Aimpoint Comp M4 VS M4S [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Aimpoint Comp series is not a new name when it comes to reflex sights. Comp M2 has been the go-to sight for a lot of people in earlier last decade. As time went by, Aimpoint decided to upgrade its sight. Comp series became one of their signature lineup of sight.

When a new Comp sight comes in, people immediately start to compare it with the previous gen. We have a similar comparison here. Two sights from the same gen but with a lot of tinkering around.

Aimpoint Comp M4 vs M4s, two sights that share the M4 name yet don’t share the same appearance or exact specs sheet. Let’s find out what’s the difference between the two.

Aimpoint Comp M4/ M4S: Outlooks

Aimpoint Comp M4/ M4S: Specs Table

SpecsComp M4Comp M4S
Weight376 Grams410 Grams
BatteryAA alkaline or lithiumAA 1.5-5v Alkaline or Lithium
AdjustmentsWindage, Elevation, BrightnessWindage, elevation, brightness

Aimpoint Comp M4 VS M4S: Key Differences

  • Comp M4 is a lighter sight.
  • Comp M4s is slightly bigger while M4 is slightly taller.
  • Comp M4s has a low battery compartment.
Aimpoint CompM4 Red Dot Reflex Sight No Mount - 2 MOA - 12309
  • Features advanced lens system for better light transmission and unmatched optical clarity

Head To Head: Aimpoint Comp M4 VS M4S


Comp M4: M4 lenses are fully multi-coated with multiple layers of coatings and chemicals. They are scratch-resistant and completely fog and waterproof. Two important things that every sight should feature. As this sight is submergible, in theory, you could wash it and nothing will happen. Keep in mind, that taking it to water every day might create some problems. Other than that, it’s a beautifully performing sight.

Comp M4S: What Comp M4 does, Comp M4S does the same. Not necessarily better. But with the same amount of encouragement and confidence. Both M4 and M4s are excellent performing sight in any given condition. Their structure integrity makes them a capable all-weather sight. You can also use them under heavy snow or rain.
Performance doesn’t drop over time either.


Comp M4: Made out of durable high-grade aluminum, this sight is built like a tank. There weren’t many complaints about Comp series build quality to begin with. Anodization had no issue whatsoever. This sight is fully waterproof. You could submerge it under water and take it out like nothing happened.

That’s not recommended but you could do that. Like totally.

Comp M4S: Again, same sight just a different shell. This shell used the same material as well. It’s water and shockproof. Even if you drop it from a relatively high place, the sight shouldn’t face any heavy consequences. Anodization is semi-matte. It’s not completely glossy so it looks great to the eye.

You shouldn’t worry about sending it to warranty anytime soon.


Comp M4: It won’t matter much if the sight doesn’t perform well. Thankfully Aimpoint does know how to make good sights. Performance wasn’t an issue at all. With 1x magnification, you can see a pretty clear view of 100 or so yards. You can nail your target from that range as well. Although, if you tend to shoot over 200 yards or more, I suggest you get a magnifier as well. When you are hunting long-range, install the magnifier and remove it when done.

Accuracy can’t be questioned as it performed just fabulous even in a windy environment. You can adjust the sight to your heart’s content as well.

Comp M4S: Everything M4 offers, M4s offers the same as well. It also includes the 7NVD brightness setting like the M4. You can hunt during the night with this sight. Won’t be an issue at all. You can increase it even further by adding an NVD. Or just add a magnifier and make the sight viable in 200 or more yards.

Key Takeaway: At stock configuration, it’s more accurate than you expect it to be. It does take some time to get used to the adjustments, but once you do, it’s only party from there.


Comp M4: The size of M4 is quite similar to the size of M4s. After all, they are based on the same parent sight. The overall length of M4 is 5.3 inches. It’s not small like red dot sights. Almost on par with a small riflescope. Don’t let the appearance fool you. It’s still a 1x sight.

Comp M4S: To no one’s surprise M4S also has a length of 5.3inches. I did say they are based on the same patent. The appearance difference is due to the battery compartment swap.

Other than that, both of these sights are quite similar in size and shape.

Key Takeaway: I did say they have more similarities than differences. It’s just the appearance and some minor things here and there.


Comp M4: M4s is slightly heavier than M4. The weight of M4 is 376 grams. While on paper that weight difference doesn’t seem too big. But while using the sight on top of a gun, you can certainly feel the difference between the two.

Weight distribution on this sight is also good. Despite not having a lower battery compartment, somehow it weighs less than M4s with the same battery.

Comp M4s: Weight is the biggest difference between the two. Despite having a lower battery compartment, the M4s is the heavier of the two. M4s weighs at 410 grams. That’s not too heavy or over the top. But it’s not extremely lightweight either.

What redeems the weight is the balance. Despite using a big AA battery, the weight balance is quite nice on this sight.

Aimpoint Comp M4/ M4S: Videos

Aimpoint Comp M4 VS M4S: Summary

Aimpoint makes great sight there is no denying that fact. Sometimes they make too many good sights. That creates confusion among shooters. You don’t know about the sights. You don’t know which one is the best for you.

When the M4s were released, the first thing in people’s minds was Aimpoint Comp M4 vs Comp M4s. Which one and why?

I hope that the question was answered in this review. If you read the entire thing, you already know which sight is ideal for you. M4s is slightly heavier but offers a different shell. While M4 is lighter and has the old shell. The choice is easy.

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