Eotech EXPS3 vs Aimpoint T2 [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Eotech EXPS3 is an upgraded variant of their famous XPS2. It’s a holographic sight that costs more than many riflescopes. Holographic sights have a fandom that doesn’t desire riflescopes. For them, the price is just a number.

But we are not here to discuss what should the price of EXPS3. On the contrary, we are here to talk about a sight going head to head against another sight. Who doesn’t love some good old 1v1 death matches? That’s right folks, today we are seeing the battle between mighty Eotech EXPS3 vs Aimpoint T2.

Both of these sights are amazing at what they do. Yet, purchasing both of them doesn’t make any sense from a consumer’s point of view. Which one should you go for then? Let’s find out.

Eotech EXPS3 & Aimpoint T2: Outlooks

Aimpoint T2 & Eotech EXPS3: Specs Table

SpecsAimpoint T2Eotech EXPS3
ControlsWindage, Elevation, Brightness, NVWindage & Elevation

Key Differences Between HWS EXPS III & Micro T-2

  • T2 is lighter than EXPS3. A lot lighter actually. You can notice it while using it.
  • Battery life on T2 is insanely good. A lot better than the 1xCR123 on EXPS3. Wasn’t expecting this much difference in battery life.
  • T2 offers less variation in adjustments than EXPS3.
  • EXPS3 has adjustable brightness up to 20 levels. Way more than Micro T2.
  • EXPS3 comes with 3 reticle options. Unlike T2 which only has one red dot.

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Head To Head: Eotech EXPS3 VS Aimpoint T2


Eotech EXPS3: Made out of extremely durable CNC aluminum, this sight is here to last you decades. This is the reason why this sight is heavier than previous-gen sights and almost 3x heavier than T2. The material here is insanely good and durable. It’s not prone to breakage from heat or cold. Can withstand heavy rain as well. The adjustment buttons are well-placed and quite secured.

Aimpoint T2: To make it lightweight they ditched the idea of magnesium alloy or similar materials. Instead went with a composite material that is much more durable than any plastic sights. It’s waterproof and fogproof. Recoil won’t be able to do much as it’s shockproof as well.

No winner here. Both of them are incredibly well-crafted sights that are meant to last.


EXPS3: Surprisingly, EXPS3 is larger than Aimpoint T2. The height of EXPS is 2.9” and the width is 2.3”. Overall length is just a tad bit shy of 4”. Making it bigger in size and shape than Aimpoint T2. A holographic sight is bigger than a tube sight. Yeah, I know what you are thinking.

Micro T-2: The overall size of this sight is quite small. Compared to Aimpoint Pro, it’s almost too small. The height is 1.9” and the width is 1.8”. It’s an extremely compact lightweight sight. The overall length of this sight is 3.1”. Making this way smaller than Aimpoint Pro.

Well, a lot of us didn’t see that coming. Eotech holographic sights are known for their compact and lightweight structure. Here we have a minotaur giant. If the size is bothersome to you, Aimpoint T2 makes more sense. Or else I can easily stick with EXPS3.


Eotech EXPS3: When it comes to performing well in a short distance, Eotech does it wonderfully. Once calibrated, the accuracy of this sight is insanely high. Of course, the final result will depend a lot on your shooting capabilities. But if you were to do remote testing with the machine under remote weather, it would be able to hit the bullseye on every shot.

Aimpoint T-2: Aimpoint is quite good at making their sights/scopes accurate. Their lenses are quite good and some of the best on any reflex sight. Unlimited eye relief paired up with an accurate sight is something to die for.

The target viewing is crisp and clear. There is no distortion of any sort in the sight. Performance is better than previous-gen sights and paired up with a night vision device, this one becomes an all-rounder sight that can hunt 24/7.

Depends on whether you prefer holographic sight or a red dot sight. As their accuracy is on par, I don’t see the point of calling on one better than the other for range shooting.


EXPS III: The weight of this holographic sight is 317.5 grams. It’s a lot heavier than XPS2 and T2. Surprising, I know. But there is reason behind this sudden increased weight. Still, it’s nowhere near unusable. Even paired with a magnifier, this sight is incredibly well-balanced.

Micro T-2: Aimpoint has an advantage here. It almost weighs 3x lighter than EXPS3. Now that’s something to brag about. The weight of this sight is only 130 grams. A surprise for sure, welcome one. Pairing it up with a magnifier or a night vision device won’t be an issue whatsoever.

Being lightweight has its advantages. We all know some of us will love to have a lightweight scope/sight on top of our gun. It makes them feel confident. If you fall in that category, the T2 is the obvious choice for you.

Aimpoint T2 & Eotech EXPS3: Videos


Overall, it’s too close of a fight. There is no real winner here. Both of these sights serve two different demographics. While both of them have a fair share of middle ground to fight on, it’s still an unfair matchup.

EXPS3 improved a lot over past gen sight from Eotech. While Aimpoint is making one marvelous sight after another. Aimpoint T2 VS Eotech EXPS3 is a sight to behold (no pun intended). Hopefully, this was able to help you decide on the sight you are going with.

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