Armasight WWZ Review: Gen-1 Night Vision Scope

Let’s say you are looking for a night vision scope, and the scope has to be gen-1. The options there is not that much. When it comes to purchasing a brand new gen-1 night vision rifle scope the options are even smaller. The people that are looking for a decent price gen-1 night vision rifle scope.

Armasight WWZ: Outlooks

Armasight WWZ

Specifications | Magnification: 4x; Resolution: 40 lp/mm; Focus Range: 10m to infinity; Exit Pupil: 8 mm; Angular FOV: 12 Degree; Lens System: F1.4, 90 mm; Weight: 3.2 lbs.

Body Quality

While the body doesn’t use titanium it still uses aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent material for scopes. A lot of manufacturers use aluminum in most of their scopes. Because aluminum doesn’t catch rust and stays relatively lightweight.

It’s true in this case too. While the scope is not the most lightweight out there, the weight of this scope is 3.2 lbs. We know most hunters prefer around 2 lbs. But let’s be honest it’s a gen-1 night vision riflescope the IR illuminator packs a weight too.

The build quality is pretty strong and durable. It felt like the scope can take some solid hits. The scope has a top wheel focus to make your aim better and easier.

Optics Quality

The scope has 4x magnification. Like its competitor NVRS 3×42.

The optics are multi-coated. We are saying this based on the performance. Checked several sites there were no specific coating details.

The images were crisp and vivid. The optics can gather plenty of light making it viable for daytime use. During night time it uses a separate detachable 810nm IR light (more on that later). Overall for the money, the scope is quite valuable.

IR Illuminator

As you guys know this is a gen-1 night vision rifle scope. It doesn’t feature a fancy Obsidian core by ATN or CMOS sensors. It’s your regular scope but uses an IR illuminator to see at night.

The included IR illuminator is an 810 nm IR illuminator. It’s a long-range IR illuminator. The good thing about it is if someone wants even more range they can just detach the included IR illuminator flashlight and replace it with a long-range one.

You can easily do that. The base range of this illuminator is around 100 yards. That is plenty for nighttime hunting. As you are going to get close to the target to get an accurate shot.

100 yards may not be enough for a lot of people. But it may just be enough for you. If it is then you don’t need to go the extra mile to buy a third-party IR illuminator.

We don’t recommend anyone to buy an extra illuminator unless you are a hardcore user that snipes from quite a distance at night time.


The scope has a magnification of 4x. With the 810nm IR illuminator, 4x magnification is perfect. The magnification is not too much nor too little. For mid-range hunters, the scope has just the perfect magnification.


It’s an adjustable reticle. The reticle is illuminated and features two colors. The reticle is Red on green color. It comes really handy when shooting a moving character.

The crosshair has a red color to it. It is perfect to determine the target while looking for it.


  • 4x magnification.
  • Good body quality.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Detachable IR illuminator.
  • High-quality lens for both day and night use.


  • Sighting in can be a little hassle.
  • Some people complained about a narrow-sight picture at close range.

Armasight WWZ Review Summary

To end the review; we want to say that the gen-1 night vision riflescope is not for everyone. 

But if you are the type of person who still enjoys a gen-1 night vision riflescope you will love this one. The feature of changing the IR illuminator on the go is an excellent option to have.

It allows you to use it in every type of rifle. Because the body is aluminum it can take some hits from the reticle and you can increase the night vision by changing to a bigger IR illuminator.

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