EoTech 512 VS 517 [Which One to Get Your Hands on?]

When it comes to weapons, sights are something that can’t be compromised. In the weapon industry, EOTech is well-known for manufacturing reliable sights.

In this article, EOTech 512 vs 517 we are going to assist you in choosing between the two almost similar sights.

After going thoroughly through the rest of the article, your decision should be effortless and worth your money! Therefore have a good read.

EoTech 512/ 517 – Outlooks

EoTech 512/ 517 – Specs

SpecsEotech 512Eotech 517
Dot Size1 MOA dot1 MOA dot
Circle Size68 MOA65 MOA
Weight11.5 oz11.9 oz
Battery Life2,200 hours and 2,500 hours1,000 hours and 600 hours
MountMIL-STD-1913 rail1-inch Picatinny rail
Dimension5.6×2.0x2.5 inches2.1×2.8×5.6 inches

7 Contrast in EOTech 512 vs 517

Apart from all the similarities, some significant differences can be noticed between the two sights. Here we have jotted down the key differences to make your decision easier:

  • EOTech 512 varies in size with EOTech 517. Standing at about 5.6×2.0x2.5 inches and 2.1×2.8×5.6 inches respectively.
  • The circle size of 512 is 68 MOA whereas for EOTech 517 it is 65 MOA.
  • Apart from the size, they also differ when it comes to weight. EOTech 512 weighs about 11.5 oz. which is lighter than 517 as it weighs about 11.9 oz.,
  • Although both have the same batteries, the battery life varies drastically. 517 has a battery life of 1,000 and 600 hours while on the other hand 512 has longer battery lives of about 2,200 and 2500 hours.
  • The operating temperature of EOTech 517 ranges from -40 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit whereas 512 can function in temperatures ranging from -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Both of the sights are waterproof. Yet 512 is submersible up to 10 ft. while EOTech 517 can be submerged to about 33 ft. deep.
  • 517 is fog-resistant but EOTech 512 is not fogproof.

Discussion about EOTech 512 & 517

Battery Life

Both of the sights have two batteries.

EOTech 512: This sight consists of two 1.5 V AA rechargeable batteries. One is made from lithium and the other from alkaline. At room temperature with nominal setting 12, the lithium battery will be able to support you for 2,500 hours continuously, and the alkaline one for 2,200 hours.

EOTech 517: This too has 1.5 V AA rechargeable lithium and alkaline batteries. Unlike the previous one, the lithium one at nominal settings will last for 1,000 continuous hours and the alkaline one for 600 hours. However, it does come with a battery check indicator and auto shut-down function that will help you save energy.

EOTech 512 has a longer battery life than EOTech 517.

Weight and Size

When it comes to the weight and size, a small difference can be seen between the two sights.

EOTech 512: It weighs about 11.5 oz. with the dimensions of 5.6×2.0x2.5 inches.

EOTech 517: This one is comparatively lighter than the previous one, standing at 11.5 oz. The dimensions also differ as it is 2.1×2.8×5.6 inches in size.

512 is much lighter and smaller in size when compared to 517.


As they are produced by the same brand, this feature stays the same for both.

You might have noticed from the table, that both the sights have 1x magnification. They both have a range of 100 yards.

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Dot Size and Ring Size

One of the significant things to look after is the dot size and how comfortable you are in using it.

EOTech 512: The 68 MOA standard circle will provide you with 1 MOA dot reticle. This will provide you with three usable aiming points which are .223 cal.62 gr. 2,900 vel.

EOTech 517: The red dot in this optic is designed to provide you with efficient results. Although the circle size is less than 512, standing at 65 MOA, it provides the same 1 MOA dot size.

Both of them have 1 MOA dot size but different circle sizes.


It’s important to make sure of the mounting system of your sights.

In this case, both of the sights have the Picatinny rails which allow you to mount them. The portion of the front base of the sights is raised. This will enable you to fit over any standard handguards that are located on AR-15 weapons.

Both are mountable.

Brightness Settings

EOTech 512: This product provides you with a 146,000:1 brightness adjustment range. In addition to the scrolling features, this also comes with 20 brightness settings. You can use this to fit the lighting conditions with the surroundings.

EOTech 517: Like the previous one, this one provides multiple brightness settings. This enables you to accommodate the brightness settings to the surroundings. To be more specific, you will be offered 20 brightness settings.

Both have 20 brightness settings.


These sights have been designed in a way to provide you with full durable features.

EOTech 517: The non-reflective black with a hard coat finish makes the device waterproof up to 33 ft. deep. Not only that, but the internal optics are also fogproof which ensures the optimum use of the sights.

EOTech 512: The anti-reflection multicoated sights are also waterproof. You can use it even when submerged at 10 ft.

512 is only waterproof and 517 is waterproof as well as fogproof.

EoTech 512/ 517 – Videos


As the final moment is drawn near, it’s important to sum up all the factors and make the final decision.

After the side-to-side discussion, it is clear that both of them have similar features. However, EOTech 512 is lighter and fairer in price than EOTech 517.

Finally, as you know the winner of EOTech 512 vs EOTech 512, prioritize your preference to make the best purchase for your weapons!

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