eye Relief 4 Inches
Length 15.5 Inches
Turret Style Tactical
Linear FOV @100yds 17.8 ft to 5.1 ft
Tube Diameter 30mm


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This is a long-range scope. Vortex once again outdid itself in the competition. If you didn’t bother reading the whole thing and just read the title then you know the maximum rifles in this post are below 20x magnification.

Aluminum-built Viper HST has that iconic matte black finish too. There isn’t any rugged coating to make it extra durable. But the build quality is good enough that you don’t need the extra protection.

The lenses are excellent. They gather more than enough light to provide optimal performance under heavy sun. Thanks to that, you don’t notice the lack of illumination.

The parallax is fixed at 50 yards to infinity. I am not disappointed about that, even sometimes a $1200 scope doesn’t feature a parallax setting.

17.8-5.1 ft/100 yards field of view is more than excellent. The windage and elevation setting is in MOA. The knobs are well protected. They won’t move from one place to another with random bumps.

This is an excellent scope for budget-oriented people. As long as you don’t mind the second focal plane reticle (which you shouldn’t, considering the price) then this will be more than worth it for you.

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3. Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 3-15x
Objective Lens 44mm
Eye Relief, High/Low 3.7″/3.82″
Length 13.53 Inches
Linear FOV @100yds 38.3 ft to 7.7 ft
Tube Diameter 30mm
Weight 19.2 oz


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Leupold is an excellent brand that has been making riflescopes for decades now. They are known for their top-of-the-line products. But Leupold VX-5HD is not one of them. It’s priced under $1000. You may think Leupold cut some corners to make the price cheaper. Well, they didn’t.

It’s not a high-magnification scope. The max magnification of the scope is 15x and the lowest is 3x. The scope is super lightweight. The weight of this is 19.7oz. The scope comes with a CDS dial system. You saw a target, dialed in the elevation, and took the shot.

This feature will have a custom-tuned elevation setting depending on the rifle. But you need to send them your scope serial number, cartridge, bullet manufacturer, bullet model and weight, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, average temperature, average elevation above sea level, the height of the scope, and desired sight-in distance.

They will send you a custom CDS-ZL2 specifically made for you.  How cool is that?

The fast focus is super quick. You don’t have to worry about any distortion at all. We all know how good Leupold lenses are. The glasses on this is easily comparable with a $1500 scope or higher. Overall for the price you are paying, this is one of the best rifle scope under 1000.

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4. Steiner Gs3 4-20x50mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 4-20x
Objective Lens 50mm
Eye Relief 3.5 – 4.25 Inches
Exit Pupil 2.5 – 11 mm
Linear FOV @100yds 5.5 ft – 25.8 ft
Tube Diameter 30mm
Weight 22 oz


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Steiner-optics is an excellent brand that is now owned by Beretta Group. They are known to provide some of the best military-grade riflescopes for hunters and competitive shooters.

This a versatile scope that is ready for prairie dogs, bean fields, or big game.

The lens on this scope is just amazing. With such clarity, you can take your shots with precision. The light-gathering and transmission are smooth. You don’t feel or see any glare when you look through the eyepiece.

There was no fogging under cold weather either. Because the scope is nitrogen purged. The build quality of this riflescope is excellent. Not aircraft-grade aluminum, but it is durable. You don’t have to worry about a drop or two.

The wide field of view paired with generous eye relief makes it an excellent choice for long sessions. Which makes it the best rifle scope under 1000 dollars.

I loved zooming in and out with this scope. The smooth transition with barely any distortion. If you are looking for a smooth magnification you have found one.0

The only downside in my opinion is that the scope doesn’t have an illuminated reticle. Overall, an excellent purchase with barely any drawbacks.

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5. Nightforce SHV 4-14x56mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 4-14x
Objective Lens 56mm
Eye Relief 3.6 Inches
Exit Pupil 12 – 3.6 mm
Linear FOV @100yds 24.9 ft – 7.3 ft
Length 14.8 Inches
Weight 28.5 oz


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Nightforce is not an unknown brand when it comes to riflescopes. This is cheaper compared to the Leupold. But not that much cheaper. Depending on the availability 10-20$.

I don’t know about others but I enjoy a bigger objective lens quite a bit. They automatically make the field of view wide. Even though they are not the best tool for camouflage.

The glass quality of this scope is excellent. The light-gathering and transmission are excellent. Which provides you good daylight and acceptable low-light performance.

The build quality is aluminum. So you don’t have to worry about dropping it suddenly. The scope is also nitrogen-purged and fully-multicoated. There won’t be any fogging. If your scope does face fogging then you can change it from them.

There are 4 reticles available for this scope –

  • MOAR™ Center Only Illumination
  • Forceplex™ Center Only Illumination (N. America)
  • MOAR™ Non-Illuminated
  • Forceplex™ Non-Illuminated (N. America)

Two of them are available for North America while the others aren’t. Make sure to ask your supplier about which one is the sending.

6. Swarovski Z3 3-10x42mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 3-10x
Objective Lens 42mm
Parallax Correction 109
Exit Pupil 12.6 – 4.2 mm
Linear FOV @100yds 33 ft – 11.7 ft
Length 12.64 Inches
Weight 12.7 Ounces

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I would be lying if I said Swarovski is that well-known. Honestly, not everyone can even spell the name correctly.

Anyway, the scope on-topic Swarovski Optik Z3 is the best rifle scope under 1000; for mid-range hunters and shooters.

The magnification of the scope is not that big. One of the key selling points of the scope is the BRH reticle. It’s one of the best Christmas tree-style reticles on a budget riflescope.

If you like Christmas tree-style reticles, then you will love them. It’s easy to read thus making it easier to hit the bullseye.

The lens of the scope is good at gathering light. Even though the scope is not illuminated, you can get away with dusk/dawn hunting.

The build quality is sturdy and the 1″ tube fits with any mount. The scope is worth it if you find it for a good price. Because it tends to stay stocked out most of the time.

7. Vortex Viper PST Gen II Rifle Scope

Magnification 5-25x
Objective Lens 50mm
Eye Relief 3.4 Inches
Reticle EBR 2C-MRAD
Linear FOV @100yds 24.1″ – 4.1″
Tube Diameter 30mm
Weight 31.2 oz


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Vortex Viper is a series from Vortex that has not only riflescopes but also spotting scopes, and binoculars under the banner.

Viper is always known to be the best first focal plane scope under $1000. The reason is Vortex has unbeatable lens clarity and excellent aluminum build quality.

On top of that, you add the 5-20X magnification with a 50mm objective lens. You got a killer combo. The 30mm tube makes sure you can mount it on any rifle.

The scope is available in two different reticles. EBR-7C MOA and EBR-7C MRAD. The EBR-4 lineup is discontinued. Don’t bother buying that.

Both of the reticles are in FFP. In the first focal plane, the reticle zooms in when you increase the magnification of the scope. Making it easier to hit the bullseye. For hunting and competition shooting this scope will do excellent.

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8
Primary Arms 1-8

8. Athlon Midas TAC 6-24x50mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 6-24x
Objective Lens 50mm
Eye Relief 3.7 Inches
Exit Pupil 11.1-1.8 mm
Linear FOV @100yds 17.8-4.6 ft
Tube Diameter 30mm
Weight 26.3 oz


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Athlon Midas TAC 6-24×50 FFP offers a lot for the price. The Midas does more than fine at 300 yards. You can push it for 400 yards too. But that will depend on how well you use the scope.

The closest Athlon scope to this is the BTR 4.5-27x50mm. You may think they cut a ton of corners to make this cheaper than the BTR. But that’s not true.

Athlon wanted to provide something for the budget community. 

The build quality of this scope is not bad. It’s not polycarbonate like a lot of budget scopes. It’s fully aluminum and nitrogen-purged.

The lenses are more than fine for the price range. There is a little distortion on the max magnification nothing major.

The overall experience was good. But if you are looking for it to push to 500 yards, just because it has 24x magnification, it won’t happen. But if you are okay with 300 yards shooting. This one is recommended. Because the base magnification of it is higher than the BTR.

The only complaint I have is the lack of accessories. Come on Athlon, you can do better in that department. You get nothing inside the box besides the scope and some paperwork. Some free lens caps won’t hurt.

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9. Burris Veracity 5-25x50mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 5-25x
Objective Lens 50mm
Eye Relief 3.50 – 4.25 Inches
Exit Pupil 10 low – 2.0 high (mm)
Linear FOV @100yds 21-4.3 ft
Tube Diameter 30mm
Weight 28.2 oz


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We don’t have to boast about Burris. Their name speaks for themselves. The best rifle scope under the 1000 list won’t be complete without a Burris scope in it. On our list, we got the Veracity 5-20x50mm riflescope.

This scope is made out of aluminum. The scope is aimed towards medium to long-range shooters. 20x magnification with the 50 objective lenses is more than enough to shoot 300 yards and beyond. Of course, a lot will depend on the wind, rifle, ammo type, etc.

The official MSRP of the scope is right around the $1000 mark. But you can get it for much cheaper. Check the included links for that.

The reticle of this scope is in FFP. You can either get an SCR reticle or a Ballistic E1 reticle or You can order the MAD knob option & You can get the riflescope in both capped and open elevation knobs. Whatever suits you the best you get that!

To top of these excellent features, Burris provides a lifetime warranty no questions asked. That’s right, as long as you didn’t run that scope over with bulldozer you can apply for a warranty.

Burris is super good at customer service. If the damage or error falls in their warranty rules then you will get a replacement. You can count on my words, if not you can count on thousands of users of the scope. If you are looking around the $900 mark, stop looking and pull the trigger.

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10. Nikon Black FX1000 6-24x50mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 6-24x
Objective Lens 50mm
Clicks 1/10 MRAD
Reticle FX-MRAD
Length 15.2″
Tube Diameter 30mm
Weight 24.5 oz

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Luckily we don’t need to speak the glory of Nikon. I think even someone who is not interested in a riflescope has heard of Nikon.

Like their cameras, the build quality on this scope is top-notch. One of the best rifle scopes under 1000$ we have seen so far. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof. Everything you need on a scope. The matte black color coating also acts dustproof.

The best part of a Nikon scope is always the glasses. They are probably the best lens manufacturer in my opinion. For the price of this scope, you are getting more than double the value. The lenses are scratch-proof. They are fully multi-coated.

The magnification transition distortion is almost non-existent.

The first focal plane with a smooth transition is eye-soothing, to say the least. Also, the parallax is free to adjust, nice.

You won’t get all these features on any other scope for this price. Let alone paying less for them. Our verdict is, that you can go for this eyes closed. Just keep them open while shooting.

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11. Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 5-25x
Objective Lens 56mm
Eye Relief 3.7 Inches
Reticle EBR-7C (MOA)
Linear FOV @100yds 24′ – 5.2′
Tube Diameter 34mm
Weight 30.4 oz


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This brings back memories. In case you are new here, the Vortex Strike Eagle was the first rifle scope that we featured on TargetChaser. Nostalgia aside, the Vortex Strike Eagle is one of the best budget scopes available on the market.

But this one is the bigger brother of that budget-oriented scope. Featuring the legendary Vortex lens and the first focal plane reticle as a bonus.

Like all other Vortex optics, the strike eagle is also made out of aluminum. The whole inside of the scope is nitrogen-purged, so you don’t need to worry about any kind of fogging issues. The O-ring sealing also makes sure it’s completely waterproof.

Even though the scope never went under any military stress, we can vouch that the scope is more than capable of handling target shooting and hunting.

We understand you may drop the scope once or twice, but that won’t even put a dent in the beautiful scope. That’s right the matte black finish of the scope is one hell of an eye-catcher.

You can either get the scope with EBR-7C MOA or EBR-7C MRAD reticle. Both are good if you know how to use them.

The reticle is in the first focal plane. When you increase the magnification of the scope, the reticle will zoom in too. Making it easier to nail the bullseye.

If you want to know more about the scope, check our Vortex Strike Eagle review. If you don’t want to read that, the short answer is the scope is more than worth it.

Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8

12. Trijicon TR22 2.5-10x56mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 2.5-10x
Objective Lens 56mm
Eye Relief 2.8 to 4.1 Inches
Exit Pupil 16.3 mm to 5.6 mm
Linear FOV @100yds 37.6 ft’ – 10.1 ft
Tube Diameter 30mm
Weight 20.7 oz

Trijicon TR22 AccuPoint 2.5-10x56mm Riflescope

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The Trijicon TR series is quite famous among the hunters. This series always comes with good upgrades. The TR22 AccuPoint is no exception.

The rugged design is durable. It went through a military-style trial before coming to the market. Rest assured you won’t have any room to complain about the build quality.

Just like the build quality the lens and the glass are praiseworthy too. 

The reticle is illuminated. On top of that, you get quick to focus and the eyepiece diopter adjusts itself automatically.

The windage and elevation knobs are easy to adjust. They are not super hard, but sturdy enough to not move from a random bump.

Thanks to the illuminated reticle you can shoot with both of your eyes open. The eye relief is also pretty generous.

The scope is pretty lightweight and compact. Which makes it the best rifle scope under 1000. You can either buy it as a Mil-Dot crosshair, a standard duplex crosshair, or a triangle post reticle. Overall, for the price, this is an excellent choice.

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13. Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 4.5-14x
Objective Lens 50mm
Eye Relief 4.4 to 3.6 Inches
Reticle Duplex
Linear FOV @100yds 19.1 ft’ – 7.4 ft
Finish Matte
Elevation & Windage 64 MOA

Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x50mm Riflescope

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I always appreciate it when a large manufacturer considers us budget enthusiasts. The Leupold VX-3i is an excellent mid-range scope with a large 50mm objective lens. This is an excellent riflescope for hunting. The wide field of view will only help you to cover more area.

Twilight Max Light Management System is available in this scope. If you don’t know what it is, (Twilight Max Light Management System is an advanced technology that helps the lens to transmit more light inside. Resulting in a more vivid and colorful image.) The blackened edge lens reduces diffusion.

The scope will do more than fine on an AR-15. 

The building material of the lens is aircraft aluminum. This is an excellent material for scope in case you didn’t know. Even the priciest scope uses some sort of aircraft-grade aluminum. Because carbon fiber is not that well suited for scope making.

You can purchase the scope in both FFP and SFP. Go for the one that you like more. For me, it’s the FFP.

The final verdict is simple, if it wasn’t worth it then I wouldn’t mention it in this best rifle scope under 1000 dollars list. Even Amazon agrees with me here. You can see that the stock of this scope is almost gone.

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14. Sightron SIII 8-32x56mm Long Range Scope

Magnification 8-32x
Objective Lens 56mm
Eye Relief 3.6-4.0 Inches
Reticle MOA-2
Linear FOV @100yds 12.2 ft – 3.1 ft
Finish Matte
Weight 24.70 oz


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Sightron is not the most popular among new hunters. I won’t be surprised if some of you tell me you never even heard of them. That doesn’t matter, they deserve your attention.

Sighron SIII is an 8-32x riflescope with a 56mm objective lens. The magnification of this is higher than the previous two. Even though the price difference is less than $100.

The build quality of this scope is pretty good. The lenses are also good for the price. One thing I liked about this scope is that most of the forum members agreed on one thing, the lenses don’t get scratched even after years of use; which makes it an even better rifle scope under 1000.

This is excellent for people who change scope once every 2-3 years.

The scope has an MOA reticle. The reticle is set on the second focal plane and not illuminated.

The daylight performance was good. Low-light performance was nothing to write home about. The turrets are capped and are quite sturdy.

15. Crimson Trace 6-24x56mm Rifle Scope

Magnification 6-24x
Objective Lens 56mm
Eye Relief 3.15 Inches
Exit Pupil 2.3 – 9.3 mm
Linear FOV @100yds 21 ft
Tube Diameter 34 mm
Optical Coating Fully Multi-Coated


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Another cheap FFP riflescope. If you spend some time around the riflescope forums, they tend to hate the cheap FFP scopes. Saying the lenses aren’t good and the FFP experience is bad. I am glad to prove them false. Crimson Trace 6-24×56 is a good FFP scope.

The glasses on this are ED. Extra-low dispersion glass ensures great performance in low light. If you are a deer hunter who loves to hunt during the dawn and dusk but doesn’t want to spend on a night vision scope. Then this is probably the best alternative that you can buy.

The reticle is in FFP, so you won’t be missing that many shots at max magnification. 

The objective lens is huge at 56mm. The reticle is also glass etched. You don’t have to worry about the reticle moving due to bumps. Anodized aluminum housing is nitrogen-purged to make it fogproof.

Excellent housing, fully multi-coated ED glass with no distortion, great low-light performance, fogproof, waterproof, lifetime warranty, and many more features. The scope is loaded.

It’s an excellent FFP scope for the price. We can recommend it to anyone. Veterans, beginners, hunters, competitive shooters. As long as you want scope and have a rifle to put this on. You have my recommendation.

Best Rifle Scope Under 1000: Conclusion

There you go folks, 15 riflescopes to choose from 15!

You will find at least one scope that you like a lot. Those are all so good at their job, even if you go for the lowest-priced one. You will get an excellent scope.

All the people that made it so far, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. The comment section is always open for healthy debate and queries. Don’t hesitate to ask anything you want to know. Stay with us and keep chasing.

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