Centerpoint Dagger 390 Review: Worthy! Or Just An Another Crossbow?

Naming their weapon after another weapon. Huh! CenterPoint has the whole game figured out. It’s not the dagger of time if you were thinking. But the CenterPoint Dagger can certainly save you some time and effort. 

CenterPoint is dominating the budget crossbow scenario. And I am all up for it. Bring it on! Competition is the key to consumer victory. Without ranting about my point of view, let’s get this review started.

Centerpoint Dagger 390: Outlooks

CenterPoint Dagger 390

Specifications | Speed: 390 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 135 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 14.5 Inches; Draw Weight: 185 LBS; Axle To Axle: 14 / 18 Inches; Length: 35.8 Inches; Weight: 7.8 LBS.

Build Quality

Depending on how good the craftsmanship was, the build of a dagger varies. But that’s not the case here. We are talking about CenterPoint Dagger 390. A crossbow made with machinery and human genius combined.

The Cam system of the crossbow is made from CNC-machined aluminum. One of the finest and most durable materials used in crossbows. You will find it in $3000 crossbows even.

The weight of the Dagger 390 is 7.8 lbs. That’s rather heavy. CenterPoint Dagger 390 doesn’t look that heavy. It will be heavy after you add in all the accessories. It’s a downside for sure, but not a deal-breaker. 

Another good thing about the crossbow is the fully adjustable AR-style stock. The stock is made from synthetic material. It won’t feel harsh against your shoulder either. You can adjust the stock according to your height. 


Most of the budget crossbows from CenterPoint packs a punch. That statement remains true for the Dagger 390 as well. CenterPoint Dagger can generate up to 135 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. That destructive amount of power is capable of doing any sort of hunting and target practice.

If you have the skill for it, this crossbow won’t hold you back in any competitions.


The name already revealed the top speed of the crossbow. That’s right, CenterPoint Dagger can fire an arrow up to 390 FPS of speed. That’s not bad for a budget crossbow. Beginners don’t even need that amount of power or speed.

But hey, it’s there. It will also increase your reflexes. So when you buy a more powerful crossbow, you will already know what to expect. Combined with the dead-on accuracy of the crossbow and its incredible power, this crossbow can be deadly in proven hands. 

Draw Weight

Thankfully, I don’t need to sugarcoat the draw weight of the Dagger 390. CenterPoint Dagge 390 needs 185 lbs of force to draw a bolt. That’s a lot of beginners. But when you look at other beginner crossbows that have over 200 lbs of draw weight. It won’t seem that bad after all. 

You can and you should use the rope cocker to cut the draw weight by 50%. 

Noise And Vibration

Thanks to the Whisper Silencing System, the Dagger 390 is deadly silent. You won’t hear anything besides the whoosh of air when the arrow leaves the rail. That’s an incredible achievement. 

You are getting that on a budget crossbow. What more could you ask for? Yeah, a slight reduction in the vibration would be nice, right?

Don’t worry, that’s also present in the crossbow. Even though it’s a powerful crossbow, the recoil, and the vibration won’t make you miss your shots. On the contrary, there is almost no vibration at all. The cam system is super silent. 

Safety And Scope

Budget crossbows tend to sleep on the scope and the trigger safety. Fortunately, that’s not the case here. The CenterPoint Dagger 390 comes with an anti-dry fire safety mechanism. It’s a safety procedure that will stop your crossbow from automatically firing. The trigger needs just the right amount of strength to work. You won’t be misfiring with this crossbow at all. Almost impossible to do so. 

As for the scope, it’s okay at best. Nothing more nothing less. The first upgrade on the crossbow should be the scope.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Super-fast 390 FPS.
  • 135 ft-lbs kinetic energy.
  • Silent and deadly.
  • Highly accurate.
  • 5-year warranty.


  • Heavy.
  • Not a great scope.

Centerpoint Dagger 390 Review Summary

I won’t say the draw weight of this crossbow is a con. The simple reason, it isn’t one. When you use a rope cocker with the crossbow. The draw weight is more than acceptable. 

That’s why I think this is an excellent starting point for beginners. Also for the people that are looking to upgrade from their decade-old crossbow, but don’t want to break the bank. The CenterPoint Dagger 390 is your next best choice.

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