Best Predator Hunting Light – Top 10 in 2020 [Guide & Top Picks]


When you are hunting at the night, you are playing a dangerous game in the enemy home field. The animals will have an advantage over you as most of the animals can clearly see during the pitch-black night. 

If the prey gets the vision advantage game, then you already lost the game. To prevent that from happening hunters use hunting light to aid them during the night. Only night vision rifle scope sometimes doesn’t cut it out. 

Hunting light is a necessary equipment for nighttime hunting. But finding the best predator hunting light for you can’t be that easy. There are thousands of options to choose from. With all the Chinese knock off brands joining the competition, the choice became even harder. 

That’s why today I will try to help you guys find the perfect hunting light for you. Sit down, get something to drink, and enjoy the read.

Best Predator Hunting Light

1. Wicked Lights W403iC & ScanPro iC Light

This combo package from Wicked Lights comes with the W403iC and a ScanPro iC red night hunting headlamp. Normally you place the hunting lamp over the rifle scope for optimal vision. The added night vision headlamp helps a lot in hog, varmint, and predator hunting. 

The W403iC will help you get the best possible vision for your rifle scope. While the headlamp will help you get a better knowledge about your surroundings.

You can control the intensity of the predator light. It will provide up to 300 meters of vision. 300 meters is no joke, that’s literally 3 football field’s worth in distance. 

A lot of animals are light sensitive. If you are hunting them then you need a light with intensity control. As we mentioned earlier, you can easily tune in the intensity of the light. According to your need or the animal you are hunting keep the intensity in check. 

Using the Scan and Kill technology you can change the beam width. You can keep the beam as a spot or increase it to flood mode. The whole package is made in USA and the warranty will be provided by the USA too. 

The included LED design is interchangeable. You get two red LED’s out of the box. If you want you can by a different one with your desired intensity. For the price, it’s an excellent hunting combo. 

2. Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Light

This double LED kit is best predator hunting light for hog hunting. The included package even includes made for hog hunting. But like every hunting LED you can do more than just hog hunting. 

The LED’s are in red and green. Choosing the LED color depends completely on you. If you like green then you shouldn’t use red. 

The package comes with a universal scope mount. No matter what kind of riflescope or crossbow scope you may have, you should be able to mount this hunting light. 

If you don’t want to mount it on top of your riflescope, then you have to make sure your gun has Picatinny rail support. This hunting light supports Picatinny rail. The battery is rechargeable and it’s 4500 mah battery. That’s a huge battery. If you own a power bank then you can charge the light on the go. 

The light intensity setting of this light is quite good. You can just switch on the remote intensity switch. If you turn that on then you don’t even need to move your hand from the trigger point. There is a rubber halo shield that can control the halo of the light. If you don’t want the unnecessary halo then you can turn off that. 

The visual clarity of the light is quite good. You can easily see up to 400 meters. That’s a long distance. Almost half a mile. On top of that, the pricing is not high at all. It’s quite a competitive pricing. 

3. Wicked Lights W403IC Predator Night Light

The main difference of this package from the first one we shared is, this package does not include the ScanPro headlamp. It’s suitable for people that don’t want to spend the extra $100 on a headlamp. 

This hunting light is an excellent choice for anyone that is looking for a good hog, varmint, or predator hunting light.

It can easily help you see up to 400 yards or around 300 meters. You can mount it on top of your riflescope with the included mount. 

You can zoom in the light to focus on the prey. We mentioned it earlier, you can control the intensity of this light easily. But there is no green LED option for it. You only get it in red.

But you do get 2 free LED’s to change intensity.

You can also opt for a green LED from a third party if you want. If you are living in the USA, you can easily avail of the warranty. As the manufacturer is from the USA.

4. Orion M30C 700 Predator Hunting Light

Orion M30C 700 comes in two different colors. You can either opt for the red LED or the green. Both of the options are priced the same. 

The light is super bright and can illuminate up to 377 yards. That’s more than enough when you are hunting for hogs or varmint. 

The mount is easy to use and can be mounted on any rifle scope. The weight of the light is not that much. You won’t feel like you are carrying extra weight on top. 

There are three brightness settings available in the light. You can select any of the brightness levels by pressing a button on the light. 

The included 2 sets of batteries are rechargeable. They will be enough to power you up for months.

The package includes a lot of accessories. Orion made sure you don’t look at other third parties for accessories. You will get the light in green or red LED depending on your choice, Pressure Switch, Mounts, Two batteries, Charger w/ car adapter inside the package. 

All of those without any extra price (What are you waiting for?). Overall it’s an excellent hunting light for the price.

5. Wicked Lights A48iC RED Night Hunting Light

Another hunting light from Wicked Lights. This time it’s also a light kit without any headlamp. Wicked lights mainly make lights for varmint or hog hunters. That’s why they typically have around 400yards of range. This light unfortunately does not have anywhere near 400 yards of range. 

This is a budget light for budget-oriented people. That’s why Wicked Lights cut some corners in the range department. 

This light is solid up to 200 yards. Beyond that, it starts losing credibility. 200 yards is more than enough for a varmint or hog hunters. Thus making it a good option for hunters. 

The included red LED can be changed. You can opt for a green one but you have to buy that from a third party. Wicked Lights only has a red LED option available. But thankfully they didn’t cut off the zoom option with ScanKill technology. 

Besides the range, there aren’t any complaints about the light from my end. Sure you can argue they should have provided more range, but I will take solid 200 yards performance over vague 350 yards range any day

6. Nitecore P30 1000 Lumens 676 Yards Light

Nitecore P30 is one powerful hunting light. At first glance, you won’t be able to differentiate it from a regular torchlight. It’s basically a torchlight with night vision functionality and a mount for riflescopes. 

As this is a powerful 1000 lumens LED light. It can brighten a path up to 676 yards. This LED has the highest range among all the lights we mentioned so far. This light is super lightweight, you won’t even feel that there is a light on top of your riflescope. 

There is also an LED battery indicator on the top half of the light. The light is waterproof and made out of strong aluminum. It won’t catch any rust whatsoever. The LED is not red or green, it’s white like your regular torchlight. But Nitecore does provide you accessories to make the light look green or red. 

And yes those accessories are included for free. There is also a pressure switch included in the box. Pressure switches are easier to use than regular pressing switches. Thanks, Nitecore for that. 

You can use three modes, strobe, SOS, beacon. 

For under $150 this light provides an insane value. When you are not hunting you can just use this light as a regular torch. Without any doubt, it’s one of the best predator hunting lights available on the market.

7. Orion H30 273 Yards Predator Hunting Light

Unlike the bigger Orion P30 1000 lumens which have a huge 676-yards range. This is the more budget-friendly hunting light from Orion. As for the looks, you can call it the smaller brother of P30.

Unlike the bigger brother which comes with a white LED, you can choose H30 with red or green LED. Like standard hunting lights. 

It is not that powerful, the range is around 273 yards. This range is perfectly fine for coyote, varmint, or hog hunting. 

Depending on your preference you can go for the red or green option. The LED inside the package will have that color. Not like extension accessories of P30.

It includes a charging pad for your batteries. Also, mount for mounting on a riflescope.

The pressure switch and the battery is included. You can recharge the battery with the unique charger Orion provides. It’s a budget light, that’s why it has fewer features than P30. If you want to know the best between the two, I have to side for the P30. 

8. GearOZ Coon Hunting Predator Light

GearOZ Coon is a headlamp light. Not a torchlight. If you don’t like headlamps then you shouldn’t go for this. It’s a versatile hunting light that can be used for bow fishing as well. 

You can get it with a black cap, a camo cap, or the headlamp only. If you already have a hard surface helmet where you want to place the lamp. Then go for the barebone lamp the only option. The included cap is comfortable and breathable. 

You will find 3 modes on the light, regular white mode, dim white light mode, and ultra-white light mode. The ultra-white light mode is the brightest and the spread of that mode is also the widest. 

Depending on what light mode you use, the battery life of the headlamp will highly vary.

The max range of the light in dim light mode is 800 yards! That’s insane. Even with the highest mode, you will get 500 yards of range. 

There are 3 mini LED’s that offer Amber, Red, and Green color mode. But those one has a little over 50 yards of range. If you want more clarity and a powerful beam stick with the white LED mode. If you want to change the color of the main LED, you can use the extension cap given inside the box. 

9. Nitecore MH25GT 1000 494 Yards Hunting Light

Nitecore MH25GT is a budget 1000 lumens option for hunters. The range of this light is excellent. You can see clearly up to 494 yards. That’s enough for any type of hunting. 

You can easily mount this on top of your rifle scope. If you are not hunting and just want to take a stroll around the house, you can use this light as torchlight too.

It’s not easy to find a good 1000 lumens light on the budget. Props to Nitecore for making the MH25GT.

The LED illuminates white light. You will find two colored caps that mounts in front of the light. The colored caps come in red and green. 

If you add the color caps, the range will reduce slightly. As the natural LED is not of that color. You are forcing it to illuminate a different color.

All in all, it’s an excellent hunting light and surely deserves its place in our best predator hunting light review post. 

10. Class-2 NightSnipe Fixed Beam Predator Light

I want to say this at the very beginning. I really like the packaging of this light. It makes you feel like you are a professional hitman and setting up your gun. I am sorry if that joke was inappropriate. 

But honestly, though, the packaging is absolutely brilliant and well thought out. 

The torchlight is crafted from T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum. And it’s one of the cheapest flights on the list. 

The range of this light is over 200 yards. The included eyeshine has a 400+ yards range. The light is easy to mount on top of your scope. You can choose from red or green LED.

It’s great for any type of short to medium-range hunting.

Best Predator Hunting Light: Conclusion

We hope that you found the right option for your hunting sessions. I tried to provide some of the best lights without going too ham on the budget. 

I will appreciate it if you bookmark TargetChaser and come back for more hunting-related info and reviews. If you have any questions left don’t forget to ask them in the comments. 

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