Bushnell TRS 25 VS TRS 32 [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Bushnell TRS 25 has been a hot topic for a long time. White vs yellow, a logo differentiation divided the whole community in two. But we are not here to talk about that. We are here to talk about two Bushnell sights. Both are from the TRS series and don’t worry, they don’t have any gold/yellow or white logo issues.

I am talking about Bushnell TRS 25 vs TRS 32. How much improvement (if any) has TRS 32 had over 25. Let’s find out and decide which one should be your next buy.

Bushnell TRS 25/ TRS 32 – Outlooks

Bushnell TRS 25/ TRS 32 – Specs

SpecsBushnell TRS 25Bushnell TRS 32
Weight4 Oz8.2 Oz
BatteryCR2032CR2032 Lithium
Brightness Settings1111
Reticle3 MOA red dot5 MOA red dot

Bushnell TRS 25 VS TRS 32 – Differences

  • TRS 25 is lighter.
  • TRS 25 is smaller.
  • TRS 25 has a 3MOA reticle compared to 5MOA on TRS32.
  • TRS 25 has integrated weaver-style mounting.


Bushnell TRS 25: Quality-wise, it’s debatable. I mean, this did have a batch of the worst-made Aimpoint sight ever. But that batch is in the past, and Aimpoint has improved a ton since then. The yellow and white logo is not an issue anymore. The yellow logo TRS25 doesn’t exist anymore.

The present TRS25 has pretty good QC.

Bushnell TRS 32: There have been some complaints about the QC issues of this sight as well. But those have been long fixed. Aimpoint really changed the game.

How they are doing business. The current QC on this sight is good. It also comes with a good pair of lenses in a fog-proof housing. Housing is also shock and waterproof.


Bushnell TRS 25: Made out of durable aluminum and a fully multi-coated lens, this sight is built like a tank. It’s almost as if it was specifically made for militaries to use in any given weather. Doesn’t matter what you put this sight through, it will still perform like brand new. Like nothing happened.

Bushnell TRS 32: This sight is also made out of high-grade aluminum. The mounting rail is also made out of aluminum. The entire sight is anodized to have a matte black finish. The finish is nice and works fairly well against scratches.

It can outlast many of the other red dots in a similar price range. Mainly due to tank-like build quality.


Bushnell TRS 25: This is one of the most controversial Aimpoint sights ever made. Theory-crafting, weird cult behind one logo, accusing the company, fighting for own opinion, this sight saw everything the community has to offer.

Despite all those, it’s a superb sight. It barely misses. Given that you tune this right and your trigger discipline is good.

You won’t feel disappointed with the performance of this sight. Not for a bit.

Bushnell TRS 32: The performance of this sight is also good. Just because it’s bulkier, doesn’t mean it packs more power. Internal clarity and color accuracy are the same for both sight. After all, both used the same multi-coated lens.

You can adjust the brightness as well. Up to 11 brightness settings.


Bushnell TRS 25: It is much smaller in size and shape. It’s the perfect length for you to use on top of any guns. As this has a universal mounting system, you don’t need to go through the hassle of finding a rail to attach this sight on.

Bushnell TRS 32: The size of this sight is nearly the same size as a 3x scope. It may as even be slightly bigger than 3x red dot sights. Due to the increased size and extra mounting device that hangs on the bottom of the sight, it’s not ideal for all guns.

Not a lot of people are okay with placing this huge of sight on top of their gun and miss out on magnification.


Bushnell TRS 25: As you can see from the specification chart, the weight difference is quite massive between the two. TRS 32 is almost double what TRS 25 weighs. TRS 25 weighs at 4oz. That’s quite respectable for a sight of this size. It’s not too over the top. It still allows you to add a magnifier in front of the objective lens.

The weight balance is nice due to the built-in mounting rail.

Bushnell TRS 32: The weight of TRS 32 is 8oz. That’s double what TRS 25 weighs. Honestly, it’s a big sight. Much bigger than what 25 is.

That buffed-up weight and mounting rail add a ton of extra weight that you can easily live without. Would love to see a lighter redesign of this sight.

Bushnell TRS 25/ TRS 32 – Videos

Bushnell TRS 25 VS TRS 32 – Summary

Bushnell TRS 25 vs TRS 32 was surprisingly easier than we thought it would be. If you have read the whole review and seen what both party has to offer, the obvious choice here is TRS 25. It’s proven to be a better performer, and it also has a better QC issues and aftermarket support right now.

You could easily find local people around you who own this sight.

It was refreshing to see the TRS 25 in the battleground again. Have to admit, one of the most controversial yet market-changing sights.

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