Best 5 Pin Bow Sight – Top 7 in 2023 [Guide & Top Picks]

5-pin bow sights are the middle ground between 3 pins and 7 pins. There is a reason why they exist. Not everyone wants a bow sight with long-range capabilities. That’s why a 7-pin bow sight isn’t necessary for everyone. But for medium to semi-long-range hunting/shooting 5 pins bow sight is perfect.

Now that we know the usage and why they are viable, you are probably wondering which sight to buy. That’s easy, right?

Wrong, you can’t just call one sight the best and be done with it. I wish it was that simple. Don’t worry, I don’t plan to bore you for an entire day.

Things To Look At When Buying a 5-Pin Bow Sight?

Build Quality. 5 pins bow sights are not cheap. They can cost a lot of money. expecting good build quality from them is an obvious ask. Look for something that will last you more than a couple of years.

Pin Visibility/Illumination. Different brand uses different types of pins in their sight. Some of them shine bright under the sun while some don’t shine at all. Those can be a bit hard to use under direct light or low-light conditions. Illuminated pins will help you a lot, but they are not mandatory. They have extra benefits per se.

Adjustment. I know it doesn’t seem like it. But bow pin sights can come with plenty of adjustments. From axis control to windage and elevation. If you are someone who likes to tweak around his sight and play with it a lot. You will want something that allows you to freely configure the sight to your needs.

Best 5 Pin Bow Sight – Our Top List!

Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight


Laser To Reflective Target: 500 Yards; Laser To Deer: 200 Yards; Operating Temperature: -10F to 140F; Storage Temperature: -40F to 158F; Weight: 17 Oz.

Trophy Ridge is one of the most well-known and successful sight manufacturers in the US. React Pro is available in both 5 and 7-pin designs. We are here talking about the 5 pins one. 

React Pro 5 is available for both left and right-handed users. You can either get it as 0.010 pins or 0.019 pins. Most of the time the left-handed version of 0.019 stays out of stock. As it’s in more demand. 

The body of React Pro 5 is made out of stainless steel. There won’t be any rust on this at all. This makes the scope waterproof. As bow sights don’t have any see-through lenses, you don’t need to worry about fogging. 

This sight features 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment. Both of them are quite important if you know how to tilt shoot with a bow. You are also getting windage and elevation adjustments. Adjusting a Trophy Ridge sight should be considered a hobby. They are so fun to use.

The pins are plenty bright. Bright enough to glow in pitch darkness. That’s why they are a viable option for hunting. The bubble level is placed on the bottom. It’s easy to read and quite helpful. React Pro 5 is a bit expensive. In my book, the price is more than justified. 

Trophy Ridge React Pro 5 Pin Archery Bow Sight, Right Hand, 0.010 Pin
  • REACT TECHNOLOGY: Mathematical precision of React Technology automatically adjusts all 5 pins to the optimal location

Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5 Pin Sight


Light Gather: 300%; Pins: 5; Pin Size: .19; SkyCoil Technology: Yes; Hand: Right.

Ascent from Black Gold is also available in a 3-pin setup. Ascent Verdict 5 comes with the dial of death adjustment knobs. It’s one of the top-selling features of this sight. The dial of death is an excellent way of dialing the adjustment and forgetting about them. They will stay true till you zero the sight. 

The sight is constructed from durable aluminum. To illuminate the pins, Black Gold mounted the skycoil on the top of the sight. It gathers 300% more light than regular sights. Making the pins incredibly bright during the nighttime. 

The oversized SureGrip knob gives an accent to this sight. You can easily grab them for fun. Or just tweak them around. Because they are fun. 

The vertical ruler is not engraved. It’s more like a permanent sticker if that makes sense. The bubble level measurer is at the bottom of the sight. It’s visible from far away. 

It’s not cheap, it falls on the premium sight list. But I can say, it’s worth it.

Spot Hogg Grinder Micro MRT Bow Sight


Dimensions: 10″ x 9″ x 4″; Pins: 5; Pin Size: .019/.010/.29; Material: Aluminum; Weight: 8 Oz.

Spot Hogg Grinder Micro MRT is the first blade-style pins sight. Blade-style pins are quite rare among sights. Often they are more expensive than other sights. That remains true here too. The price of this sight is over $200.

For that much money, you will be getting sturdy and durable 6061 aluminum housing. The finish is rugged and feels premium. What you won’t be getting is a left-handed setup. If you are left-handed, I am extremely sorry but you are better off skipping this one. 

Grinder uses MRT pin guard technology. MRT stands for multi-ring technology. It means they use multiple rings to strengthen the sight and make it more durable. MRT housing is available for the one we mentioned here, also available for the 3 and 7 pins editions. You can choose a small or a large ring with the 5-pin version. 

If you use the larger ring, it will help illuminate the sight light better. You need to buy the sight light differently. They won’t include one with the sight. 

The blade-style pin is quite nice to look at. The illumination on the tip of the blade gets plenty bright. You won’t face any issues while using this sight. If you are used to the look of fiber pins, then it will take a day or two to get adjusted. Once you do, you will wreak havoc. 

Axcel 5 Pin Fiber Armortech HD Hunting Sight


Dimensions: 9.25 x 8 x 4.5″; Pins: 5; Pin Size: .019; Sport Type: Hunting; Weight: 0.15 P.

The next sight on our list is from Axcel. If you have read our best 3-pin bow sight review. You know we have featured the same sight there? Why you ask? 

This sight is available in both 3 and 5 pins variants. That’s why it was featured in the 3-Pin review. And we are reviewing it here now. The parent configuration is the same. You get the sturdy aluminum build. You need to mount it on the right side of the bow. That means it’s not for left-handed people.

Axcel is a US-based manufacturer. Armortech HD is made in the USA and supported by US-based customer service. The pins are made out of Armortech fiber. A high-quality optical fiber. It’s more durable and stable than regular optical fiber. As for brightness, they are similar to a regular optical fiber. 

You won’t get any sight light with this sight. But you can always grab one from a third-party vendor and increase the low-light performance of this sight. 

The bubble level is on the inside of the sight. Instead of sitting in the middle of the ring, it’s on the outer side of the ring. This way it’s easier to read the level and adjust the height of the sight. Of course, you will get windage and elevation adjustments. The vertical ruler is engraved on the right side of the body. 

It’s priced lower than Trophy Ridge and other sights. It’s quite good. But if you don’t like this type of pin setup. That’s understandable. If you don’t have any problems with how the pins look. Then this can be a great gateway of flagship pin sights for you. 

Black Gold Widow Maker 5 Pin Bow Sight


Sight Type: Fixed; Pins: 5; Pin Size: .019; Housing Size: 2 Inches; Weight: 6.4 Oz.

Black Gold Widow Maker 5 pin bow sight and the character called Widowmaker from the game Overwatch is not the same. Widow Maker here features a top-mounted skycoil.

Skycoils are used to gather more light. The coil gathers light and transmits it to the fiber optic pins. Then the pins become brighter. 

The construction material of this sight is aluminum. Aluminum is one of the most used materials for any sight-related products. Widow Maker includes micro-sight adjustments. That means you can change the slightest windage and elevation according to your needs. 

The knobs to adjust these settings are quite sturdy as well. I like the texture of these knobs. You have multiple mounting options. Depending on how close you want the sight to be.

IQ Bowsight Micro 5 Pin Compound Bow Sight


Retina Lock Technology: Yes; Pins: 5; Pin Size: .019; Hand: Both; Weight: 7.4 Oz.

IQ Bowsight Micro is another eyesight that is also available in 3 3-pin design. If you don’t like the 5-pins design, then you can take the 3-pins version of this same sight. 

This is a universal sight. Meaning you can use it as both left and right-handed sight without any problems. The 2019 version of this sight is the upgraded one. They haven’t released any 2020 version yet. If you are buying this, check the link below. It will take you to the latest version of the sight. 

The windage and elevation adjustment knobs on this sight are tool-free. Most bow sight gives a tool to adjust the knobs. It’s to make sure the adjustment doesn’t get messed up when you throw the bow around. That won’t be an issue here. As the knobs are quite sturdy and stay in place. 

This sight doesn’t use any batteries to power up the light. Making it legal in every state of the US. A lot of states doesn’t allow rheostat or sight lights. You will find the required tool to mount this. Inside the package. Also, you will find the retina lock technology present here too. It’s an advanced technology made by IQ to use in their bow sights. 

The instant feedback from the retina lock technology will identify the slightest torque or anchor point change. This will help you improve the long-range shot accuracy. The price of this sight is under $150. You are getting an incredible sight from an incredible brand. Those two reasons are enough to get this sight. 

IQ Bowsight Micro 3 or 5 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight with Retina Lock Technology - Left and Right Hand
  • ADJUSTABLE 2nd AXIS - Rheostat Sight Light accessory S15000 (sold separately). IQ Micro Bowsight Weighs 7.4 oz.

Trophy Ridge React H5 5-Pin Bow Sight


Sport Type: Archery; Pins: 5; Pin Size: .019; Hand: Both; Weight: 1 Pound.

It doesn’t happen every day when we start and finish with the same brand. React H5 is the smaller brother of React Pro 5. This is also a 5-pin bow sight. This sight is available for both left and right-handed archers. I don’t know why but the left-handed version costs more than the right hand. 

Both versions are made out of aluminum. Durable and ideal material for the sights. You will need a tool to adjust the sight. Trophy Ridge will include the tools inside the box. Once you adjust the two-pin adjustments. The accuracy of this sight can give a riflescope a run for its money. 

With windage and elevation knobs, you are also getting 2nd axis adjustment. Sadly 3rd axis adjustment is not available here. If you want that, you should get the React Pro instead.

You can easily mount a rheostat light on this sight. The pins get plenty of bright. The placement of the skycoil is quite ideal. For the price it’s coming at, it’s not hard to suggest this sight to anyone. 

Frequently ASKED Questions

Is 5 Pin Bow Sight Better Than 3 Pin?

It depends. If you don’t want to take your time and calibrate the extra pins, then you won’t like 5 pin sights. That will seem like extra work for you. That makes 5 pin sight a bad choice for you. But if you are someone that requires a long-range sight with accurate measurements, then 5 pin sight will be better for you. That’s why I said depends.

Are Bow Sights Accurate?

Out of the box? No, they won’t be accurate out of the box. They are calibrated with a bow that is very different from what you have on your hands. To make it accurate and hit the bullseye in every shot, you will need to calibrate it according to your usage.

It will take some time to find the groove and rhythm. Once you do, you will hit the bullseye like there is no tomorrow.

Does Pin Placement Matter On Bow Sights?

It’s kind of a difficult question to answer. For a single pin sight, I would prefer if the pin was vertical, not horizontal. But for others, horizontal is a must. Or else you won’t be able to fit them vertically without crowding the sight.

Best 5 Pin Bow Sight Summary

That was a lot to cover, wasn’t it? But we did it. I hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions left, don’t forget to ask them in the comments. Remember I read them all. 

If it’s not too much trouble for you, bookmark our website. So you can come back another day to read another fabulous review. Till then, stay safe, keep chasing. 

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