Truglo TFX VS Trijicon HD [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Truglo TFX is a budget sight that can be found on many people’s Wishlist. TFX is a great sight when comes to night sights for pistols. When you compare it against many other sights, often Truglo will take the dove.

What happens when you compare against an equally good sight? That’s right, I am talking about the Trijicon HD series. Trijicon HD series is a lineup of sights that has plenty of sights in their arsenal. More than Truglo.

So, who is the winner between Truglo TFX vs Trijicon HD? Which one should you choose and why?

Let’s find out.

Truglo TFX/ Trijicon HD – Outlooks

Truglo TFX/ Trijicon HD – Specs

SpecsTruglo TFXTrijicon HD
Mounting TypeNot IncludedNot Included
Front Sight Size(WXH)0.150×0.200 inches0.144×0.268 inches
Back Sight Size(WXH)0.67×0.180 inches0.169×0.321 inches
Weight0.01 lbs0.11 lbs
BatteryNot requiredNot required

Truglo TFX VS Trijicon HD – Differences

  • Truglo TFX is lighter than Trijicon HD.
  • Truglo TFX has a shorter front sight.
  • Trijicon HD has a bigger rear sight.
  • Trijicon supports more guns than Truglo.


Truglo TFX: From build quality to performance, this sight speaks of quality. You wouldn’t think of this sight this highly when you first see the price. Don’t judge a sight by its price. It outperformed other sights in this price range. QC has been on point as well. By any chance, if you receive a broken model, you can easily get a replacement for that.

Trijicon HD: Trijicon used high-quality tritium glow sticks here to make their sight stand out. They did find success with that. Those tritium glow sticks are something. They are clear and vivid. Doesn’t produce off-color. Doesn’t lose contrast at all. Overall, solid.


Truglo TFX: Truglo TFX uses a tritium glow stick to work during the night. And it works flawlessly. The tritium sticks are protected by aluminum cylinders. Those cylinders then have a protection layer of rubber armor coating around them.

Making this sight extremely durable and effective at its job.

Trijicon HD: Much like the TFX, HD is made similarly. Now that I think about it, all sights are made similarly. This is the most effective way of securing the tritium glow stick and making it waterproof as well.

It may as well outlast your weapon. They are that durable. You can easily swap the sights to your new gun when you get one as well. Of course, that gun has to support the HD series.


Truglo TFX: Truglo performs as well as you expect it to. It’s a small and affordable sight. That doesn’t make it bad by any means. It can easily give much more expensive sights a run for their money.

Tritium sticks get just bright enough to the point they are not a nuisance. You can see them clearly during both day and night. Handgun iron sights aren’t that accurate. When you add these sights on top of your handgun to help you with that sight, you will love what you see.

Trijicon HD: The Trijicon HD series doesn’t use any lens. Despite having HD in their name. While they don’t have HD glasses, they do have tritium sticks that get as bright as an HD glass. So, it’s not all false info. The performance of this sight is praiseworthy as well. It can go toe to toe with both TFX and TFX Pro.

Something not all of sight can take credit for.


Truglo TFX: Truglo sits lower but is wider. I like wide sights. That’s just me. They help me aim better. But that may be different for you. It’s preference after all.

It’s not too over the top. It’s still tame and you can see the sight from a distance. This size of sight is just perfect in my opinion.

Trijicon HD: You can see from the specs sheet that the Trijicon HD sight sits higher than Truglo. In both the rear and front end. But the front width is much smaller. If that’s your thing, then this is the obvious choice.

But if you are okay with a slightly wider sight, then go for Truglo TFX.


Truglo TFX: Funnily enough, both Truglo TFX and TFX Pro share the same weight. Both of them are weighed at mere 0.01 lbs. That’s like nothing. I bet, my breath is heavier than these sights.

But that’s a good thing. People who want a lightweight sight, they got their wish.

Trijicon HD: The weight of Trijicon HD is speculated a lot. As Trijicon never disclosed what’s the actual weight of the sight, it was up to users to find out that weight. According to our findings, it weighs 0.11 lbs. That’s not heavy at all. It won’t add too much weight on your sight. Keep in mind, that that includes both of the sights combined.

Trijicon should come clean about the weight of their sights.

Truglo TFX/ Trijicon HD – Videos

Truglo TFX VS Trijicon HD – Summary

Truglo TFX vs Trijicon HD has been a treat to watch. That’s because both of these sights are way too similar. From price to specifications. It’s almost like the same sight just different variations.

That’s not the truth of course. They are from two great brands. At the end of the day, brand favoritism will play a huge role here.

Also, if your sight doesn’t support the TFX or TFX pro, the obvious choice here is Trijicon HD. You might also want to take a look at Trijicon HD XR while you are at it. Till next time.

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