Holosun 508T VS 509T [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Much like Apple releasing a new iPhone every year, Holosun has been doing the same with their sights as well. Holosun releases upgraded sights almost every year. The models are so similar, that it creates confusion while buying. Which one do you choose? And why would you choose that one over the other?

Confusing, right? Yeah, don’t worry. I am here to help you with that confusion. I can assure you, by the end of our journey, you will know which sight you should go for.

Oh, what sights are we talking about again? Ah, that’s right, Holosun 508t vs 509t. You know even the models sound so similar.

Let’s find out what similarities they share.

Holosun 508T/ 509T – Outlooks

Holosun 508T/ 509T – Specs

SpecsHolosun 508THolosun 509T
Weight2 Oz1.72 Oz
AdjustmentsWindage, Elevation, BrightnessWindage, Elevation, Brightness
NVYes Yes

Holosun 508T VS 509T – Differences

  • 509T is lighter by a little bit.
  • 508T offers 50MOA per click adjustment whereas 509T offers 30 MOA.
  • 509T has an increased hood.
  • 508T is cheaper.


Holosun HS508T: Holosun is known for providing great sights for the price. This is no exception. You will get a fully multi-coated lens with a glass-etched reticle. You will see the reticle at 0 brightness and the NV brightness setting as well. The lens on this sight is fully water and scratch-proof.

As the mounting mechanism prevents the sight from shaking too much, it’s also shockproof. Your reticle won’t suddenly disappear from the glass.

Holosun HS509T: 509T also uses a fully multi-coated lens. The lens is also known to withstand dust and debris. Slight scratches won’t appear on the sight either. As it’s scratch-resistant to a certain degree. You can also use the sight in cold weather. Fog ain’t gonna do a thing to the sight.


Holosun HS508T: Instead of using aluminum like all other sight makers, Holosun went for titanium. You can find titanium in the hood of many modern sights. But to make a complete sight out of titanium is something else. It’s an expensive material that is extremely durable in any weather. It is also nearly indestructible.

The sight is also water and shockproof. No matter what kind of gun you are using, this sight won’t flinch while performing. It’s made like a tank to outlast you.

Holosun HS509T: 509T also shares the same material as 508. Titanium is an incredible material to work with. Holosun has worked with titanium before. That experience came in handy. Titanium is durable and waterproof. Something all sights require.

You can submerge this sight to some point and not have to worry about a thing. While you shouldn’t do that, you also shouldn’t worry about longevity in cold weather or rain.


Holosun HS508T: I understand the sight is durable and all. How about performing? Does it hold on its own in the field? For sure, it does. It performs better than what you expect a sight in this range to perform. It’s not a cheap sight by any means. You are getting quality features packed in the sight. It won’t fail you in the short range at all. It will make you a better shooter overall.

Holosun HS509T: Think of this as the 508t but better. You will get your answer about performing on the field. It took all the things from the 508t and improved based on that. I for one was glad they did that. While they don’t pack nearly enough difference to point fingers at, they do perform slightly differently. At close range, and I mean real close range, HS509t has an upper hand in the battle.


Holosun HS508T: It is a small sight through and through. The overall dimension of the sight is 1.78×1.15×1.15 inches. As you can see, it’s a small sight with lightweight construction. Yet, this sight is well made. This size is perfect for a short-range sight. It won’t take too much of your space on the gun. You can also use this as a canted sight if you so wish.

Holosun HS509T: The dimensions of HS509T are quite similar to 508T. They are 1.6×1.16×1.13 inches. It’s smaller than HS508t. But the difference is nothing to write home about. Despite having some design changes, 509T still is smaller than 508T.

If you prefer smaller sights, the obvious choice here is 509T. Otherwise, they don’t have much differences in terms of overall size.


Holosun HS508T: This is a pretty lightweight sight. Weight of 508T is only 2oz. That’s extremely light for a sight of this size. As it’s so lightweight, there is always a concern about weight distribution. Usually, small sights tend to be a bit back-heavy. But there are no such issues here. To counter the weight of a single CR1632 battery, they are using an exaggerated hood.

Holosun HS509T: Despite having a bigger hood than 508T, HS509T is much lighter. I don’t know what kind of sorcery Holosun did here. But it was a good thing. Weight balance feels really fine here. The hood on this sight is a bit bigger than the other one. Yet, it weighs less than 508t.

Holosun 508T/ 509T – Videos

Holosun 508T VS 509T – Summary

Both of these sights are excellent sights from a manufacturer that has a flawless track record. Well, nearly flawless. Holosun won’t disappoint you when it comes to warranty or customer service. HS508T vs HS509T should be a stalemate at best.

Often the 509 beats the 508. While other times they are on par. Yes, you can call the 509T better overall to some degree. But at the end of the day, it will be preference. Do you prefer a lighter sight with fewer MOA adjustments, or do you prefer a slightly heavier one with higher MOA adjustments? You will have your answer about which one you should go for.

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