Eotech XPS2 VS Aimpoint Pro [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Sights are essential for tactical shooting and short-range hunting. Doesn’t matter what your priority is, a sight will always benefit your style. When you have a good amount of budget to blow on sight, you will get plethora of choices. Two of such choices are XPS2 by Eotech and Aimpoint Pro.

These two are versatile site that can perform your day to day task and more. But how do you decide between Eotech XPS2 vs Aimpoint pro? What makes the winner and why? a lot of questions, right?

Let’s try to help you out in finding the answers.

Eotech XPS2 vs Aimpoint Pro: Outlooks

Aimpoint Pro & Eotech XPS2: Specs Table

SpecsAimpoint ProEotech XPS2
ControlsWindage, Elevation & BrightnessWindage & Elevation

Eotech XPS2 & Aimpoint Pro: 5 Key Differences

  • Aimpoint Pro is heavier than XPS 2. Not by much. But it’s still nearly 75grams heavier.
  • They use different types of battery. Aimpoint Pro can easily outlast XPS II in terms of battery life alone.
  • XPS 2 is submergible to 10feet while Aimpoint Pro is submergible to 150ft. Huge difference.
  • Eotech features 1-MOA reticle where Aimpoint features 2-MOA.
  • Aimpoint Pro is night vision device compatible.
EOTECH XPS2 Holographic Weapon Sight
  • Compact Design - Leaves more rail space for rear iron sights or magnifier

Head To Head: Eotech XPS2 vs Aimpoint Pro

Lens Quality

Eotech XPS2: The lens here is also fully multi-coated. On top of that, it has a glass etched reticle that isn’t going anywhere. Even from sudden drops or shocks, the sight won’t flinch a bit. Performance won’t be hindered by this either.

Aimpoint Pro: The lenses here are fully multi-coated. Making them vivid and clear under any given condition. Natively it doesn’t support night vision. But with added night vision device, you can easily use it during the night. That’s a useful feature to have.

Lens on both of these are nice but my heart fell for the aimpoint. The lens on that one is something else. Maybe my scope loving self prefers a tube sight instead of holographic sight.


XPS2: Constructed from durable CNC aluminum, it can last you a good while. On top of that, it’s also water and shock proof. As the sight is waterproof, there won’t be any fogging issue happening on the sight. The construction is so durable, it’s a given this sight will last you longer than what Eotech is offering as warranty. As long as you don’t lose it or throw it under the bus, you are good.

Pro: It was surprising to see they went for aluminum. Usually, in this type of sight, you will see stuff like magnesium alloy or similar alloy quite often. The quality of aluminum is good and robust. It’s thick and not cheap like less expensive sights.

Both of these sights are incredibly made with precise machining and craftmanship. They also provide excellent warranty to go with their sight. It’s amazing how well this companies can craft something. For durability alone, it’s a tie. Both of them are excellent.


XPS II: The main priority on a sight is always how good it performs in real life. Pairing up the XPS with a right gun can do wonders. As it supports a lot of guns, it’s quite easy to install this sight without any issues. Once installed and calibrated with the gun, this sight does wonders. The accuracy is off the chart.

Aimpoint Pro: It will certainly make you a pro when it comes to short range shooting. Puns aside, this sight does more than just looking good on top of the gun. The lens are crystal clear and vivid. There is no distortion or chromatic aberration on the sight at all. Aimpoint used some top-quality lens on this sight. Which makes it wonderful to use with any types of guns. Unlimited eye relief also helps aim better as well.

Accuracy is their middle name. Both of these are deadly at the right hand. Of course, sight alone won’t make you the best shooter in the world. But it will make you a decent shooter that isn’t afraid of a little hurdle.


Eotech XPS2: The length of the XPS 2 is 3.8”. It’s no exaggeratedly big or anything. Height and width is 2.5” and 2.1” respectively. It’s pretty compact and you can use it as canted sight as well. As it’s quite small and can sit anywhere on the rifle, you can easily add a magnifier behind it to make it usable in mid-range.

Aimpoint Pro: This sight looks and performs a lot like scopes. There is a 30mm tube that holds all the lens and adjustment knobs in it. The height of that tube is 3.2”. Smaller than most riflescopes. The width however is 2.8”. Almost same width as a regular riflescope.

In terms of convenience on size, the winner is XPS2. It’s lighter and shorter. But the tube style construction is definitely more robust.


Eotech XPS2: This is one of the place where Eotech takes the easy dove. The weight of this sight alone is 255grams. That’s quite lightweight for a reflex holographic sight. It is 45 grams lighter than the competitor Pro. 75grams of weight difference is bigger than you are anticipating.

Aimpoint Pro: The weight of this sight is 330grams straight. Making the weight difference between the two a big issue. 330grams is not heavy. But when you add in an NVD, the weight does start to seem like an eyesore. Still, I wouldn’t call it heavy by any means.

If weight is your main concern, you already know Eotech is the easy choice here.

Aimpoint Pro & Eotech XPS2: Videos


Deciding the winner between Aimpoint pro vs Eotech XPS2 isn’t easy. They never are. But for me, the winner is definitely Aimpoint Pro. Because, simply it’s good, it’s minimal, it performs incredibly well, the lenses here are simply beautiful.

But if you prefer a holographic sight, XPS II is just simply amazing. Excellent performance and accuracy in med to semi long-range. Then again, a lot of the decision making is preference. But I am happy to help you in influencing that preference.

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