Holosun HS403A VS HS403B [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Holosun HS400 series has gained a lot of attraction over time. Of course, all good things. That made Holosun push even further and improve their existing lineup. That’s why you see A, B, C, etc. at the end of the model. Those indicate the iteration.

The one we are talking about is HS403. More specifically, Holosun HS403A VS Holosun HS403B. Two sights that are nearly identical with a lot of similarities and dissimilarities.

Let’s see just what the new 403B brings to the table.

Holosun HS403A/ HS403B – Outlooks

Holosun HS403A/ HS403B – Specs

SpecsHolosun HS403AHolosun HS403B
Weight4.2 Oz2.82 Oz
AdjustmentsWindage, Elevation, BrightnessWindage, Elevation, Brightness

Holosun HS403A VS HS403B – Differences

  • HS403B is lighter.
  • HS403B is much smaller than 403A.
  • HS403A had more brightness settings compared to 403B.
  • HS403B has better-quality aluminum in the housing.


Holosun HS403A: The lenses used on this sight are fully multi-coated. It’s scratch-resistant and waterproof. You can submerge this sight then pick it back up like nothing happened. Not a lot of sights are capable of showing such feats.

This sight also has an incredibly bright and visible reticle. The red dot reticle is etched directly onto the glass and you have 15 adjustable brightness settings. 3 of them are for night vision. You couldn’t possibly ask for more.

Holosun HS403B: Lenses used on HS403B is fully multi-coated. Coatings make the sight scratch-resistant and brighter. More light = better quality pictures. That’s the motto behind multi-coating all sights. Holosun used great quality glass for this sight.

While it doesn’t have 15 adjustable light settings, it does have 12 of them with two of them being night vision mode. In night, you can see your target clearly.


Holosun HS403A: HS403A is made out of durable aluminum. While Holosun didn’t disclose exactly what type of aluminum they used, this sight feels premium to the touch. You will know when you grab one and use it for a while. The housing of the sight is fully water and fogproof. It’s also shockproof to protect the lens from the shocks of the rifle.

A durable coating around the sight protects it from scratches and dents.

Holosun HS403B: Holosun used 6061 T6 aluminum. It’s the same grade aluminum you see in many aircraft nowadays. It’s durable and quite easy to color/anodize. That’s why you see this crisp matte black finish on the sight. The coating on the sight is good and it protects the sight from any kind of scratches.


Holosun HS403A: When it comes to the design of the sight, both of them are nearly identical. They look almost the same. With an expectation of HS403A coming with a taller mount. That makes the 403A look insanely tall. Have to give credit where it’s due. Holosun knows how to make a sight look appealing to the masses.

Holosun HS403B: You can see from the pictures how close they look. I mean, 403B is supposed to be the replacement of 403A. Holosun didn’t want to change this sight drastically. The OG buyers are still aware of what they are buying and the look of their gun won’t change much either.

A Matte black finish suits the sight well. It compliments the lens color and in bright daylight, it looks insanely good.


Holosun HS403A: It’s a pretty big red dot sight. Specially, when you mount it with the taller mounting system, the size of this sight is humongous. The dimension of this sight is 133X54X72mm. As you can see, it’s not a small-sized sight.

It’s still compact. But the height is something to be aware of.

Holosun HS403B: It’s moderately small compared to 403A. The height of the sight is still quite tall with the tall mount. But it’s still quite tame compared to HS403A. The dimension of HS403B is 62×36×40 mm. That’s way lower than what HS403A is.

It’s much more compact and sits much lower with a tall mount as well.


Holosun HS403A: The weight of 403A is 4.2oz. That included the high mount of the sight. The mount adds a bit of weight to the sight as well. 4.2oz seems like a lot for a sight this small. But in reality, it’s not really that heavy. You wouldn’t even notice the weight on top of your rifle.

Holosun HS403B: The weight of HS403B is 2.82oz. That’s extremely light compared to the 403A. The weight balance feels nice and well-distributed as well. There are no issues of front or back heavy at all. That’s a great thing about sights from Holosun. They put a lot of thought behind the design of these sights.

Holosun HS403A/ HS403B – Videos

Holosun HS403A VS HS403B – Summary

One of the key takeaways here is that, despite being the older one, HS403A packs a huge punch. Unfortunately, HS403A has been discontinued by Holosun. As they are thinking it’s not worth over HS403B.

If you read the entire post, you already know HS403B is the more worthwhile decision anyway. Deciding between HS403A vs HS403B is quite easy. Go with HS403b.

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