Centerpoint Gladiator 405 Review: True Gladiator Or An Impostor!

CenterPoint Gladiator 405 also known as the CenterPoint Gladiator whisper is a budget-oriented crossbow from CenterPoint. Don’t let the name confuse you. Both of them are the same crossbow. Just like many people, it has two names.

Now that the confusion is out of the way, let’s start the CenterPoint Gladiator 405 review. Whether it will show the strength of a true gladiator or it’s an impostor, we will find out soon enough.

Centerpoint Gladiator 405: Outlooks

Centerpoint Gladiator 405

Specifications | Speed: 405 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 135 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 15 Inches; Draw Weight: 200 LBS; Axle To Axle: 13.5 / 17.5 Inches; Length: 35 – 37.5 Inches; Weight: 7.9 LBS.

Body Quality

Historically, gladiators are as strong as a man can get. They are the strength of an army and lead their nation to victory. Naturally, we are expecting the CenterPoint Gladiator to be something similar.

When you touch the crossbow for the first time, you won’t magically get the power of Mjolnir. But you will feel something special. Like many other crossbows, CenterPoint Gladiator doesn’t look special from far away. The real magic happens when you hold the crossbow and start to fire a couple of rounds.

The limbs and the string rail are made from CNC-machined aluminum. There isn’t any edge or uneven CNC cutting present in the crossbow. If your unit comes with a slight defect, it may be due to a poor sanding job.

The finish isn’t that good-looking for me. But hey, it works. The weight of the Gladiator is 7.9 lbs. I understand gladiators are supposed to be heavyweight. After adding all the accessories, tree climbers may find it hard to carry around for a long time. Make sure that you have a good Tree stand with extra storage. So you can keep the crossbow there while resting.


Like most of the budget crossbows from CenterPoint, the Gladiator 405 is capable of generating 135 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. That’s more than any recurve crossbow offers for around 1000$. It packs more than enough power for hunting and sports shooting. Beginners and veterans will have tons of fun using this crossbow that’s for sure.


The CenterPoint Gladiator whisper/405 may not be the flash, but it sure can fire an arrow like a bullet. I know bullets are much faster. Just accept the joke will ya.

CenterPoint Gladiator is capable of firing an arrow at up to 405 FPS. Which is faster than most other budget and beginner crossbows. There was a time when we had to be satisfied with a crossbow that could barely reach 300 FPS. Look at them now. Time sure flies.

Draw Weight

The draw weight of a budget crossbow is always concerning. Doesn’t matter if it’s a recurve or a compound crossbow. To no one’s surprise, the draw weight of the Gladiator Whisper is 200 lbs. I know that’s on the higher end of the scale. That’s almost borderline illegal in most of the states.

But hey, rope cocker is always the solution. 100 lbs of draw weight for a crossbow with this much power seems more than reasonable to me.

Noise And Safety

Most of the budget crossbows come without any limb or string dampeners. They overlook the trigger safety as well. Both of these are present in the Gladiator 405. The trigger is equipped with anti-dry fire safety. Ensuring maximum protection for your hand and the crossbow.

The term Whisper in the Gladiator stands for its silence. It’s one of the most silent budget crossbows out on the market. The limbs make almost no sound. The only sound that you will notice is from the aftershock of a shot.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Compact.
  • 405 FPS.
  • 135 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • Whisper Silencing system.
  • Adjustable AR-style buttstock.


  • The crossbow is heavy with all the accessories.
  • No velocity dial on the scope.

Centerpoint Gladiator 405 Review Summary

Once again I am complaining about the scope of a budget crossbow. It’s a trend honestly. But scopes are one of the easiest upgrades to make on a crossbow. Don’t worry, you can continue using the stock scope without any issues.

But it will be best for you to change it and switch to something better. Besides that, I don’t have much to nitpick about this crossbow. It’s a wonderful crossbow and this review of the CenterPoint Gladiator 405 proves just that. If you have any questions you may want to ask. Don’t hesitate. I don’t bite. Till we meet again.

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