Holosun 510C VS 512C [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Holosun sights are kind of a benchmark among enthusiasts. Holosun is known for its holographic and reflex sights. They make so good sights, often they end up colliding in the market. We have two such victims here who are fighting to prove their worth today.

That’s right, I am talking about the Holosun 510C and 512C. These two sights have many things in common.

We cannot compromise when it comes to close-range shooting. The sight needs to be solid and has to perform well. When you compare Holosun 510C vs Holosun 512C, the competition is nothing less than high-octane sports match.

Let’s find out.

Holosun 510C/ 512C – Outlooks

Holosun 510C/ 512C – Specs

SpecsHolosun 510CHolosun 512C
Weight4.94 Oz8.1 Oz
MaterialAluminumAluminum, Titanium hood
Brightness Settings10DL and 2NV10DL and 2NV
Reticle2MOA dot, 65 MOA circle2MOA dot, 65 MOA circle

Holosun 510C VS 512C – Differences

  • 510c is much lighter than 512c.
  • 512c uses titanium as the hood material. While 510c only uses aluminum for the entire thing.
  • 512c is bigger.
  • 512c sits much higher and looks much different than traditional reflex sight.


Holosun 510c: 510C is made out of aluminum through and through. Even the adjustment knobs are made out of aluminum. This material makes the sight incredibly strong. It is also rated at IP67 waterproof. You can submerge it into water, take it out, and use it like nothing happened.

Holosun spent quite a bit of time choosing the material.

The lenses on this sight are incredibly well-made as well. They are fully multi-coated to be scratch-resistant. They are also vibrant and bright. You also get 12 adjustable light settings on the sight. 10 of them are for daylight and 2 of them are for night vision.

Holosun 512C: 512c is made out of aluminum and titanium. The hood is constructed from titanium. It looks great and is quite durable. Titanium is a great material to work with. Holosun knows that and they are taking full advantage of that.

The lenses here are fully multi-coated as well. They are made out of durable and bright glass. There is a total of 12 adjustable brightness settings available in the sight. You can take full advantage of this sight in both day and night time.

They are as good as a sight can be. There are almost no flaws present in the sights. Except for some minor adjustment issues which you need to overcome yourself. There are little to no QC issues present in the sights. That’s some mad job Holosun did.


Holosun 510C: Like all other sights made by Holosun, 510c is also made with high-quality durable aluminum. There are no issues with the quality of the aluminum at all. It’s durable and premium-looking. The anodization is spot on as well. This sight has an IP67 rating. Making it completely waterproof.

Holosun 512C: 512C is made out of aluminum and titanium hood. The hood is constructed from titanium. Both of the materials used here are incredibly durable. They will protect the lens from any potential harm being done to them. They are quite great at doing that.

Just because 512c used a different material, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more durable. On a scale of durability, both of them will be at the same scale. Sure, the titanium hood does have a nice appeal to it. It serves the same purpose as aluminum. Protects the sight.


Holosun 510c: 510C looks more like your traditional red dot and holographic sight. There is no extra hood on top of the sight. It looks as it should. There is no difference visually from other sights in a similar price range.

Holosun 512C: One of the key differences between 510c and 512c is their appearance. They look nothing alike. Despite having identical specs, 512C features a hood over the sight that covers the entire sight. It almost looks like a holographic sight.


Holosun 510C: Size measurement is really important when choosing a sight for your rifle. If the size is too big and takes too much space on top of your rifle, you might not want to take that. The overall size of 510c is 3.3×1.68×1.78 inches. It’s the perfect size for rifles of any shapes and sizes. It feels great, has good weight distribution and it looks great as well.

Holosun 512C: Overall dimension of this sight is, 3.35×1.63×1.7 inches. Not that bigger than 510C. It is still slightly bigger and fatter. But it’s not noticeable by that margin. I was surprised how Holosun managed to pull this off. But hey! Let’s be glad they did.

In terms of size, they are quite similar but look very different. The weight makes a huge difference here as well. If you are buying solely for appearance, you do you. Both are good options and both are very good looking I must say.


Holosun 510c: The weight of 510c is only 4.94oz. That’s nearly half of what 512c weighs. It’s a lightweight compact red dot sight. You can easily attach it to many guns and use it as a daily driver. Weight balance feels fantastic here as well.

Holosun 512c: The weight of 512c is 8.1oz. Almost double of what 510C weighs. A huge portion of the weight is due to the overly exaggerated hood on top of the sight that covers the entire sight from the top.

Surprisingly, the weight balance feels fantastic. Despite having an exaggerated look, this doesn’t feel overweight at all.

Holosun 510C/ 512C – Videos

Holosun 510C VS 512C – Summary

You could see how close of a fight this was. I mean, after all, both of these sights are almost the same. They are like two parts of the same coin. Can’t call them identical twins. As they look nothing alike. But in terms of specs, they are nearly the same.

That’s why no matter which one you choose between Holosun 510c VS Holosun 512c, the winner here is you the consumer. They are a great sight and deserve high praise and such.

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