Sig Romeo 1 VS Trijicon RMR [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Reflex sights are always necessary for short-range shooting. They are being used by private security firms and in the military as well. They are versatile for saving you from burglars or even casual hunting. But choosing the best reflex sight for your gun has never been easy. Being bombarded with choices never helped anybody.

Before you make the wrong decision, let me walk you through two of the hottest reflex sights you can purchase right now. That’s right, I am talking about Sig Romeo 1 VS Trijicon RMR. Both of these brands are behemoths when it comes to gun gear.

Let’s see who takes the crown here, shall we?

Sig Romeo 1 vs Trijicon RMR: Outlooks

Trijicon RMR & Sig Romeo 1: Specs Table

SpecsTrijicon RMRSig Romeo1
BatteryCR2032 LithiumCR1632
Reticles6.5 MOA Dot3/6 MOA red dot
Mounting TypeNot IncludedUniversal mount
ControlsWindage & Elevation Windage, Elevation & Brightness

Romeo1 And RMR Type 2: Key Differences

  • Romeo 1 is much lighter than the RMR.
  • The reticles are different in each of these sights.
  • The objective lens is bigger on the Romeo.
  • Sig Sauer Romeo supports universal mounting rail.
  • Trijicon RMR is made out of forged aluminum whereas Romeo is made out of magnesium.

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Head To Head: Sig Sauer Romeo 1 VS Trijicon RMR


Sig Romeo 1: Quality is always a top priority. If the overall lens and sight quality is not good, it’s not a good sight. Simple as that. Sig Romeo 1 is anything but a bad sight. The performance of the sight, adjustments, fully multi-coated lens, everything about this sight speaks volumes of its quality. Like I said earlier, Sig outdid themselves with this one.

Trijicon RMR: While it’s an old sight, by no means it’s outdated. Even in 2021, the construction and performance are well worth the premium price you are paying for it. Quality control on each batch of this sight has been nothing but fabulous.

It’s kind of equal. you can’t just beat one of ’em.


Sig Sauer Romeo 1: Made out of magnesium, it’s light, compact, and durable. Magnesium is known to be durable while still being light. It’s an expensive material to work with. That’s why most sights tend to work with forged aluminum like the RMR. Sig took their chances with magnesium and looked at them. Just how good of a sight it turned out to be.

Trijicon RMR: Trijicon is known for making good gear. Their sight, scopes, and other equipment are all top-notch. Keeping the tradition alive, Trijicon made this sight incredibly durable. Enough to make it last longer than the warranty period. Which is an incredible thing, to say the least. It’s also water, fog, and shockproof.

Romeo is a sight to behold for sure. For durability alone, I would say go for Romeo. It’s durable and lightweight. Magnesium is strong enough to carry the load of your entire gun. Rest assured, it may last you longer than your gun.


Romeo 1: There are two variants of Romeo available with different thicknesses of Red dot reticle. Both of those sights perform equally well in any given environment. Of course, to test the real capability you will need to test them in a controlled environment. If that’s possible for you, you will soon find out just how accurate and scary Romeo is. You don’t even need a Juliet to make this Romeo perform insanely well.

RMR Type 2: It may not be a cool name like Romeo, but it does have a cool accuracy. RMR is not a new sight. Since it first came out, RMR has been getting slight improvements over time. Look at what it is now. A monster is hidden in a small body. It’s scary how well these small sights perform. Almost unbelievable.

For accuracy alone, I think Romeo takes the cake. It’s newer and has better target acquisition. Which can result in more accurate shots. Well played Sig.

Trijicon RMR Type 2 6.5 MOA LED Red Dot Sight with No Mount
  • The bigger dot size gives the user the ability to locate the dot quickly which is ideal for close quarter engagements, or is a great solution for those who have vision problems.


Romeo 1: The overall length of Romeo is 44.9mm. That’s not huge. It’s quite compact. Width and height are 32.8mm and 27.4mm respectively. it’s a lightweight and compact reflex sight. If you were expecting a huge sight, this ain’t it chief.

Trijicon RMR: RMR is also a lightweight and compact reflex sight. The overall dimension of this sight is 45.72mm x 27.94mm x 25.4mm. Compared to Romeo, they are nearly identical. The difference is not that huge. It’s surprising how Romeo has a bigger objective lens.

Well, this got awkward real quick. The size difference is almost non-existence. While they are not identical clones, they are not too different from each other either.


Sig Romeo 1: The weight of this sight is only 0.8z. That translates to roughly 23 grams. Extremely lightweight for a reflex sight. We have seen a reflex sight that weighs more than 300 grams even. That time and era, 23 grams on a reflex sight? That’s amazing.

Trijicon RMR: It’s slightly heavier than Romeo. But not by much. The weight of RMR is 1.2oz. That roughly converts to 34 grams. The 11-gram difference is not huge. It’s noticeable. But I won’t call it the end of the world.

When it comes to weight, Romeo1 vs RMR was much closer than I anticipated. Sure, the 11-gram difference can play a crucial role in your decision-making. I won’t judge you for that. Still, you can look past this and still go for the heavier. That’s totally up to you.

Sig Romeo 1 & Trijicon RMR: Videos


In short, go for Sig Sauer Romeo 1. It’s smaller, lighter, and cheaper. Proving better value for the money overall. You guys saw just how close they were to each other. I did warn you that Trijicon RMR vs Sig Romeo 1 going to be a close call. RMR was close but no cigar. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good sight. But compared to Romeo? I don’t think so.

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