Best Crossbow Under 300 – Top 10 in 2023 [Guide & Top Picks]

As the hunting season is closing in, it will bring a lot of new hunters. Crossbow hunting is one of the most fun things to do. Getting a license for a crossbow is easy to achieve. Crossbow is also easier to learn than a sniper rifle.

But at what cost? Most of the time a well-balanced crossbow costs over $600 and can go up to $3000. What if I told you, I could give you the best crossbow under 300 dollars! Did I catch your attention? That’s right, it’s 2020 anything is possible.

It was possible thanks to you guys. The one who read my posts and has been with me since I started doing these reviews. Without getting too emotional, let’s start the review already.

Best Crossbow Under 300

1. Pse Archery Coalition 380 Crossbow

Speed 380 FPS
Kinetic Energy 127 FT. lbs.
Power Stroke 14.5″
Axle-to-Axle 21.5″
Draw Weight 185 lbs.


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PSE Archery is one of the leading innovative manufacturers in the crossbow scene. They have been a fan-favorite brand for a long time now.

If you provide a good product for a good price, people will adore you for a lifetime. That’s what happened with Coalition. It’s a crossbow that is priced at around $300. A $300 crossbow that doesn’t compromise on many things.

Here we are, sipping a cup of coffee and discussing a crossbow. It’s a compact compound crossbow. That’s why even though the draw weight is at 185 lbs. You can cut that in half using a rope cocking device.

The max speed of this crossbow is 380 FPS! That’s not a joke, in our testing the average was over 370 FPS. For this price, it seems insane. I don’t understand how they managed to do it, but boy I am glad that they did.

The illuminated scope is pretty good as a stock scope. It’s nothing fancy, and includes the reticle need with illumination. If you want someone to convert to crossbow hunting and looking for a good gift. This can make their entire year.

2. Southland Archery SAS Crusher 325 Crossbow

Speed 325 FPS
Power Stroke 14.5″
Length 33″
Width 22″
Draw Weight 150lbs


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Southland Archery SAS crusher is the next budget crossbow on our list. Priced just at $300 this crossbow barely made the price cut. Is it worth it? Depends on what you want from it.

  • Do you want a beginner-level crossbow that won’t scare away with its draw weight?
  • Do you want a semi-powerful crossbow that a beginner and intermediate person will enjoy?

If both answers are yes, then this is a crossbow for you.

If you want a high speed, super powerful, and less draw weight. Then this is not the one you are looking for. This all-black crossbow looks like nothing but a toy at first glance. When you fire a couple of shots from it, it will start showing its true color.

Which is black, but you know what I mean. The draw weight of this crossbow is quite low. Coming at 150lbs it’s not impossible for beginners.

You can lower the number if you use a rope cocking device, the draw weight will be quite low. The sad thing is, Crusher does not come with any cocking assistance.

It’s a beginner crossbow through and through. The max power is 325 FPS. It’s enough to provide the thrill of hunting, and also enough for a beginner to control the bolt better.

If your teenager picked up your bow and wants one of their own, I can see a wide smile on his face. Gift him this one in the upcoming hunting season, or treat yourself to a brand-new crossbow. I mean come on, it’s only $300.

3. Barnett Jackal 315 Crossbow

Speed 380 FPS
Kinetic Energy 95 FT. lbs.
Power Stroke 12″
Weight 7.7 Pounds
Draw Weight 150 lbs.


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Now, this looks like a company we know. I know it doesn’t rhyme with the song from Slim Shady, but hey give me credit for trying at least.

Anyway, Barnett Jackal is the next crossbow coming to prove its worth today. As the name suggests, Jackal has a camo pattern that looks a lot similar to a jackal’s skin.

It’s one of the cheapest crossbows on today’s list. Coming at $230, this is one of the most sold crossbows on Amazon. Sitting a little under the 1000 mark (which I believe it will hit soon), this is a crowd favorite for sure.

It doesn’t offer extraordinary speed. The maximum speed of this crossbow is just a bit over 315 FPS. In my book, anything over 300 FPS is okay for hunting. Anything below 330 FPS is a learner crossbow for me. I know a lot of you will disagree, but hey you are welcome to do so.

The trigger creep is only 3.5 lbs. It’s not super high. It’s just enough for you to not misfire. The draw weight is 150 lbs. Not good, not terrible.

By spending $130 more, you can get the cocking device that Barnett makes. Is it worth it? If you are planning to use the Jackal for a good time and then upgrade to a better crossbow, heck yeah it’s worth it.

It’s a Complete crossbow package, that includes a quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight. Yeah, a red dot, not a magnified scope.

With 315 FPS, you are going to sneak in on the prey. At that distance, the red dot is more than enough. I think this is the best value-for-money crossbow under $300.

4. CenterPoint Volt 300 Compound Crossbow

Speed 300 FPS
Kinetic Energy 84 FPE
Power Stroke 10.5″
Weight 6.5 lbs
Draw Weight 130 lbs.


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Another brand that we have heard about. CenterPoint is not a new name in the industry. 

As always, CenterPoint spoils the speed of the crossbow in their name. Is it a good thing? Is it a bad thing? I don’t know, feel free to discuss that down below. I will be more than happy to jump into the conversation.

You can choose from three colors. Depending on the variant the color of the stock and some other parts will change. One more thing, those color palettes are interchangeable. If you buy this, you will rock a new crossbow every day and make everyone at the range jealous.

Let’s talk about the things that I like the most about this crossbow. The draw weight. It’s one of the most beginner-friendly draw weights that I ever saw. 130lbs is quite low. You can cut that by a huge margin if you decide to use cocking device.

You get a red dot scope from CenterPoint. It’s not the worst thing I ever saw, but it’s up there. The maximum speed it can reach is 300. Making it a desirable option for the newbies. It’s one of the better ones to start your crossbow career with.

5. XtremepowerUS Hybrid 160 Crossbow

Speed 160 FPS
Scope 4×32
Power Stroke 10″
Material Aluminum & Composite
Draw Weight 80 lbs.


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Last but not least Xtremepower hybrid is the best beginner crossbow in my opinion. Even a person who never held a crossbow before, shouldn’t have any trouble operating this crossbow.

The reasons are simple. The draw weight of this crossbow is a mere 80lbs! You didn’t hear me wrong. No, I didn’t put the wrong information either.

But that does come with a cost. The cost being speed and total power. It’s not suitable for hunting at all. With only 160 FPS you can’t hunt for anything. Unless you are settling down for a chicken.

It’s a great find for someone who never even thought of using a crossbow before. It will make their experience more pleasant.

Another selling point of this crossbow is its look. It looks so good. The scope on top of the crossbow looks good too. It’s a 4×32 crossbow scope. It’s calibrated for up to 50 yards. Honestly, anything beyond that for 160FPS is a far cry.


Every journey has an end. We need to part ways here. But I am glad I took my time to put up this review for you guys. There aren’t many options available. But these are some of the best if not the best crossbows under $200.

Like always, be safe and hunt safely. If you have any questions you know where to ask them.

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