How To Clean Binoculars: 5 Useful Steps

Cleaning any lens-related object can be a little nerve-racking. The same goes for binoculars. One of the most commonly asked questions is how to clean binoculars. Well don’t worry today we are going to explain exactly that –

How To Clean Binoculars Lens

Remove all the dust from the lens of the binoculars. You can do that with a lens cleaning pen. In a lot of high-priced binoculars add one lens cleaning brush or pen in the box.

If your binocular doesn’t come with one then you need to buy it from elsewhere. They are available on Amazon and other online markets. Your local hardware shop might have them too.

Now that you managed one let’s move on. The tip of a lens cleaning pen is soft, it won’t damage the lens at all. Use that lens and clean every visible dust from the lens. Don’t forget the corners.

Or you can buy a can of air and use that. 

How To Clean Binoculars Inside

You must done the previous step before you move on. Because in this step we are going to use liquid. So, if you haven’t removed the surface dust they might leave a permanent mark alongside the water.

If you have done the previous step then proceed to moisture the Q-tip. You can use water if you don’t have a lens-cleaning solution. But we recommend lens cleaning solutions as they are made for lens cleaning.

Clear of rest of the dust with the help of the Q-tip. If your binoculars are waterproof then you can try rinsing it. But don’t go too hard and don’t squirt too much.

One thing you mustn’t forget that is, never use fluid that was meant to clean glasses or windows. They have chemicals that can harm your lens coating. That’s why lens coating solutions exist. You trying to be cheap may end up destroying your binoculars forever.

Bring Ford Your Microfiber Cloth

Pun intended, bring ford your microfiber cloth. Now that all of the cleaning has been done it’s time to add the finishing touch. Considering you have done the previous step correctly there shouldn’t be any dirt left only water or cleaning solution residue.

To clean that you should use microfiber cloths. They can wipe the lenses without leaving any kind of marking or dirt.

Regular clothes can leave strings on the lens or the rough patches can even hurt the coating of the lens. That is why you should use a microfiber cloth.

Repeat The Same Process For The Eyepiece

As we all know binoculars have 4 total lenses. 2 Objective and 2 eyepieces. By following the previous steps you have cleaned the objective lenses congrats on the job done well. Now, repeat the same procedures but this time on the eyepieces.

Remember, be gentle you don’t want to hurt the lens coating and leave permanent marks on the lens.

Please Maintain Some Safety Measures

All glasses users are known to the fact of wiping the dirt from their glasses by using a tee shirt. Please refrain from using your tee shirt as wipes. Your tee shirt isn’t made of microfiber cloth. Your tee-shirt will stain the lens coating and may even leave permanent markings.

All glasses users are well aware of this feeling. If your lenses are wearing off chances are you have done one of the steps wrong or used your worn-out tee-shirts to clean the lens.

Don’t even use tissue paper, microfiber cloths are made for cleaning glass-related stuff.


If you have done all the steps correctly and listened to our precautions then we are pretty sure your binocular is clean like brand new. If you have destroyed the lens that means you have done at least one of the steps wrong.

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