Aimpoint Acro P1 vs P2: Should You Upgrade?

Aimpoint Acro series is a series of open-reflex sights from Aimpoint. Under this banner, there are many micro-sights made so far that support all sorts of guns. They are used with handguns as well.

The best part about them is how easy they are to mount with the Acro interface. The goal of today is to find out the best between Aimpoint Acro P1 vs P2 and see if you should upgrade to Aimpoint Acro P2 if you have Acro P1 already.

Aimpoint Acro P1/ P2 – Outlooks

Aimpoint Acro P1/ P2 – Specs

SpecsAcro P1Acro P2
Clear Aperture16x16mm15x15mm
Size1.9 x 1.2 x 1.2 in1.9 x 1.3 x 1.2 in
Battery life1.5 years50k hours
Adjustment per click17mm20mm

At a Glance!

Let’s take a look at what sets them apart real quick and proceed to find out which one is more suited for you.

  • Both of them are at the same weight.
  • Aimpoint Acro P1 is just a little smaller than P2. But you cannot even see that.
  • Aimpoint Acro P2 has some shell reworks visually.
  • Acro P2 has a better clear aperture.
  • Acro P2 has better battery life.

Which One Should You Take Among Them?

You could go ahead and purchase either from the two and don’t bother reading ahead. But if you really want to know which one drives a better bargain and might be better suited for you, keep reading.


P1: The mounting footprint of P1 is part of the Acro interface. It’s easy to mount and supports handguns as well. If you want to use this as your optional sight on a pistol, you can do that easily. But if you want to use this as a reflex sight on your rifle, you can do that as well.

P2: In terms of mounting, they both are the same. The Acro P2 footprint is the same as the P1. An easy-to-mount sight. Supporting pistols and a wide range of guns, it’s one of the smallest sights on the market.

In terms of mounting style, there is no difference among them. You can’t go wrong with either as they share the same mounting footprint.


P1: The P1 is made out of high-strength aluminum. It’s been tested in classified ways to make sure it’s water, shock, and fogproof. On top of that, Aimpoint made sure the recoil from an AR and shotgun wouldn’t be able to harm this little thing. The exterior anodized finish makes it look really good as well.

P2: The P2 uses the same high-strength aluminum as all the other Aimpoint sights. It also has a semi-matte anodized finish to it. While it’s not 100% scratch-resistant, the hard anodized coating does protect the sight from unwanted scratches and drops. But it is 100% water, fog, and shockproof. Yes, the battery compartment is waterproof as well.

In terms of durability, I bet they both will last the same time. I mean, they are virtually the same thing with just some visual changes on P2.

Lens Clarity

P1: A good pair of lenses keeps a shooter happy for days. Aimpoint uses lenses made out of high-quality glasses. On top of that, they are fully multi-coated to gather more light and help you visualize the target. The lenses have an anti-glare coating to them as well. Keeping all the glaring sun out of your eyes. Light-gathering capability is quite good on this one. Low-light performance is excellent.

P2: Aimpoint Acro P-2 uses a similar glass to P-1. The key difference here is the clear aperture. While the P1 had 16x16mm aperture, this one had 15x15mm. It gathers plenty of light and gets extremely bright during low light. Even during daylight, the performance is impeccable. It’s well worth the money.

While both of them share similar types of glass to make lenses, they are not on the same spectrum. The P2 has slightly better clarity and vision. In terms of lens clarity alone, P2 is a better choice for most.


P1: The reticle size of Aimpoint Acro P-1 is 3.5 MOA. It’s a bit bigger than the standard 2 MOA you see often. But it doesn’t clog the field of view at all. In fact, it’s a perfect-sized red dot for a reflex sight in my opinion. The reticle is illuminated and it’s etched into the glass directly.

P2: P2 has the same exact reticle as P1. 3.5 MOA red dot with bright red illumination. It is clearly visible during bright sunlight and no sunlight even. There is nothing more to say about this, it’s the same as P1.

There is no difference in terms of reticles. They are both red and 3.5 MOA.


P1: As you guessed already, it’s an illuminated sight. That means it uses some sort of power to illuminate the reticle. In this case, it’s powered by a CR1255 3v lithium battery. That battery is capable of driving this at base magnification for 15k hours continuously. On top of that, you also get 4 levels of night vision setting on this that will consume more battery.

P2: In terms of battery and battery health, P2 is outright better. It uses a CR2032 battery that can run this sight continuously at base magnification for 50k hours. That’s a long time! Even with night vision mode on, you will end up getting more battery life than P1 any day of the week.

As you can see, the P2 has better battery life. But both of them have the same levels of brightness adjustments.

Aimpoint Acro P1/ P2 – Videos


And with that, we have reached the end. It was a wonderful journey for sure. Quite often you will come across similar posts cause Aimpoint just can’t stop making similar sights.

Hopefully, you found your answer and now know which one to choose between Aimpoint Acro P1 vs P2. With that said, that’s all for now. I will be back soon. Till then take care.

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