Ravin r10 vs Ravin r20: Which Is The Best Comparison Of The Beast

The Ravin r10 & Ravin r20 have been reviewed on the site previously. If you haven’t checked it out already make sure to do so. We are not going to review them again. This will be a simple comparison between Ravin r10 vs r20 which is the high-end crossbows that Ravin provides.

Ravin R10 & R20: Outlooks

Ravin R10 vs R20: Specs

SpecsRavin r10Ravin r20
Speed400 FPS430 FPS
Kinetic Energy142 FP-KE164 FP-KE
Power Stroke11 Inches13 Inches
Draw Weight220 LBS220 LBS
Axle To Axle6 / 10.5 Inches6 / 10.5 Inches
Cocking AidCrankCrank
Width10.5 Inches10.5 Inches
Length33 Inches34.5 Inches
Weight6.8 LBS7.1 LBS

Difference In Body Quality

Both of them are top-of-the-line flagship models of crossbows from the manufacturer called Ravin. Both of them are made out of carbon fiber. Which makes them super durable while being lightweight. 

You won’t believe at first sight how light both of them are. Both of them feature the same camo design. While Ravin r10 is available in matte black too.

The weight difference is not that much either. Ravin r10 is 6.8 pounds and Ravin r20 is 7.1 pounds. Mind you none of them can be considered overweight. There are spotting scopes out there that weights 10 pounds.

But we are not talking about spotting scope today. On to the next point.

Difference In Optics Quality

Here comes one of the main differences. While the Ravin r10 features a 100-yard scope, the Ravin r20 features a scope from Vortex. In case you didn’t know Vortex is a famous outdoor sports optic manufacturer.

The scope Ravin r20 features is Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8×24 mm scope. This wide-angle lens beats the included scope of the Ravin r10 by a long margin. If your priority is the range of the scope you don’t need to read any further just buy the Ravin r20.

The multi-coated lens gives 8x zoom which is far more than the 100-yard optic of Ravin r10. This scope features a glass etched reticle. Single color no fancy multi-color options. But the optics are AR rifle quality. So, you can expect top of the line performance from it.

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Noise Suppression System

Great power comes with great responsibility, and just like that with great kinetic energy comes great sound while firing. 

None of Ravin’s crossbows are any different. Both of them feature excellent kinetic energy and Helicoil design. But that is not enough to make any of the crossbows silent.

Cocking Aid Mechanism

Both of the crossbow operates with a crank cocking aid. There is no difference here. The cocking mechanism is crisp and pretty safe. 

There is no chance of you misfiring the bolt while cocking.

Difference In Kinetic Energy

While the Ravin r10 can pull up a max kinetic energy of 142 FP-KE, the Ravin r20 goes an extra mile and pulls up 164 FP-KE. 

Once again I am going to say, that if you are someone who gets benefits from high speed by all means please go for the Ravin r20. You won’t regret it.

Ravin R10 vs R20 ‘s Speed

Here is another significant difference between the two. While Ravin r10 can fire up to 400 fps. The big brother Ravin r20 can fire up to 430fps. 30 fps makes a huge difference when it comes to competition shooting. 

But if you are just a short/medium-range hunter chances are you will see almost no difference. But we are not going to lie to you guys. 30 fps makes a difference. If you can benefit from higher speed by all means go for the Ravin r20.

Ravin R10 Crossbow Problems

There are a couple of cons with the Ravin R10, as we mentioned in our review. But let me slightly explain that once again. 

The crossbow (Ravin r10) suffers from something called clutch slipping. This mainly happens due to the removal docking mechanism. It is not a major issue it may happen once in every 20 bolt reloads or so. But it is worth mentioning.

Ravin R10 vs R20 Summary

If you can afford it go for the Ravin r20. But if you want something compact and good you can go for the Ravin r10. That is an excellent crossbow. You can understand why is that by reading the full review.

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