Sig Romeo 5 VS Vortex Sparc AR [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Red dot sight can increase your vision game. It can also increase your stress level. Choosing a red dot sight has always been challenging. You have so many options to choose from, it’s easy to get confused among them.

Two such options are Sig Romeo 5 and Vortex Sparc AR. What happens when you put two goliaths of sight against each other? A fight to behold.

Both of these sights are nothing less than amazing. From their appealing price tag to their appealing look. Simply put, you guys are in for a treat.

Let’s find out which one is the better between Sig Romeo 5 VS Vortex Sparc AR.

Sig Romeo 5/ Vortex Sparc AR – Outlooks

Sig Romeo 5/ Vortex Sparc AR – Specs

SpecsSig Romeo 5Vortex Sparc AR
Weight145 Grams212 Grams
AdjustmentsWindage, Elevation, BrightnessWindage, Elevation, Brightness

Sig Romeo 5 VS Vortex Sparc AR – Differences

  • Sparc AR is heavier than Romeo 5.
  • Sparc AR uses an AAA battery whereas Romeo uses 2032.
  • Romeo 5 has an IPX7 rating, but Sparc AR doesn’t.
  • Romeo 5 is smaller.
  • Sparc AR is a multi-mount sight.


Romeo 5: The lens used here is fully multi-coated. The lens is also clear and bright. There is a daylight setting and night vision setting present in the sight. As the sight uses a battery to illuminate the reticle, you can increase the reticle brightness as you desire.

Glass-etched reticle is the norm now and I am all up for it. As the sight is also shockproof, you could pair it up with any semi/automatic AR and you won’t face any problems whatsoever.

Sparc AR: As the name suggests, this sight was mainly made for AR rifles. Vortex knows how to grab the attention of the customer. You also get the glorious Vortex lenses here. Fully multi-coated and nitrogen purged. They are scratch-resistant to a certain degree as well.


Sig Romeo 5: Durability is a running concern among hunters when it comes to sight. Nobody wants their sight to die on them. Romeo 5 is made out of high-quality aluminum. The aluminum housing is also nitrogen-purged. That makes the sight water and fogproof. There is no O-ring sealing. However, the joints are more than durable.

Vortex Sparc AR: The choice of material here is also high-grade aluminum. Vortex never checks out the quality of its product. They will rather charge higher than charging low with a crap quality. Sparc AR is no exception. There is no anodization or sealing issue present in the sight.

Unlike Romeo, Sparc features an O-ring sealing. O-ring sealing makes a sight completely waterproof. Thanks to those sealing, water or moisture can’t leak inside the sight. To prevent from moisture getting in completely, the entire sight is purged with nitrogen. A great material to eliminate any kind of fogging.


Romeo 5: Romeo 5 is scarily accurate in short-range shooting. Paired up with a magnifier, it shows good potential as well. 2MOA red dot reticle is perfect for this sight. There isn’t too much clutter on the screen to make you distracted.

If you tune the sight with your gun and you know how to aim, I don’t see why you should miss a shot with Romeo 5.

Sparc AR: Vortex always takes extra care while making a sight. They even have the US Army participating as beta tester for their sights. As the stakes are high, Vortex has to show results on the field. Like always, they delivered. Sparc AR is a scarily accurate sight from short to medium-range. While you will need a magnifier to get the best possible performance in med-range, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

This sight also features a 2MOA red dot reticle with zero clusters. It’s just you, your eye, and bullseye. Alright, I will see myself out.


Sig Romeo 5: Romeo 5 is a small sight. Even with the mount the height of that sight is quite short. The total length of Romeo 5 is 62.7mm. The length difference is quite largely noticeable.

The size however shouldn’t matter much unless you are trying to mount this on top of another scope. In just the rail, this height is fine and there is more than enough space to add a magnifier in front of the sight.

Vortex Sparc AR: Sparc AR is slightly longer than Romeo 5. It’s not too big. The overall length of this sight is just short of 3 inches. That’s still bigger than Romeo by .5 inches. That’s why I said the difference is noticeable. But this size difference doesn’t indicate performance. This sight doesn’t perform better for the increased length.


Sig Romeo 5: Romeo weighs around 145 grams or 5.1oz. It’s a lightweight small sight. It does sit a bit taller than other small-mounted sights. The depth of the sight gives it an extra glare effect to it. But without a mount, this sight is a tiny baby.

Again, don’t let the appearance fool you. This thing packs a solid punch.

Vortex Sparc AR: The weight of Vortex Sparc AR is 212 grams. It’s 2oz or nearly 80 grams heavier than Romeo 5. Well, a majority of the weight comes thanks to the big battery. It uses a AAA battery which can increase the weight a lot. If you don’t want brightness, you could just get rid of the battery and save an extra 10 or so grams.

Sig Romeo 5/ Vortex Sparc AR – Videos

Sig Romeo 5 VS Vortex Sparc AR – Summary

Sig Sauer and Vortex make a lot of things besides sights. But when it comes to sight, both of them have a record of making good sights throughout their existence. That’s something not every company can claim.

Sig Romeo 5 vs Vortex Sparc AR was a fabulous hard-fought battle. But there can be only one winner. And that’s you.

These sights have a little price gap between them and that gap may be the decider. Both of them are excellent and feature a lot of similarities. Above all, they are excellent sights and get the job done.

If you have brand partiality, you are welcome to choose that brand. But if you can spend the extra, go for Sparc. You will get a lot extra with that one.

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