Best Light For M&P Shield – Illuminating The Path To Victory!

Smith & Wesson launched their M&P Shield to give you one of the best shooting experiences with their two most popular calibers- 9mm Luger and 40 S&W. To make sure you are having the best experience throughout the day and the night, you will need something to illuminate your targets.

And that something would be a weapon light. However, finding the best shield light options can be an overwhelming process. Normally, you can find several lights to choose from. But going through every product is not only tiring but also very confusing.

Now, you can either look for your very own light options which will be a very long and confusing process. Or, you can just follow the reviews I have jotted down below. You can also take a look at the buying guide to make sure you know every detail to choose the right product. So, let’s begin!

Best M&P Shield Laser Light Combo – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Streamlight 69273 TLR-6 Tactical Pistol Mount Light

Streamlight TLR-6 is designed to work best on both M&P Shield 9mm and .40mm handguns. This integrated flashlight with a red laser has a 100-lumen brightness with 2000 candela peak beam intensity. The red laser also has a 640-660nm wavelength.

The light itself has a parabolic reflector to create a perfect balance of beam and peripheral illumination. The product comes with 2 CR1/3N lithium batteries. It has 1 hour of runtime with both laser and light on. But with only the laser light on, you can use it for up to 11 hours.

You can remove and replace the batteries while the light is mounted on the gun. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about zeroing it every time. The product also has 1-meter impact resistance, meaning it can take low to medium fallout.

Another important feature of this light laser combo is the windage and elevation adjustment screws you can find in the brass bushing. It will ensure a long life and dependable zero retention of the laser.

What kind of holster will work for M&P Shield 9mm and .40mm with this light?

Some companies make custom-fit holsters for M&P Shield 9mm and .40mm which you can find in the market. This “M&P Shield 40 Holster” will also be good for your Shield with Streamlight TLR-6.

How can only laser mode be turned on?

You have to press both sides at the same time to go through different modes. Once you get to the laser-only mode turn the power off. That way it will only be in laser mode.

What is the water resistance rating of this product?

It is stated to have an IPX4 water resistance rating. It means your Streamlight TLR-6 for M&P Shield can take water splashes from any direction.

2. Crimson Trace LTG-770 Lightguard Weapon Light

The instant activation with ambidextrous operation is an important feature of the Crimson Trace 770 model. The flashlight gives 110 lumens of LED brightness that works best for short to medium-range shooting with your M&P Shield 2.0.

There are Tap-on and Tap-off controls for both right and left-handed shooters. This ensures immediate activation of the weapon light with constant and momentary-on options.

The product comes with two 1/3N batteries with 1 hour of runtime. Also, you don’t need to take off the light to remove the batteries. That way you don’t need to check zero each time.

In addition, Crimson Trace LTG-770 Lightguard has durable polymer housing. It gives 3 years of warranty and comes with a rapid change battery cap. Hence, it is quite reliable and convenient for tactical operations or nighttime plinking.

How can the modes be changed?

Pressing the button will turn on the power of the flashlight. To be able to change the modes, you have to double-press it.

Does the light have a strobe option in the modes?

Yes, the light comes with a strobe mode along with the white LED light. You can double-press the switch to use the strobe function.

Where can I find an M&P Shield Crimson Trace Lightguard holster?

You can use this “IWB Concealed S&W M&P Shield 2.0 Holster” with Crimson Trace Lightguard. It seems to be a good fit for the handgun.

3. Crimson Trace LL-801 Laserguard Pro Tactical Light

Another Crimson Trace product has awesome features to comply with your Shield handguns. The light laser combo gives 150 lumens of brightness output with 515 to 532nm visible green laser.

The LED white sight has a maximum power output of 5mW with a class 3R laser that is allowed by the law. The CR2 type battery has 2 hours of power run. The flashlight and laser combo has 4 modes dual mode, only flashlight and laser light mode, and a strobe mode.

There is a master ON/OFF switch for complete power-off mode. This also comes with a front activation button. The button will endure immediate light-up mode when you grip the gun normally.

Moreover, The product has a factory sight at 50 feet. You can easily adjust the windage and elevation of this laserguard according to your needs. Thus, you can work with it in a medium range with the flashlight and long-range shooting with the laser.

Is the laserguard waterproof?

The Crimson Trace Laserguard is not waterproof. You have to be careful with this product in case of sudden rain.

Does this product come with a red laser?

Yes, Crimson Trace laserguard also has a red laser option.

Does the flashlight come with a holster for M&P Shield 9mm gun?

The package does not include a holster. But you can go for this “Sidefire Holster” for both Shield 9mm and .40mm.

4. LaserMax Centerfire Light/Laser (Green) CF-SHIELD

The GripSense Technology in the LaserMax Centerfire works as a revolutionary invention for both modern and traditional shooters. This product has a Gripsense system that allows you to use your natural grip to turn on the light.

At the same time, you have the option to turn the sensory off and go for a traditional button-activated mode. This makes the sight a perfect tool for training, concealed carry, home defense, and backup use with your Shield 9mm and .40mm calibers.

It has a round and blended surface to ensure a smooth draw so that you can mount the light without any permanent alteration. It also comes with an ambidextrous switch to fit both left and right-handed shooters.

Additionally, the laser light combo has a 510-535nm green laser with 100-lumen mint light with less than 5mW power output. It can cover up to 20 yards of shooting range.

What are the other compatible M&P Shield guns for this light?

The LaserMax Centerfire works best for 2.0 9mm and .40mm calibers. However, it will not fit Shield Plus and other S&W EZ models.

What is the runtime of this product?

The LMS-2x13N battery gives almost 4 hours of runtime with 10 minutes of automatic timeout to save energy.

What type of holster will fit Shield handguns with this product?

There are various holsters in the market for M&P Shield handguns with this laser light. You can search for it yourself or you can go for this (Pro Carry S&W M&P Shield) one.

5. Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser Sight

What makes the Viridian Reactor 5 laser sight different from other tactical lights, is the sleek Ambi IWB ECR Holster that comes with the laser. It fits very well with M&P Shield handguns. This holster works as an instant power-up button to turn on the laser when you draw the gun.

The green laser beam has a 510-532nm wavelength with class 3R laser and almost 5mW power output. The green laser can reach up to 100 yards in daylight and 2 miles at night. This makes the laser a good targeting dot for longer-distance shooting.

The sight comes with two CR1/3N batteries that can save up to 6 hours of runtime. But this work time can be variable depending on the usage. It also has a two-color low battery indicator to let you know when to change the batteries.

In addition, the product has a high-strength thermo molded polymer body. It is very lightweight even with the batteries, making it portable in tactical situations.

How does the holster work to turn the laser on?

Before you insert the pistol into the holster, push the power button to turn on the laser. After putting it in, the laser will automatically turn off with the magnet in the holster. That way the laser will turn on when you draw the gun.

How much power life will the batteries give?

The battery life of this product is compromised because you have to replace the batteries quite often. The 6-hour runtime can drain the batteries pretty quickly. But, you can prolong the battery life by shutting off the laser light when you are not using it.

Will the provided holster work for left-handed shooters?

You are supposed to carry the holster of this laser sight as a “pocket holster”. That’s why it will work for both left and right-handed shooters.

Buying Guide for M&P Shield Light Options

This buying guide is here to help you with all the information you need to know about tactical lights. This way you get to decide what matches your preference perfectly. I have included the most important parts to know about weapon lights.

If you are still confused after going through the reviews, worry not. The following list will be a helping hand in your process of choosing the best S&W Shield light.


First, let’s talk about what kind of brightness you will need for your M&P Shield light. Although it depends on your personal choice, you will find products with different beam intensities. Normally, you will get brightness ranging from 100 lumens to 600 lumens.

In the case of laser light, the peak beam can have a 500 to 600 nm wavelength. You can choose only flashlight and laser light or you go for both. For your M&P Shield light, 100 to 300 lumens will be good for short-range shooting.

On the other hand, laser light with a 500 nm wavelength will cover a long range. You also need to look at the bulb. Generally, companies use white LED lights to save energy and have a prolonged life. As for the laser light, it is usually class 3R to give the highest intensity possible.

Light Throw

The distance coverage of a flashlight or beam is called its light throw. You can get a clear idea of the range your Shield light can cover through this. Normally, the light throw is directly related to the brightness output.

Lights can have an average light throw of 100 to 300 meters. These are for long-distance shooting. For more close-range hunting, go for 15 to 20 yards of beam distance. The wavelength of the laser beam will also give you an idea of the light throw of that product.


Most of the sight products use lithium batteries. They are easily replaceable and give high energy. The batteries are always included in the package. The important thing here is the battery life of the light. This depends on the usage.

Some lights have a runtime of 30 minutes to one hour for continuous activation. Laser lights can run up to 11 hours. But the time will rapidly change when you combine it with a white LED light.

Types of Illumination

Illumination is another important aspect of flashlights. Different types of illumination in the products and their use also change with it.

Red illumination works best for nighttime hunting. Whereas, white LED lights are used in both day and night time settings. The laser lights are useful in both conditions but their intensity and light throw will be different.


At this point, you must be sure whether the light you choose is compatible with your M&P Shield guns. You can simply look at their compatibility list to find out.

You can also get products with a universal accessory kit to fit almost every gun model. Usually, M&P Shield 9mm and 40 have similar frames. Hence, you can use the same light for both. For other models, be sure to check the list.


A product’s durability is related to the water resistance ratings and housing. The housing materials are mostly pretty strong. But when it comes to water resistance, different lights have various ratings.

Water resistance ratings start from IPX4 which is the lowest level. IPX5 and IPX6 give an average resistance. It means the lights are safe from rain and water sprays. IPX7 is the highest level as you can keep your gun with the light underwater for 30 minutes.


This is an optional choice. Holsters are there to help you carry your handguns conveniently. It is up to you, what kind of holster you prefer.

Most of the time, it is difficult to find a good holster for M&P Shield handguns with an extra sight. You can either custom make the holster to go with the light and gun. Or, you can search for it here.


It is a long and confusing process to find the best light for your M&P Shield handgun. But the reviews are here to help you narrow down that long list. You can go for only a flashlight or laser light for any Shield carry guns. There are light and laser combo options that you can choose from as well.

Besides, the buying guide will help you to be extra mindful of the important details so that you don’t miss out on anything. Now, it’s your turn. Choose wisely!

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