Truglo TFX VS TFO [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

The Truglo TFX series has been the go-to night sight for pistols for a long time now. Their TFX and TFX Pro series are the easy recommendation to any Glock or other handgun owners. Naturally, we trust in Truglo and in what they make. Truglo TFO may not be as popular as TFX or TFX Pro, but it does deserve an equal stand. Or does it?

Let’s find out the differences between Truglo TFX vs TFO.

Truglo TFX/ TFO – Outlooks

Truglo TFX/ TFO – Specs

SpecsTruglo TFXTruglo TFO
Weight0.01 lbs0.1 lbs
TritiumGreen/Yellow dotGreen dot
BatteryNot requiredNot required
Mounting TypeNot IncludedNot Included

Truglo TFX VS TFO – Differences

  • Truglo TFO is slightly lighter.
  • Truglo TFO features a different color rear sight.
  • Truglo TFX uses a white ring around the front sight whereas TFO has none.


Truglo TFX: It is made out of a high-quality CNC aluminum and rubber mixture. Both of them protect the tritium sight from getting damaged. Both armor does an excellent job at that as well.

TFX is a well-made sight.

Truglo TFO: It is quite an old sight. It’s surprising how well this sight aged. I know Truglo released newer batches of the sight to support new guns. But the formula is the same old. Rubber armor coating is quite nice as well. The sight is so well-made. It’s hard to find these well-made sights nowadays.


Truglo TFX: Truglo uses a layer of aluminum to protect the tritium stick inside. Then they cover the aluminum cylinder with a layer of rubber. The one that you see as a sight. Double protection makes sure the tritium stays in place intact.

Truglo TFO: This One is made in the same way. Tritium glow sticks are protected by aluminum and rubber armor. The problem with rubber armor is, that they are not sturdy enough to stay safe from sharp cuts.

But, why would you cut your sigh with something sharp? Doesn’t make any sense, right?


Truglo TFX: It gets extremely bright during the night. During the day, it says neutral color and doesn’t distract you. That’s a good thing. We don’t want to stare at a bright orange circle while targeting a bright red dot.

Accuracy will depend mostly on you. But the raw accuracy of this sight is quite good.

Truglo TFO: TFO is in the same boat as TFX. Both use high-quality tritium glow sticks to help during the night. And both of them stay silent during the day. Performance is on par with TFX. Accuracy is good and night vision is clear as well. As expected from Truglo.


Truglo TFX: It is rather a small night sight. The front height of this sight is only 0.200”. While the rear height is 0.180”. As you can see, without the base the height this sight isn’t too much to dwell on. Let’s just say it’s the perfect height and move on.

Truglo TFO: The height of the front sight of TFO is 0.15” and the rear is around 0.17”. It’s also a small sight as well. Keep in mind that Truglo has been making these sights for well over a decade now. The information can very well change depending on the mold used by Truglo.


Truglo TFX: It’s a night sight. They contain a tritium bright stick to glow during the night and stay quiet during the day. They weigh next to nothing. There is no disclosed weight on their listing or body either. But from a lot of digging and measuring, the weight of TFX is around 0.11 lbs. That’s like nothing. Even in grams that’s less than 50 grams. You can just place it on top of the gun and forget you added anything to the gun.

Truglo TFO: It seems to be lighter than TFX and TFX Pro. As Truglo didn’t disclose anything regarding this, we can only speculate why one is lighter. TFO weighs around 0.01lbs. The weight difference is more noticeable than you think.

Truglo TFX/ TFO – Videos

Truglo TFX VS TFO – Summary

I know this was shorter than expected. To be honest, there aren’t many if any differences present between the two sights. Sure, you have hoped someone to win between Truglo TFX vs TFO. The thing is, both of them are old and are available for many different guns. TFO supports fewer guns compared to TFX.

If your gun doesn’t support one, get the other one.

TFX Pro is a great option as well. But between these two, either is fine.

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