Killer Instinct Boss 405 Review: Like A Boss!

Who doesn’t love to be the boss? You can order around and boss over everyone. What if you had a crossbow that could boss over other crossbows? Sounds good, right?

I know it is. So, this is the Killer Instinct Boss 405 review. A crossbow worthy enough to boss over other crossbows. We know Killer Instinct makes crossbows for budget enthusiasts. The Boss 405 is no different either. It’s a budget crossbow that not only looks like a boss it performs like one as well. Without prolonging the inevitable, let’s start this review.

Killer Instinct Boss 405: Outlooks

Killer Instinct Boss 405

Specifications | Speed: 405 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 134 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 13.25 Inches; Draw Weight: 220 LBS; Axle To Axle: 14.75 / 18.75 Inches; Length: 33.5 – 36 Inches; Weight: 6.7 LBS.

Build Quality

The build quality of Boss 405 is quite good. Boss 405 has an adjustable foregrip. You can move it around and find the sweet spot that fits your shooting style. The stock of the Boss 405 is an AR stock. It looks like a rifle stock and performs like one as well. The stock is also adjustable in 6 different positions. Find the position that helps you control the crossbow best and stick with it. 

The barrel of the crossbow is made from CNC-machined aluminum. One of the most durable materials on the market. The forward draw cams also have a good amount of tension in it. You almost get frictionless shooting with this crossbow. I say almost because it’s not completely frictionless. You still need to lube/wax the barrel to get better performance with it.

The weight of the Boss 405 is 6.7 lbs. It’s lighter than most other crossbows that are priced similarly. Having a lighter crossbow at your disposal is always a good thing. It’s easy to carry it around. 


There is a saying that, cheap crossbows are not powerful. This was true if you were reading this 5 years ago. But today, in 2021, that statement is blatantly false. Cheap crossbows are also quite powerful. You can find plenty of powerful crossbows that are way below the $500 mark. 

Boss 405 is capable of generating 135 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. That much power is enough for big-game hunting. A beginner-level crossbow is capable of doing big-game hunting, what more can you expect from a cheap crossbow?


As the name suggests, the Killer Instinct Boss 405 is capable of firing arrows at up to 405 FPS. Reaching the 400 FPS mark for a cheap crossbow is nothing less than remarkable. 

Draw Weight

One of the most concerning things about Killer Instinct crossbows is the draw weight. That case remains true here too. Killer Instinct Boss 405 has 220 lbs of draw weight. That’s a quite high number for a crossbow. Most other crossbows have less than 200 lbs of draw weight. 

Don’t worry. You can lower that draw weight by using the included rope cocker. It will cut down the draw weight of the crossbow by almost 50%. I know 110 lbs is still a bit high for rookies. But it’s more than manageable. 

You don’t have to use 220 lbs of force every time you cock the crossbow. If you want to take down the draw weight even further, you can always opt for the dead silent crank made by Killer Instinct. Keep in mind that is sold separately and not included in the package. It will increase the price of the crossbow by a lot. But in the long run, it’s worth it. 


Killer Instinct doesn’t cheap out on the crossbow. I like this about them. The included scope is the Lumix 4×32 IR-W crossbow scope. It’s a scope that is accurate for over 80 yards of range. It can also keep up with the high 400 FPS speed Boss is offering.


  • Good build quality.
  • 405 FPS.
  • 134 ft-lbs kinetic energy.
  • Cranking aid compatible.
  • Lumix 4×32 IR-W scope.
  • Fully adjustable foregrip.
  • Multi-level adjustment buttstock.


  • The draw weight is too high without the rope coker or the cranking aid.

Killer Instinct Boss 405 Review Summary

It’s a cheap crossbow that has done a lot of things right. That’s what you love to see on the market. Good competition. Good competition brings good products for us consumers. Killer Instinct Boss 405 is a good example of that. 

Even though this Killer Instinct Boss 405 review was short, I hope you found this review useful. It’s a crossbow that is here to make a Boss out of you. Embrace the power and enjoy the hunt. 

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